Iron Maiden Adds “Book Of Souls” Arena To Mobile Game

Iron Maiden embarks on the final leg of “The Book of Souls” world tour this weekend, simultaneously launching a synergistic player-vs-player battle arena for the band’s mobile game, “Legacy of the Beast” (reivewed here).

The game offers players a unique way to interact with Iron Maiden’s real world activities by introducing not only a replica of one of the tour stage productions, but also the debut of “The Book of Souls” version of Shaman Eddie into the game, in his Mayan themed incarnation as featured on the band’s most recent studio album. Other characters from “The Book of Souls” are set to follow.

“Legacy of the Beast” is a definitive experience in the mobile RPG space – taking players on an unparalleled, epic, ever-expanding, strategic gaming journey via their smartphones & tablets. Iron Maiden Manager Rod Smallwood says:

“With ‘Legacy of the Beast’ we wanted to create something that appealed both to fans of Maiden music and gamers alike, wherever they are in the world, and I think we are well on our way to accomplishing that. The game has kept true to the band’s history and development not only through their music but with Eddie too. This latest feature focused around our current tour is only the start of many new and exciting innovations we have planned to keep Legacy evolving and becoming even more addictive!”

Adds Llexi Leon, Interactive Creative Director of Phantom Music Management “The towering Mayan set piece of ‘The Book of Souls’ world tour presented an ideal opportunity to expand the game and create a virtual event space to complement the band’s live show – whether you’re seeing Iron Maiden on the road or playing Legacy of the Beast on your mobile, we’ve crafted a gaming experience that explores the Mayan world of The Book of Souls record and marks the first of many timed in-game events that will enrich the band’s touring activity, engaging fans old and new across the globe in a way never before possible.”

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“Metronomicon” Melds RPG and Rhythm Gaming Concepts

“Metronomicon” is a rhythm game that collided with the RPG genre to birth an union between the two that is out now through Steam here.

While much of the soundtrack is more on the electronic and poppy side, darkwave groups Perturbator (read our review of new album “The Uncanny Valley”) and Gost (which just released “Non Paradisi”) are featured in the track listing.

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Dream Theater Wants You To Pick A Side: The Great Northern Empire Or The Ravenskill Militia

It seems like those prognificient dream thespians are up to something, as Dream Theater just sent out an email asking fans to take a side between two options at the band’s website: “The Great Northern Empire” and “The Ravenskill Rebel Militia.”

Theories abound as to what is going on (the names almost seem like fantasy RPG references), as entering your email address doesn’t seem to do anything at this point. The likely option seems to be an impending double album. What do you think is going on?

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Astral Winter Posts Cover Of "Frog’s Theme" From Chrono Trigger

Black metal act Astral Winter has posted a metal cover version online of the “Frog’s Theme” song from the classic RPG Chrono Trigger. You can check out the track below. Astral Winter also recently released the debut album “Winter Enthroned,” and you can find’s review at this location.

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Dragonland Finishes Upcoming Album

Dragonland has checked in with the following brief announcement about finishing the follow-up to 2006’s “Astronomy” album:

“We are very proud indeed to say that the new Dragonland album is done!!!!! A new chapter in the Dragonland chronicles has been written!”

The band had also previously commented on the artwork for the new release:

“Artist Damian Bajowski, well known from million-selling ‘The Witcher’ PC RPG, is set to illustrate the next chapter of the Dragonland saga! We could not be more excited! Bajowski’s will create the cover artwork, along with illustrations of various locations around Dragonland!”

Additional details on the new Dragonland album will be announced as they are made available.

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