Guillotines Premiere New Track “Step On The Scene” From Upcoming Album “The Killing Season“

Guillotines premiere another song from their impending album “The Killing Season“. Below you can hear “Step On The Scene” from that outing ahead of its release this Friday, January 18th, through Attila vocalist Chris Froznak‘s Stay Sick Recordings.

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Preview Of Decapitated’s Cover Of Meshuggah’s “Sane” Streaming

A preview of Decapitated‘s take on Meshuggah‘s “Sane” with guest solos from Jeff Loomis (Arch Enemy, ex-Nevermore) and Jakub Zytecki (Disperse) is streaming below. The track will be featured on the forthcoming “Death…Is Just The Beginning MMXVIII” compilation, out October 19th via Nuclear Blast.

Comments Decapitated guitarist Waclaw “Vogg” Kiletyka:

“For me, it is a huge pleasure because covering Meshuggah is something special. They are one of my favorite metal bands ever. Plus I find it a big challenge. We had very special guests, Jeff Loomis and Jakub Zytecki, and both did epic solos for it. Also to be on the same compilation with some of the best metal acts in the scene, is nothing but a big pleasure. Doing this for Nuclear Blast Records which is not just a label for us but after years, a friend’s label, is an honor.”

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Lyric Video For New Song “Karma” Issued By Bigfoot

U.K.’s Bigfoot issued a lyric video for the new song “Karma.” The song is the opening track of the debut self-titled album coming October 13th via Frontiers Music Srl.

Bigfoot is a hard rock band from Wigan who burst onto the scene in the spring of 2014. With a wide range of influences from The Eagles through to Pantera, the group boasts the powerful vocals of Antony Ellis, dual lead guitars from Sam Millar and Mick McCullagh, plus the thunderous rhythm section of bassist Matt Avery and drummer Tom Aspinall.

The track listing is:

1. Karma
2. The Fear
3. Tell Me A Lie
4. Forever Alone
5. Eat Your Words
6. Prisoner Of War
7. Freak Show
8. I Dare You
9. The Devil In Me
10. Uninvited
11. Yours

Dare to mess with “Karma” here:

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M-Theroy Audio Inks Deal With The Absence, New Album Coming 2018

Florida melodic death metal act The Absence signed on with M-Theory Audio for an upcoming new album in 2018.

The Absence came onto the scene in 2005 with the crushing Metal Blade Records’ debut, “From Your Grave.” The album, and its two successive follow-ups, 2007’s “Riders of the Plague” and 2010’s “Enemy Unbound,” showcased the perfect mixture of heart-wrenching melodies and skull-pounding aggression truly making the band one of the premiere in the melodic death metal scene. The Absence further ensconced its reputation via several tours supporting some of the biggest names in metal. And then the band seemingly disappeared.

Despite some setbacks in personnel and for some band members a desire to explore new terrain recording/performing with additional groups or working in related fields producing or handling live sound/tour managing for others, The Absence was merely put on hold waiting for the right time to return. Last year the regrouped outfit of singer Jamie Stewart, drummer Jeramie Kling and bassist Mike Leon, along with the addition of celebrated guitar duo Joey Concepcion (Jasta, Armageddon) and Taylor Nordberg (Soilwork, Ribspreader), teased fans with the face-melting “Septic Testament.” The reaction was phenomenal and motivated the band members to continue writing and recording the epic return and be absent from the scene no more.

Armed with a brand new full-length the group has signed a deal with new label M-Theory Audio, headed by former Century Media/Nuclear Blast President Marco Barbieri along with a team of friends and seasoned pros with labels like Victory, Prosthetic and Epitaph on their resumes, for an early 2018 release.

“We as a unit could not be happier to sign a deal with such an amazing group of hardworking people,” states drummer Jeramie Kling. “Marco and the crew over at M-Theory are the future of record labels!”

“I am thrilled to sign The Absence to M-Theory Audio and continue this next chapter,” declares Marco. “I’ve followed The Absence as a fan since the beginning and always thought they were one of the better new bands. I love their mix of rapid-fire hostility and ear-pleasing guitar work.”

Watch for more info regarding the new album including sound samples, pre-order link and release date in future news updates.

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Comeback Kid Premieres New Music Video For “Hell Of A Scene” From Brand New Album “Outsider”

Canada’s hardcore outfit Comeback Kid premieres a new music video for “Hell Of A Scene”, taken from the band’s brand new album “Outsider”, which is out now via New Damage Records (Canada) and Nuclear Blast (worldwide).

Check out now “Hell Of A Scene” below.

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Comeback Kid Premieres New Music Video For “Hell Of A Scene” From Brand New Album “Outsider”

Canada’s hardcore outfit Comeback Kid premieres a new music video for “Hell Of A Scene”, taken from the band’s brand new album “Outsider”, which is out now via New Damage Records (Canada) and Nuclear Blast (worldwide).

Check out now “Hell Of A Scene” below.

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New Album “Phoenix” Announced As Nocturnal Rites Rises From The Ashes

Swedish metal act Nocturnal Rites has come back from the dead, signed on with AFM Records and announced the new album “Phoenix,” which will be out on September 29th.

There are bands which are badly missed once they disappear from the scene. One of those examples is Nocturnal Rites, who last released an album in 2007 (“The 8th Sin”) and then afterwards slowly slipped into a hiatus kind of situation.

We are happy to come up with good news now: Nocturnal Rites is indeed back! The band has just put finishing touches on “Phoenix.” The band commented: “We can’t wait to share this new album with everyone. It’s been long overdue. Needless to say, it feels great to finally be back.”

Stay tuned for more details coming soon.

Nocturnal Rites is:

Jonny Lindqvist – Vocals
Nils Eriksson – Bass
Per Nilsson – Lead Guitar
Fredrik Mannberg – Guitar
Owe Lingvall – Drums

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Rings Of Saturn Posts “Inadequate” Drum Playthrough Video

Bay Area technical deathcore metal crew Rings Of Saturn arrives back on the scene to release fourth full-length studio album “Ultu Ulla” on July 28th via Nuclear Blast Records. Today, the band releases a play-through video for the first single, “Inadequate.”

The hallucination inducing cover artwork was completed once again by Mark Cooper of Mind Rape Art. Guitars, bass, and synth tracks for “Ultu Ulla” were completed at Mann Studios, while the drums and vocals were recorded in Florida at Krikbride Studios.

1. Servant of this Sentience
2. Parallel Shift
3. Unhallowed
4. Immemorial Essence
5. The Relic
6. Margidda
7. Harvest
8. The Macrocosm
9. Prognosis Confirmed
10. Inadequate

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Woe And Ultha Booted From Festival For Performing With Inquisition

The Antifa crowd strikes again… despite being a liberal slanted band with specifically anti-fascist songs, U.S. black metal band Woe has been booted from performaning at the Hamburg ist Droneburg fest due to sharing the stage with Inquisition – a band frequently cited as being fascist. Chris Grig from Woe issued this statement to the fans:

“Woe and Ultha were just kicked off of a show because we are performing with Inquisition. We learned this via SMS, before our booker was informed, after driving four hours across Germany, and with no opportunity to appeal the decision.

“The absurdity of this situation is profound. For years, we have been exceptionally vocal about our political and social stances but still careful to not let them define us as a band. We never backed down from an opportunity to discuss it in interviews, we never shrank from it online, we covered a classic anti-fascist punk song to extremely apolitical black metal crowds, and we doubled down with songs like ‘No Blood Has Honor’ on our new album. Along the way, we introduced countless black metal fans who had never considered politics that it is possible to take an anti-fascist stance without sacrificing the harsh, abrasive stance of a black metal band.

“Our politics have made us the subject of ridicule by some people in the extreme metal scene, but we do not care. Even our detractors typically understand that black metal is full of conflict and diversity. Those who hate us for our liberal views are free to do so, and, ironically, those are the people who are least willing to tell us what we should or shouldn’t do, what shows we should and shouldn’t play. We’d find this funny if it wasn’t so poignant right now.

“The worldwide extreme metal scene is a diverse, complicated thing full of people with different backgrounds and experiences. Many bands and fans have never once thought about politics, many of them do not care about politics and object to the idea that they should have to care about them to appreciate music. To these people, riffs are riffs, songs are songs, imagery exists to build mood, and message is secondary to feeling. Even within Woe, we have varying levels of political involvement. Regardless of whether you agree with the apolitical metal fan’s perspective, recognizing it is crucial to understanding why bands with questionable backgrounds can operate on an international level and why a band like Woe might choose to put ourselves in close proximity to people with whom we may not agree.

“Woe and our tourmates Ultha exist to create and perform art, not proselytize, but we are also adamant that performing at explicitly apolitical events with diverse lineups is crucial for the representation of our social and political beliefs. Black metal encourages questioning systems, offending those in power, and evolving beyond outdated beliefs.

“If we were to only play to crowds who were squeaky clean, nothing would change, nobody would grow. Similarly, if you think that a band has committed such intense crimes that they should be barred from participating in the international scene, that is between you and the band, not your allies who choose a different approach to engagement. If we choose to participate in an event, it is because we are confident that it does not compromise who we are.

“To have a show canceled now, after years of unflinching willingness to stick our necks out to crowds who might be unreceptive, goes beyond being a slap in the face. Hamburg ist Droneburg and the venue Hafenklang decided how two openly anti-fascist bands, one of whom is primarily comprised of people of Jewish background, should engage with extremism in a music scene that is only now starting to become politically aware. We and those alongside us deserve the trust and respect to effect change as we see fit. Every adult must be responsible for themselves and choose a level of involvement that is right for them. It is not appropriate for others to decide how we should or should not engage.

“This is why the right thinks that the left is full of fools and reactionary children who have never stepped out into the real world. Rather than targeting the actual fascists or supporting allies within the scene, they eat their own. Hamburg ist Droneburg and Hafenklang have today acted as agents of the right by silencing us and, once again, promoting the right’s message that anti-fascism is the enemy of black metal.

“Despite this, we are resolute in our position. We played an antifa benefit in Brooklyn for J20 protestors barely a week before leaving for this tour, and we will continue to support the greater mission. Those responsible for today’s cancellation, as with all similar events, are people from outside of the scene who have decided that they know how to handle our problems better than those of us actively participating in the metal scene. To those who would deprive of us our voice and strip us of our agency, we urge you to improve this situation by making bridges with people within the metal scene. Wars like this are won through discussion and understanding, not force.”

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Terrifier Streaming “Skitzoid Embolism”

Vancouver, BC’s Terrifier has been setting the scene ablaze while sharing the stage with the likes of Havok, Destruction, Exmortus, Holy Grail, and Crowbar among many others.

Signing to Test Your Metal Records, these thrashers will be releasing second album “Weapons of Thrash Destruction” on January 20th, 2017 to follow the 2013 EP “Metal or Death.”

Today a new single from “Weapons Of Thrash Destruction” comes online. Check out “Skitzoid Embolism” below. If you missed it, the previously posted song “Reanimator” can also be heard right here.

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