Eerie Streaming New Self-Titled Album

Bi-coastal black metal / hard rock band Eerie today unleashes a self-titled debut album via Tee Pee Records.

Featuring a monster mash of musicians including guitarist Tim Lehi (Draugar), bassist Dave Sweetapple (Witch), drummer Moses Saarni (Futur Skullz) and vocalist Shane Baker (Alaric, Pins of Light), Eerie plays haunting, biting metal.

In celebration of the release, all the tracks have come online and can be streamed below. The full track listing consists of:

1.) Hideous Serpent
2.) Yeti )
3.) Master of Creation
4.) Immortal Rot
5.) Blood Drinkers

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Alaric Streaming New Song “Angel”

The Oakland-based dark punk alchemists Alaric will undrape their new full-length, “End Of Mirrors,” this coming May 6th on CD, vinyl, and digitally via Neurot Recordings, and on cassette via Sentient Ruin.

Oppressive, gloomy, and epically grandiose, each of the seven hymns comprising the offering provides an emotional journey through inky, blackened sonic murk, devoid of all hope. In advance of its release, today closing hymn “Angel” comes online!

“‘Angel’ is the last song we wrote for the album and the first to be revealed,” reveals vocalist Shane Baker of the track. “The bass and drums push and pull in a waltz while a melodic lead guitar threads through. The narrative seems a story of a romance that is doomed when the narrator goes off to war. The endless eternal war. There was Eden and then there was the death of innocence. It relates to all falls from grace, which is just change. There is Lucifer and his angels falling from heaven, disappointed and heartbroken with their God as they vow to create a new world for themselves in Hell. And then there is hope.”

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