Eyehategod Frontman Mike IX Responds To Senator Jason Rapert

New Orleans sludge metal legends Eyehategod has recently found themselves in some hot water with Republican Senator Jason Rapert of Arkansas. A poster for their upcoming show in Little Rock (see below) displayed the politician biting a baby, who responded by labeling the band as “extreme liberals” who “torment his stand for better moral values.” Rapert also urged people not to attend the venue (Vinos,) demanded the band and venue issue an apology, claimed they have “no respect for babies lives or people of faith” and that they invited the Satanic Temple to the city.

Eyehategod frontman Mike IX has issued a retort to the Senator, which reads as follows:

“Open letter to Sen. Jason Rapert (R):

“Thank you for all the attention you’ve given the EyeHateGod show in Little Rock, Arkansas. Any image that was used of you is protected under the First Amendment, which supposedly protects us ‘Americans.’ Please stick to destroying peoples lives by trying to ban same sex marriage, opposing medical marijuana legalization, threatening minorities, and absolutely attacking women’s right to choose. Your moral crusade against basic human rights will be fought at every turn.

“Mike IX Williams

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Satanic Might Premieres “Hymn To the Master of New Age” & Title-Track From CD-Release Of “Arrival of the Winterwinds”-Demo

Polish black metal band Satanic Might premieres “Hymn To the Master of New Age” and the title-track of the band’s “Arrival of the Winterwinds”-Demo on YouTube. The demo is out in stores now on CD via Putrid Cult.

Check out now “Arrival of the Winterwinds” and “Hymn To the Master of New Age” below.

“Hymn To the Master of New Age”:

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Mentor Posts Full New Album “Guts, Graves and Blasphemy”

Polish group Mentor – featuring among its ranks members of Thaw and J.D. Overdrive – just released the “Guts, Graves and Blasphemy” album. In celebration of its release, all the tracks have come online via a YouTube stream. Listen in below!

Out now via Arachnophobia Records, “Guts, Graves and Blasphemy” was recorded, mixed and mastered by the band’s own Haldor Grunberg at Satanic Audio. The artwork was done by Branca Studios (Angel Witch, King Dude, Venom, Cirith Ungol) and perfectly highlights the graveyard lust these four bastards have.

01. Guts, Graves and Blasphemy
02. Gimme Yer Blood
03. Drag You to Hell
04. Satan’s Whore
05. Gravemaker
06. Murder Beach
07. In The Devil’s Name
08. Night of The Satanic Werewolves

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Mordant Posts New Song “Vengeance From The Dark”

Mordant is gearing up to release new album “Demonic Satanic” via To The Death Records and today reveals a first taste of what’s been cooking with advance track “Vengeance From The Dark.”

The album features artwork by Mattias Frisk Art and recorded, mixed and mastered by Anders Backelin. Be on the lookout for an autumn 2016 release and check out the new song below.

Demonic Satanic by MORDANT

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Zeal And Ardor Streaming Full “Devil Is Fine” Album

Slave music mixed with blues, a little jazz, electronics, and black metal and all that with a dark Satanic theme? Zeal And Ardor is a band that simply can’t be compared with anyone else.

Zeal and Ardor is a project trying to find new combinations of established components. The most important factor is a thematic coherence, not a musical one. Check out the end result with “Devil Is Fine” below.

1. Devil Is Fine 03:12
2. In Ashes 02:38
3. Sacrilegium I 01:54
4. Come On Down 03:19
5. Children’s Summon 03:08
6. Sacrilegium II 02:11
7. Blood In The River 03:33
8. What is a Killer like you gonna do here? 02:15
9. Sacrilegium III 02:44

Devil Is Fine by Zeal and Ardor

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Bloodrain Announces New Album “Adora Satanae”

Possession Productions and Metal Race Records present a new killer album from the Russian black/thrash metal band Bloodrain.

Dedicated to the band’s Satanic roots, “Adora Satanae” is coming in May 2016 and can be pre-ordered at this location. An advance track of black thrashing fury is also available below.

V: Adora Satanae by Bloodrain

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Dusk Releases “Satan’s Laws”

So Transylvanian, much darkness! The “Satan’s Laws” CD from Dusk includes new and old unreleased songs plus a Burzum cover.

For some pure, no-compromise Satanic blackness, check out all the songs below or pick up your copy through Possession Productions here. The full track listing is:

1. Megidézem a Sötét eroket 01:18
2. Követni ot minden idon át 07:00
3. Az O Osi Átka 07:18
4. Csak egy árny 08:53
5. Moti Ragnarokum (Burzum cover) 06:52
6. Whisper from the abyss 06:12

Satan’s Laws by DUSK

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Mortal Scepter Releasing Debut EP “As Time Sharpens The Sentence”

Emanating from the northernmost point of France, black/thrash powerhouse Mortal Scepter explodes from the underground with debut EP “As Time Sharpens the Sentence,” due out November 13, 2015.

The vitriolic quartet unleash boundless sonic fury with chainsaw guitars, relentless drumming, and malicious vocals on these tracks:

1. As Time Sharpens The Sentence
2. Execution Symphony
3. Infernal Satanic Sinners
4. Violent Revenge
5. Death To The False Ones
6. Total Desaster

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Kvltist Releasing “Catechesis” Album

With timeless devotion to the Satanic arts, W.T.C. Productions raises a new chalice from which many will soon find sustenance: Kvltist’s debut album, “Catechesis,” is set for international release on December 3, 2015.

Hailing from Germany, which has a deep-seated history of black metal, Kvltist create coruscating hymns of obsidian strength and boundless occult energy. The album’s track listing is as follows:

1. The Devil’s Catechumen
2. Devotion
3. Darkest Light From Glaring Shadows
4. Eucharisty Of Death Divine
5. Oblation
6. Doxologia Eosphoros
7. Ite Ad Ignis

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Tome Of The Unreplenished Releasing Debut Full-Length “Innerstanding”

“Innerstanding” is the debut full-length album by a mysterious atmospheric black metal project from Cyprus: Tome Of The Unreplenished.

Sole member Hermes used to play bass guitar with the satanic black metal outfit Necrosadist, but with Tome Of The Unreplenished he explores the hidden regions of the soul, abandoning himself and the listener to an emotional roller coaster of transcendental, cosmic beauty.

In Hermes’ own words, the project is “An artistic musical project created as a source of self expression and visualization, combined with a soothing yet dismal form of language and execution. The representation of conceptual philosophy, progression, and elevation through sound.”

The album was mixed at The Temple Of Flesh by A. Dictator and mastered at Wormhole Studios by Valdimir Uzelac. The track listing is:

1. Anima Mundi
2. Take me to the Stars
3. Emanation of the Purest Essence
4. Transcended Body
5. Planetary Transmissions
6. A Monument in Time
7. The Precessional March

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