Fishing With Guns Releases “Blood On The Ropes” EP

A year and a half following previous album release “…But The Dawn Will Come” (still streaming here if you missed it) and after some lineup changes, French independent outfit Fishing With Guns released a brand new EP titled “Blood On The Ropes.”

A physical CD edition is currently in the pipe but in the meantime, the whole effort is available at Bandcamp or can be streamed below. The track listing is as follows:

1. Dodge and Counter 02:13
2. Motherfucking Badass 03:09
3. Blood on the Ropes 03:33
4. King of the Crossroads 02:32
5. Reasons to Cry 04:13

Blood on the ropes by Fishing with Guns

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Sort By Title Streaming “Crown The Crow” Album

Sort By Title has posted the new album “Crown the Crow” online, which can be heard below or purchased digitally over at Bandcamp here. The album’s track listing is as follows:

1. Crown The Crow 05:15
2. Rebuild 03:34
3. Leaving 03:14
4. Malicious 03:00
5. Another Sunrise Wasted 04:06
6. Movements (feat. Cloudburst) 01:48
7. Endless (feat. Niklas Petri) 03:37
8. I, The Vacuous 04:30
9. No Heart 04:08
10. Judgement Days 02:30
11. Breaking Ropes 04:10

Crown The Crow by Sort By Title

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Winter, Ghoul, Loss, Nasum, Toxic Holocaust Among Initial Lineup

Brooklyn Vegan, has announced the lineup to Chaos in Tejas Festival 2012 held in Austin, Texas on May 31st. The eighth installment once again shows metal meddling with punk. This year The sludgy pace of power violence finds the perfect partner in doom metal. Winter and Loss will cover the capital in morose molasses, while Ghoul, Toxic Holocaust and a reunited Nasum will shift the festival into higher gears.

The initial lineup is as follows:

Antisect (England)
the Mob (England)
Nasum (Sweden)
Best Coast
Tear it Up
Varukers (England)
Iceage (Denmark)
Forward (Japan)
the Abused
Warrior Kids (France)
Black Witchery
Heratys (Sweden)
Zyanose (Japan)
Double Negative
Toxic Holocaust
the Ropes
Whitehorse (Australia)
Gas Chamber
Magic Circle
Hank Wood and the Hammerheads

The list of bands above is only an initial lineup. One hundred-plus more bands will be announced in the future.

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