Brendon Small’s Galaktikon Streaming New Song “My Name Is Murder”

The wait is over – Dethklok mastermind Brendon Small has unleashed a brand new, full track cut from his upcoming high-stakes intergalactic extreme rock/metal album, “Galaktikon II: Become The Storm.”

The album will officially drop August 25th, 2017 via Megaforce Records/MRI and today a new single, entitled “My Name Is Murder.” is available for streaming below.

Brendon Small says: “I wrote all the riffs for ‘My Name Is Murder’ in one sitting, and it quickly became a favorite while we were making the record. Story-wise, this song is about a bad dude doing very bad things, and writing from the POV of a bad guy is very, very fun for me.”

1. Some Days Are For Dying
2. Icarus Six Sixty Six
3. The Agenda
4. The Ocean Galaktik
5. My Name Is Murder
6. Become The Storm
7. Nightmare
8. Could This Be The End
9. To Kill A God
10. Exitus
11. Rebuilding A Planet

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Wasted Theory Gives Away “Death and Taxes” For Free

Stoner metal band Wasted Theory is giving away their full length album, “Death and Taxes” today only via bandcamp. “Death and Taxes” was written and recorded by Wasted Theory in March of 2014 and recorded at Ken-Del Studio in Wilmington, Delaware. The band announced on Facebook:

Happy 4/20 to all you fucking stoner degenerates!!! For TODAY and TODAY only, you can grab a copy of our latest album for FREE!!! Click the link….follow the riffs!

Death and Taxes by Wasted Theory

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Mourn Releases “The Beaten Path” EP For Streaming

Netherlands-based outfit Mourn features members from Exivious, (ex-)Cynic, and Textures, mixing sludge, stoner, and groove metal. You can listen to the entire “The Beaten Path” EP below, which was released earlier this year.

In late 2013, Mourn decided to bring nothing new. Since everything already had been done before, and everything else wouldn’t be worth making, these brave young men decided to do something entirely different: to acknowledge their total lack of cutting edge. Trying not to copy other bands, this band makes a mixture of metal, rock, and blues like a lot of other bands before them. Bands you of course have heard of, going from Pantera and Down to Black Sabbath and Black Label Society.

Founding member Robin Zielhorst (ex-Cynic, Ex-Blue Man Group, Exivious), found like minded forces in Thomas Frankhuijzen (March), Kas Kluitman and Pieter Verpaalen (ex-Texures) to walk this beaten path of metal. The result is a grooving metal machine that does not stop until you’re beating your head to the sound of the riffs. You could describe its genre as HeavyStonerBluesGrooveRockSludgeMetal.

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Against The Hollow Parts Ways With Guitarist Niels Kristian Skov Jensen

Danish melodic death metal band Against The Hollow has issued the following announcement about parting ways with the band’s guitar player:

“We are very sorry to announce the departure of our guitarist Niels Kristian Skov Jensen. Thanks for the years, the riffs, the parties, gigs and beers. It was truly a blast!

“We don’t know what will happen next at this moment, but we will of course keep you all updated as soon as we do.”

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WolveXhys Posts New Studio Video

WolveXhys, which parted ways with two members earlier this year, has now released new studio footage online. Check it out below, and the band also comments on the video:

“Here’s the run down – We bring the riffs, play football, piss around with TRADING PLACES. You get to hear a part of the new track, and there’s some studio footage in and amongst all of it to keep it relevant.”

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Guitar Tutorial Video Posted By Deadlock

Deadlock guitarist/keyboardist Sebastian Reichl teamed up with Ibanez and Meinl Distribution to present a series of videos that provide some insights into the new Deadlock Album “The Arsonist,” which is out now via Napalm Records.

In this, video Reichl presents a tutorial on some of the riffs and solos from the song “Dead City Sleepers.” Check it out here:

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Autumns Eyes Posts New "Behind The Riffs" Video For "Remember The Victim" Album

Solo metal act Autumns Eyes, which released new album “Please Deceive Me” (reviewed here) earlier this year, has now posted the first in a series of video blogs called “Behind the Riffs.”

Check out this first video covering the band’s debut “Remember the Victim” album in the player below. To hear more from Autumns Eyes, check out the music video for the title track off “Please Deceive Me” at this location.

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Periphery Posts New Track Explanation For "Scarlet"

Continuing the track by track breakdown of new album “Periphery II,” Periphery’s Misha Mansoor has issued the following explanation of the song “Scarlet:”

“As a lot of you may already know, this was originally a Haunted Shores demo. Haunted Shores is a project that Mark and I were working on before he joined Periphery, and we had demoed a handful of songs. This one was a bit different in vibe from the usual fare and I think it stemmed from the tuning I showed Mark which is an open tuning of some kind (I don’t know the name or notes sadly, only how it sounds).

“Mark had written the first riff of the song and I knew we had something special, we were going for ‘ear candy,’ just something that sounded beautiful, but still had interesting riffs rather than just being straight power chords the whole time. Mark and I managed to write that song pretty fast actually, we were just constantly bouncing ideas off of each other. Sometimes you get lucky, and songs seem to just come together before your very eyes. Haunted shores was supposed to have guest vocalists only, so Spencer demoed some vocals out on it to see what would come of it, and Mark and I absolutely loved what he wrote.

“When Mark joined Periphery, we realized that not only was this song written by 3/5ths of Periphery members (which is more than can be said for most Periphery songs) but that it really fit the vibe of what we wanted for this album and in general. This song is also really cool, because it just screams Mark Holcomb from beginning to end. Even the riffs that I wrote were just reactions to his riffs and I was trying my best to write in his style, so those definitely sound like Mark as well. Matt also ran with whatever he could on this song. In my opinion, he has this gift of being able to spice things up without it seeming like he is overplaying or deliberately trying to show off, and the drums went from just “holding things down” on the demo to driving things forward on the album version. This song will likely be the second Single that we put out in support of the new album.”

Mark Holcomb also added, “This was the only original Haunted Shores song we used for the new Periphery record – it was written well beforehand but we felt it was perfectly appropriate in the context of the new album and my introduction into the band. We used an open tuning – Open C add 9 – for this song, which really lends itself to the big, lush chords used all over the place. It’s the only thing I’ve ever written in that tuning, but as soon as Misha and I started bouncing riffs off one another it really came together quite quickly.

“If you look at the chordal content of the song it’s really straightforward and almost a pop/rock song in its arrangement: 3 choruses, not a ton of adventurous chord progressions — like Misha says, ‘ear candy.’ But it’s deceivingly one of the hardest songs to play on the album because of how busy the riffing is on guitar, haha. The riffs are all over the place on this song and it’s gonna be one of the tougher ones to nail live!”

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