Ultra Silvam Premiere Pre-Release Full-Album Stream Of Upcoming New Album “The Spearwound Salvation”

Malmö-based black metal trio Ultra Silvam premiere the pre-release full-album stream of the band’s upcoming new album “The Spearwound Salvation”, which will be out in stores later today via Shadow Records.

Check out now “The Spearwound Salvation” in its entirety below.

The Spearwound Salvation by Ultra Silvam

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Mephorash Premiere New Song & Music Video “Sanguinem” From Upcoming New Album “Shem Ha Mephorash”

Mephorash premiere a new song and video “Sanguinem”, taken from their upcoming new album “Shem Ha Mephorash”, which will be out in stores April 18th via Shadow Records / Helter Skelter Productions.

Check out now “Sanguinem” below.

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Bewitcher Premiere New Single & Video “Too Fast For the Flames”

Portland’s Bewitcher premiere a new song and video titled “Too Fast For the Flames”, which will be released on 7” vinyl, with a B-side consisting of their take on “Show No Mercy” by W.A.S.P. Bewitcher will be also releasing a second album via Shadow Kingdom Records later this year.

Check out now “Too Fast For the Flames” below.

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Legion Of The Damned Premiere New Song & Video “Slaves Of The Southern Cross” From Upcoming New Album “Slaves Of The Shadow Realm”

Dutch death/black/thrashers Legion Of The Damned premiere a new song entitled “Slaves Of The Southern Cross”, taken from their upcoming new album “Slaves Of The Shadow Realm”, which will be out in stores January 4th via Napalm Records.

Check out now “Slaves Of The Southern Cross” below.


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Voodus Premiere Full-Album Stream Of Brand New Album “Into the Wild”

Voodus premiere the full-album stream of the band’s brand new album “Into the Wild”, which is out now on Shadow Records/Regain Records.

Check out now “Into the Wild” in its entirety below.

Into the Wild by Voodus

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Blackrat Premiere New Song “Coffin Rock” From Upcoming New Album “Dread Reverence”

Canadian crust and blackened thrash outfit Blackrat premiere a new song called “Coffin Rock”, taken from their impending new album “Dread Reverence”, which will be out in stores November 23 via Shadow Kingdom Records.

Check out now “Coffin Rock” below.

Dread Reverence by Blackrat

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Pale Divine Premiere New Song “Shades of Blue” From Upcoming Self-Titled Album

Pale Divine premiere a new song entitled “Shades of Blue”, taken from their upcoming self-titled album, which is out on November 23 via Shadow Kingdom.

Check out now “Shades of Blue” below.

Pale Divine by Pale Divine

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Legion of the Damned Premiere New Song “The Widow’s Breed” From Upcoming New Album “Slaves of the Shadow Realm”

Legion of the Damned premiere a new song entitled “The Widow’s Breed”, taken from their upcoming new album “Slaves of the Shadow Realm”, which will arrive on January 4th through Napalm Records.

Check out now “The Widow’s Breed” below.

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Vanik Premiere New Song “Heresy Undertow” From Upcoming New Album “Dark Season”

Vanik premiere a new song entitled “Heresy Undertow”, taken from their upcoming new album “Dark Season”, which will be out in stores soon via through Shadow Kingdom.

Check out now “Heresy Undertow” below.

II Dark Season by Vanik

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SUMAC Premiere New Track “Attis’ Blade”

SUMAC premiere their new song “Attis’ Blade” from their upcoming new effort “Love In Shadow“. The group feature current and former memebrs of Isis, Baptists etc. and will release “Love In Shadow” on September 21st via Thrill Jockey.

Comments SUMAC frontman/guitarist Aaron Turner of this song and the new full length:

“While all ‘Love In Shadow was written before our recording session with [Keiji Haino,] that experience further bolstered our confidence to travel further into territories free of preconceived structure and melody. Immediacy, intuition, and risk have become an increasingly important aspect of our music making.

Before SUMAC was even a fully-formed band there was a goal I had in mind for how to approach writing songs: marrying fully realized structures to freely improvised movements – and trying to find fluid passages between these worlds. ‘Attis’ Blade‘ is a breakthrough for us in that it comes closer to meeting that goal than anything else we’ve written previously.

It’s a song I’m happy with in its own right, and more importantly as a key to the next step in our evolutional process. In this song I hear the three of us learning to trust one another more fully, and collectively embracing a more expansive dimension of our existence.

Lyrically the song has to do with succumbing to base desires, the subsequent self-abuse/admonishment to atone for these perceived transgressions of moral code, and also the personal histories that can lead to this kind of behavioral dysfunction.”

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