Meridius Premieres Full-Album Stream Of Brand New Release “Sealed In Blood”

B.C. based thrash and groove metal band Meridius (named after Russell Crowe’s character in Gladiator) premieres the full-album stream of the band’s brand new release “Sealed In Blood”, out in stores now on a pay-what-you-want basis via Bandcamp.

Check out now “Sealed In Blood” in its entirety below.

Sealed In Blood by Meridius

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Meridius Streaming New Single “Speed Kills”

B.C. based thrash and groove metal band Meridius (named after Russell Crowe’s character in Gladiator) brings forth an auditory assault with the release of first single “Speed Kills” from an upcoming self-titled debut EP, due out March 20th. Check out the song below.

Bassist Peter Riemann comments: “We’re excited to release our first single, we hope you enjoy listening to it as much as we enjoyed making it. Mosh to it. Drink to it. Love it.”

1. Speed Kills (3:42)
2. Walk The Plank (5:27)
3. Conquer The Throne (4:17)

Meridius by Meridius

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Shadow Kingdom Records Comments On Signing Venomous Maximus

After a brief announcement from the band the other day, Shadow Kingdom Records has now issued the following official statement about inking a deal with Venomous Maximus:

“We have been waiting so long to tell you this great news and now is finally the time to reveal what’s been happening in the SKR camp…

“Shadow Kingdom Records is extremely proud and honored to announce the signing of Houston, Texas’ Venomous Maximus!

“The name of the band reminds us of the classic Gladiator film where Russell Crowe (aka ‘Maximus’) was nothing short of a complete madman who would die for his family and country without fear or worry of what might happen to him in the process. Venomous Maximus is very much like that in their attitude and approach to playing music with conviction and without any genre barriers. In Venomous Maximus, we have a band that is interested in writing GREAT, memorable songs that vary in length, tempo, and emotion.

“Those whom are familiar with Venomous Maximus’ 2012 Napalm Records release, ‘Beg Upon the Light,’ know what kind of a treat you’re in for. The band’s upcoming new album ‘Firewalker’ is a great continuation of their talents. It’s really rare to find bands that have no barriers and just focus on quality songs.

“This really takes us back to the beginning of heavy metal when Black Sabbath would put out records. Some of the jams would be fast and heavy, while others would be slow and powerful. Black Sabbath could play any genre because they invented all of the heavy metal genres you hear today and when you hear Venomous Maximus’ music, it reminds us of those same ideals. It’s just GREAT music and you love hearing it.

“Gregg Higgins heads this band with his very powerful and commanding vocals and chants that immediately raise fists in the air. There’s an obscure Psych / Rock band (also) in Texas from the 70’s/80’s called ‘Roky Erickson.’ Gregg’s strong vocals remind us of Roky’s vocals in a way that is so captivating, it literally forces you into their world, and you get lost in the music. With the rest of the band being tighter than two coats of paint, this band can do it all and do it all extremely well!

“Venomous Maximus can easily become as big as — and share fans with — bands like Grand Magus, High On Fire, and Mastodon, while not sounding like any of those bands and paving their own ‘path of doom.'”

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