Trump / Clinton Twitter War Erupts Over Phil Anselmo’s Dimebash Remarks

It’s the Nazi salute heard round the world that just won’t go away. We thought news of Phil Anselmo’s yell of “white power” at Dimebash was finally over, but that all changed this morning when some dedicated Trump followers tweeted about the incident months after the fact.

Known for inflammatory tweets about other candidate’s wives and making headlines by retweeting less-than-savory sources, it shouldn’t come as much surprise that the GOP presidential front runner jumped on the opportunity to show his support for the 1st Amendment.

Things took an ugly turn when Hillary Clinton got involved, tweeting back a link to our own op/ed about the situation.

Not learning from poor Megyn Kelly, the Democratic frontrunner for the presidential nod probably should have seen this response coming…

The situation further deteriorated from there, with tweets we don’t feel comfortable sharing on a family-friendly website like You can head directly to the Trump Twitter page for more, if you dare.

In related news, Democratic contender Bernie Sanders will also soon be appearing in a documentary all about New York Hardcore.

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Down Kicked From FortaRock 2016 Festival Due To “White Power” Fiasco

Looks like the Nazi salute heard round the world at Dimebash has had a bigger repercussion than just online comments, as Down has been pulled from the FortaRock 2016 lineup. The organizers of the festival comment (translated to English):

“After the recent outbursts by singer Phil Anselmo during the Dimebash event in the US, his band Down is no longer welcome at FortaRock. Anselmo ended the show in the US with a Nazi salute and shouted ‘white power.’

“There has been close consultation between all parties in recent days, since we wanted to make a well informed decision. On that basis, the decision is made to cancel the act. We want to make clear that there is no room for racism or fascism at FortaRock.”

Phil Anselmo has since issued an apology video, although it appears that wasn’t enough to save Down at this particular festival. What do you think of this move by the festival, and do you think any others will follow and also cancel appearances featuring Anselmo?

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Gama Bomb Parts Ways With Guitarist Luke Graham

Irish thrash metal outfit Gama Bomb has announced that they have parted company with guitar player Luke Graham after ten years with the band. A statement from Graham reads as follows:

“After ten years with Gama Bomb I’ve decided to call it a day. Many thanks to my best mates in the band for all the good times and mad shit we got up to round the world. Who would’ve thought ‘Project I Love NUCLEAR ASSAULT’ would have taken us so far? Raised pints and positive gestures to all the great folk I’ve gotten to work with, the good friends I’ve made and of course I have to thank the fans for making it all possible, mad bastards every last one. Up the hoods.”

A band update reads: “Our good pal John Roche, who has helped us out as a live guitarist over the last year, is going to step in as the band’s new rhythm man. We’re sure you’ll help us welcome him, and to pay tribute to the brilliantness of Luke as a member of the band. This has been a very tough decision for the whole band, but we’re now ready to begin making our fourth album with John on board, Luke’s blessings and the same formula for thrash we’ve always had.”

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Tony Iommi Responds To Black Sabbath Reunion News Story

Tony Iommi has commented on news that has been circulating since yesterday of a Black Sabbath reunion:

“I’m saddened that a Birmingham journalist whom I trusted has chosen this point in time to take a conversation we had back in June and make it sound like we spoke yesterday about a Black Sabbath reunion.

“At the time I was supporting the Home of Metal exhibition and was merely speculating, shooting the breeze, on something all of us get asked constantly, ‘Are you getting back together?'”

“Thanks to the internet it’s gone round the world as some sort of ‘official’ statement on my part, absolute nonsense. I hope he’s enjoyed his moment of glory, he won’t have another at my expense.

“to my old pals, Ozzy, Geezer and Bill, sorry about this, I should have known better.
All the best, Tony”

While Iommi may feel betrayed the the article, the quotes are a little too specific – unless completely fabricated, which he did not contend – to deny the reunion is taking place. We’ll post more information on the matter as it becomes available.

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