Spite Releasing “Trapped In The Pentagram”

Spite will be releasing a two-track EP via Iron Bonehead Productions on April 27th, with the label commenting:

“Iron Bonehead Productions is proud to present the first 7” EP from one of American black metal’s most promising names, Spite’s ‘Trapped in the Pentagram.’ Hailing from Brooklyn, New York, Spite has only released two, teasing tracks to date – one on a single-song demo, ‘Desecration Rites,’ and the other on a six-way split LP – but those who have heard those two songs have become entranced by the shadowy band’s witching metal.

“For truly Spite creates bewitching black metal of an ancient variety, thrashing and hysteric and yet also imbued with a particularly cobwebbed atmosphere that knows no era nor decade…nor even century.

“Spite continue that upward/downward trajectory with two exclusive tracks on ‘Trapped in the Pentagram:’ Solomon’s Seal is broken, and the lord has now become TRAPPED IN THE PENTAGRAM!”

A1. Trapped In The Pentagram
B1. Desecration Rites (2015 Version)

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