Auras Posts New Song “Spiral” And “Dream Elixir” Video

Canadian progressive metal band Auras just released two new tracks roughly one month before the drop date for new LP “Heliospectrum.” The music video for “Dream Elixir” is available below, along with a stream for the “Spiral” track.

“Heliospectrum” will be be released on September 30th, 2016 via Entertainment One Music (eOne) / Good Fight Music. The album was produced by Anthony Calabretta (Stereos, Abandon All Ships), with engineering/editing by Cameron McLellan (Protest The Hero, Intervals).

1. Waterstone
2. The Ripple Effect
3. Eloquence
4. Stars
5. Cosmic Black
6. Spiral
7. Chronos Fear
8. Dream Elixir
9. Infinite Influence
10. Solar Pulse

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Monsterworks Releasing “The Existential Codex” Album

Eat Lead & Die Music is pleased to announce the release of Monsterworks’ “The Existential Codex” on February 27.

The six-track, 42-minute digital version of the album will be available as a free download, while the physical version of “The Existential Codex” is a 73-minute double-CD that comes in bonus Blu-Ray 5.1 Surround and HD stereo mixes. Vocalist/Guitarist Jon Higgs had this to say about the album:

“‘The Existential Codex’ is a natural progression from our previous release, Overhaul, and picks up/expands various ideas from that and, in fact, the last several albums. Musically, we are pushing our boundaries in all directions, although it is definitely metal at its heart. Lyrically, there is some kind of abstract story weaving through the album with a meaning that is a mystery to everyone involved, including me. As always with Monsterworks there is a common theme but no definitive answers. Nevertheless, hopefully ‘The Existential Codex’ will spark some independent thought along the way.

“From a technical standpoint this is the first time we have successfully gone all the way with a 5.1 surround mix which I believe is an interesting way to listen to music and opens up new possibilities. Not only that, it is worth mentioning that we strive to maintain dynamic range in metal and James Plotkin helped out again with a mastering job on the main stereo mix which does not crush the life out of it. If you know about the ‘Loudness War’, you know what I mean and, in fact, any true metal head should make it their business to demand the best possible source material for their headbanging pleasure.”

1. Higgs Field
2. Ripple Effect
3. Engine
4. Temple of Distortion
5. Tapping the Void
6. The Ride

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Cody Foster Army Posts New Video “Sons Of The Soil”

The raucous good time Tacoma punkers C.F.A. (Cody Foster Army) have announced that the second of four upcoming videos is ready for public consumption, and the heavy rockin’ trio partnered up with The Ripple Effect for the world premiere. The video for “Sons of the Soil” is another hysterical walk down the CFA brand of stonercore rock. Check it out below.

As Cody Foster says, “Alright this one is a video that CFA as a band had to reach out to friends for supplies/material donations. CFA had to build a set one evening and then film on another and tear it down the day after. This was so the other bands that share the space didn’t have their schedules interrupted.”

The video footage for the song “Sons of the Soil” was shot on June 19th from 7 pm to 2 am. Foster turned 40 during the shoot. “Trying not to give away what we did,” Foster said, “We can say that the concept is one of those considered classic physical comedy.” The proof is the heating pad and ice pack being applied to Cody’s limbs that didn’t work upon waking up the next day, his first morning being 40.

CFA had the opportunity to be filmed by Jack Saffle, better known for shooting pro skaters for the past 10 years. He also brought with him Addie Stonack and Jaynee Schmidtke to capture a second prospective shooting style and still shots, adjusting lighting and camera angles and hanging from the ceiling. Stonack say’s Jack’s style is meticulous very clear and well executed. She referred to her style as more gorilla and combining the two is bad ass.

There will also be making of footage and stills available at the end of the video.

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Fen Releases New Video For "A Long Line"

Vancouver’s Fen has partnered up with The Ripple Effect for an exclusive preview of the band’s new video, “A Long Line.” Check out the video right here or in the player below. The following press release was also issued about the band’s new album:

“Following up on 2010’s breakout album, Trails Out of Gloom, the band return to their heavier roots with the brand new album, Of Losing Interest! Once again recorded at Creativ Studios with longtime producer, Mike Southworth at the helm, the band have crafted themselves an album that perfectly balances the technical virtuosity of heavy metal with the more down to earth tones of the early 90’s alternative rock movement. Of Losing Interest is available through Nail Distribution in North America, Code 7 in the UK, and Clearspot International in Europe.”

Fen will be hitting the road to begin supporting “Of Losing Interest” this month:

Sept 21st: Kamloops, BC – The Dirty Jersey
Sept 22nd: Salmon Arm, BC – Hideaway Pub
Sept 25th: Calgary, AB – Vern’s Bar
Sept 28th: Prince George, BC – Riley’s Pub
Sept 29th: Dawson Creek, BC – Rockwell’s

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