Skálmold To Release New Album, “Sorgir,” This Fall

Icelandic Viking metal band SKÁLMÖLD will release their fifth full length album this fall, entitled “Sorgir.” The album title (which translates to “sorrows”) is appropriate for this concept album that is divided in two parts: The first four songs tell four short stories about tragedies and death. It is called Sagnir (tales). The second chapter called Svipir (ghosts) thickens the plot by telling the same four stories from a different perspective.

The tracklisting is as follows:

1. Ljósið
2. Sverðið
3. Brúnin
4. Barnið
5. Skotta
6. Gangári
7. Móri
8. Mara

“Sorgir” is available in the following formats:

1 CD Digipak + Bonus Track
2 LP Gatefold in different colors

You can pre-order the album here.

From August 22nd til August 25th SKÁLMÖLD will play four special shows together with the Icelandic Symphony Orchestra in their hometown of Reykjavik. Three shows are already completely sold out.

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Mist Of Misery Announces “Shackles Of Life” EP Release

After sophomore full-length album “Absence” released back in 2016, Mist Of Misery is returning with new EP “Shackles Of Life,” which is the first of the two chapters to be opened and will drop August 31st.

Black Lion Records comments: “The first chapter of dual mini albums, ‘Shackles of Life,’ features some of the gloomier and utter beautiful crafted work in a long time. it’s simply one of those releases that rarely comes out; if you’ve enjoyed ‘Absence’ then this will be a step above. You can expect nothing but greatness of pure melody and melancholy. The mini album offers a fresh new sound, but a good resemblance to the last album ‘Absence.’ The second chapter — ‘Fields of Isolation’ — will be followed later of this year or the earlier of the next year.

“This EP also marks the sad departure of Erik Molnar’s history in Mist of misery, he took this decision because of being busy with recording and writing for the new Hyperion album. Erik will of course still linger around for this mini release to watch as everyone absorbs it.”

The band had this to say: “The themes on both mini albums vary quite a lot from our earlier works, but the original concept of Mist Of Misery is still there. Those who have heard our latest release, ‘Absence,’ will surely find some similarities to both that album and also to our earlier releases.”

01. Shackles Of Life
02. Placid Drowning
03. Broken Chains
04. A Dreamless Void (Euthanasia Part 2)
05. Dagon
06. Opening Chapter To A Solitary Confinement
07. Closing Chapter

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New Track Stream – “The Last Fight” Issued By Vanden Plas

German progressive metal act Vanden Plas is streaming the new track “The Last Fight.” The song is the second released from the upcoming second chapter of the “Chronicles of the Immortals” rock opera – “Netherworld II,” which will drop via Frontiers Records srl on November 6th.

The track listing is:

1. In My Universe
2. Godmaker’s Temptation
3. Stone Roses Edge (see music video here)
4. Blood Of Eden (*All Love Must Die) (*The Rite)(*This Is The Night)
5. Monster
6. Diabolica Comedia
7. Where Have The Children Gone
8. The Last Fight
9. Circle Of The Devil

Check out “The Last Fight” here:

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“The Story Of Heroes, Chapter II” Clip Available From Sabaton

Swedish power metal act Sabaton posted the second chapter of the new video series “The Story of Heroes” – showcasing the behind the scenes of the making of the new album “Heroes,” the first studio release by the band since the now famous schism, which saw four members of the band depart to form Civil War.

Heroes is set for release on May 16th via Nuclear Blast. The track list is:

1. Night Witches
2. No Bullets Fly
3. Smoking Snakes
4. Inmate 4859
5. To Hell And Back
6. The Ballad of Bull
7. Resist And Bite
8. Soldier of 3 Armies
9. Far From The Fame
10. Hearts of Iron

Check out chapter two here:

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Ufomammut Confirms "Oro: Opus Primum" Album Details

More details on “Oro: Opus Primum” – the first installment of the new two-album series from Italy’s supernatural doom sorcerers, Ufomammut — have this week been confirmed. “Oro: Opus Primum” is now confirmed for release in the U.K. on April 9th, throughout the rest of Europe on April 13th, and in North America April 17th. The track listing is as follows:

1. Empireum
2. Aureum
3. Infearnatural
4. Magickon
5. Mindomine

More details on the album will be released in the weeks ahead as the world awaits the arrival of Ufomammut’s latest art. The second chapter in this monolithic two-part album, “Oro: Opus Alter,” will be released sometime in September with more details to be unveiled in the coming months.

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The Way Of Purity To Record New Album "Equate"

The Way of Purity has issued the following update about recording “Equate,” the band’s second full-length album:

“On July the 25th we will start recording our new album between Europe and USA. Our second chapter will be titled ‘Equate’ and will feature 11 new songs (2 bonus tracks will be added on the Japanese version). We truly believe that this very long and complex songwriting process has lead us to a new vision of our music, due to both introduction of massive melodic parts and claustrophobic explosions of violence and darkness.

“The extreme mix of DoomCore and New Wave is the key to understand ‘Equate’ and everyone not looking far will fail. Depressive moods are created to succumb in front of the violence of reaction: every song structure is meant to have this further signification. A big work has been done on lyrics too and our message is becoming even more effective day by day. Number ’11’ in the cover artwork represents 1 against 1 so animal against human, the album is titled ‘Equate.’

“The Anti-Human symbols come from a long study and have been transmitted to us by the powers of nature. We will not issue any further press release until the album will be ready since song titles, artwork, release dates, cooperations will be revealed directly with the first song preview around October. A studio diary will be updated on our facebook and youtube pages. We will be on tour in UK from October the 15th to October the 31st.”

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