Aeges Premiere New Song “Pain”

Los Angeles’ Aeges premiere a new song called “Pain”. Check it out below:

Says vocalist/guitarist Kemble Walters:

“’Pain’ is a super fun jam that we all love playing. We’ve actually been opening our set with this song for the past few months and it sets a pretty heavy tone for the rest of the set, which is killer. I’ve always loved when artists throw dark lyrics over major chord progressions, and that’s what ‘Pain’ has going on. Lyrically, it’s a pretty depressing track but the driving nature of it just gets you so amped up. ‘Pain,’ as well as the rest of the new stuff, is a bit harder, edgier and less apologetic than our previous album, which I feel the fans are gonna grab onto and appreciate.”

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Morbid Angel Frontman Steve Tucker Slams Fake News And Clickbait Culture

Morbid Angel frontman Steve Tucker criticizes the fact that the 24-hour entertainment news cycle forces journalists to come up with sensationalized headlines for stories that are at times misleading.

Tucker, who is currently promoting Morbid Angel’s forthcoming album “Kingdoms Disdained”, tells Metal Rules in a new interview:

“In America, one of the big problems is the fact that the news has now become part of the entertainment business. There’s so many competing news organizations that are just looking for ratings. So, everything is so sensationalized and even metal. Metal has become so sensationalized. There’s so many metal web sites and metal magazines that are really just about gossip and not about metal. And, really, I have to say, personally, man, it breaks my fucking heart, because metal was always a different culture, man. Metal didn’t have anything to do with pop culture whatsoever. It was about people that want the same as everyone else and they didn’t just want to listen to candy-ass music. People were little bit different, a little bit of a counterculture.

“For ratings online and things like that, magazines are doing it for gossip, and doing it for that big headline, and to make so many people click on it and read it and just like most everything else in all our planet right now, the truth isn’t what’s important,” he continued. “The truth isn’t what’s important, it’s just the headline that makes people come and look at it… It becomes sensationalized and the real story isn’t interesting. What’s only interesting is if there was a conflict with another person and we can sensationalize it.”

“We’re metalheads. I really honestly thought that we were better than this. I really thought metalheads were not just another extension of pop culture, but, really, honestly, by being a headline-grabbing entity and by being a person that just wants to see the headline and only wants to go read about something for gossip — you’re just like the rest of pop culture. You might as well just start listening to Kanye West, and, actually, that’s probably on me, because I don’t fucking know. I don’t know a lot about pop, but you might as well just start listening to that, watching TV ten hours a day and just buy the stuff they’re selling you, because you’re not really as different as you kind of thought you were.”

Continues Tucker:

“I really wish that the metal journalists — and I don’t mean any offense for any individual whatever — I really wish that metal would see it for what it truly is, a counterculture and, I mean, to do things the same way the rest of the pop world does things makes absolutely no sense to me.”

Morbid Angel was forced to cancel its November/December European tour due to “continued problems with the U.S. State Department and passport issues.”

The band also scrapped its European summer festival appearances in July and August due to what it called “unfortunate and last-minute unforeseen problems with a passport for one of the members of the band.”

“Kingdoms Disdained” will be unleashed on December 1 via Silver Lining Music in the U.S. and JVC in Japan.

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Crawl Posts “I” Track For Streaming

Blackened doom/noise project Crawl today streams new song “I.” The track is taken from the album “This Sad Cadav’r,” which will be released digitally (along with the rest of the band’s catalog) on September 1st, 2017 via Black Bow Records. Check it out below, courtesy of NineCircles.

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Norse Posts “Exitus” Lyric Video

Dissonant black metal crew Norse has a new lyric video online today for “Exitus,” taken off the band’s recently released “The Divine Light Of A New Sun” LP. Check out the abrasive insanity below, and if you like what you hear, the rest of the album is up for streaming here.

1. Supreme Vertical Ascent
2. Drowned By Hope
3. Telum Vitae
4. The Divine Light Of A New Sun
5. Exitus
6. Synapses Spun As Silk
7. Sandarkan
8. Arriving In Peace, Pregnant With War
9. Cyclic

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Hollow Streaming “Anomaly” Single

U.S. metalcore quartet Hollow (not to be confused with the Canadian black/death metal band of the same name) has released debut single “Anomaly.” The single comes from upcoming debut album “Home Isn’t Where The Heart Is,” which is set to release on June 9th.

The band formerly known as Hollow Heart mixes together a variety of styles on this release for a modern metal sound. Pre-orders are online here and bassist / vocalist John Flynn comments:

“‘Home Is Not Where The Heart Is’ was originally going to be a concept album, and these lyrics were the only ones we kept after we decided against that. It’s all about how bleak the future looks. They describe all of humanity being narrowed down to one big city that’s sucking up the rest of our natural resources. So inside the walls everything looks fine, but the rest of world is just a big desert. It’s very Mad Max and it’s very Matrix.”

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Evocation launches new single, “The Coroner”, online

– February 16th, 2017 –

On March 10th, Evocation will celebrate their return to death metal with the stunning new full-length, The Shadow Archetype! While honoring their Swedish death metal roots, The Shadow Archetype also adds thrash metal elements to their addictive, heavy sound. For a preview of the album, fans can hear the second single, “The Coroner”, here:

Guitarist Marko Palmen comments: “‘The Coroner’ is in my eyes a classic Swedish Death Metal track in the sense that it incorporates a lot of fast 2-beat verses alongside some cool double bass drum parts. What makes this track stand out in comparison with the rest of the album and perhaps also other Death Metal tracks is that it’s tuned down to flat-A (flat-B tuning on the rest of the album). The down tuning of the guitars and the BOSS HM-2 pedal buzzsaw tone makes the riffs on ‘The Coroner’ sound as if they were forged by Lucifer himself in hell…The track also features in my opinion the best guitar solo on the entire album. Simon really managed to capture the tracks feeling with his melancholic guitar solo. This is definitely one of my favourite tracks on ‘The Shadow Archetype‘!”

For another preview of The Shadow Archetype, the single “Children of Stone” can be heard at: – where the record can also be pre-ordered in the following formats:
–Digipak CD (includes beer coaster!)
–180g black vinyl (EU exclusive)
–grey-marbled vinyl (limited to 300 copies – EU exclusive)
–salmon clear vinyl (limited to 200 copies – EU exclusive)
–clear/black-marbled vinyl (limited to 100 copies – USA exclusive)
*exclusive bundles with a shirt, plus digital options are also available!

Featuring a cover and layout by Xaay (Behemoth, Nile, etc.), The Shadow Archetype was recorded at three different studios. Backing vocals, mixing and mastering were done at Dugout Productions. Daniel Bergstrand handled the recording of backing vocals and mixing. George Nerantzis handled the mastering. Drums were recorded at Crehate Studios together with studio engineer Oscar Nilsson. The Shadow Archetype also features veteran drummer Per Moller Jensen (ex-The Haunted, ex-Invocator) on session drums. Per sets a new death metal standard on the new Evocation album with his complex, yet groovy drumming, which we know well from his time in The Haunted. Guitars, bass, and lead vocals were recorded by the band in their own studio, Acacia Avenue Recordings. “We started recording the drums in late June 2015 and did the last recordings with vocals in June 2016. So, we spent roughly a year in the studio with ‘The Shadow Archetype‘,” explains Palmen. “In my opinion, the production is our strongest so far. It has all the elements I want in a production; raw brutality with a distinctive punch!”

The Shadow Archetype track-listing:
1. Into Ruins
2. Condemned To The Grave
3. Modus Operandi
4. Children Of Stone
5. The Coroner
6. The Shadow Archetype
7. Blind Obedience
8. Survival Of The Sickest
9. Sulphur And Blood
10. Imperium Fall
11. Dark Day Sunrise

Evocation line-up:
Thomas Josefsson – vocals
Marko Palmen – guitar
Simon Exner – guitar
Gustaf Jorde – bass
Per Moller Jensen – session drums on the album

Evocation online:

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Into The Limelight Records Inks Deal With Into The Limelight Records

For the last 35 years, Saber Tiger has been building a strong fan base in their native Japan, improving upon their classic heavy metal sound and contemporary progressive touches with each step along the way. And this isn’t just any anniversary: from now on, the rest of the world will fall prey to Saber Tiger.

Saber Tiger was founded in 1981 by guitarist Akihito Kinoshita. It hasn’t been an easy ride; numerous line-up influences and the band’s relatively remote location on the northern island of Hokkaido may have slowed down the rise of Saber Tiger, but Kinoshita has soldiered on through good times and bad. Lately, the band is experiencing the most prolific years of their career. With singer Takenori Shimoyama, guitarist Yasuharu Tanaka, both of whom had extended stints with the band in the nineties, and drummer Yasuhiro Mizuno in their lineup, the band sounds more inspired than ever.

As proven on – so far – Japan-only releases “Decisive” (2011), “Messiah Complex” (2012) and “Bystander Effect” (2015), the band takes full advantage of the musical expertise within the band.

Saber Tiger had its first taste of the European audience when they played two intense concerts in the Netherlands in June 2016. Shortly after, the band signed with Into The LimeLight Records, finally giving them the chance to present top quality material to a worldwide audience. That means the rest of the world can finally find out what Japanese metalheads have known for a long time: Saber Tiger might just be the best heavy metal band that Japan has to offer.

Into the Limelight’s Harm Kindt commented: “When we watched them live we were struck by the unbelievable quality and live power, What a great band. We had to sign them…” –

And as proof that hard work and never giving up always pays off, 2017 will be the year that the world will finally know about Japan’s best kept secret.

Saber Tiger will tour Europe in 2017!

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Six-Score Posts “Human Robots” Clip

Austrian grind band Six-Score today releases a new video for “Human Robots,” taken from forthcoming album “Lebensräume,” which will be released on October 14th, 2016.

The track is a fast and furious rant against consumerism and is a perfect example of both the sound and ideals of the rest of the record. If you dig it, you can pre-order “Lebensräume” right here. The full track listing for “Lebensräume” is as ofllows:

01. Lebensräume
02. Meatdustry
03. Dump
04. Gutmenschologie
05. Eingezwängt
06. Contracts
07. Repulsive
08. Human Robots
09. Decease
10. Tötungsmaschine
11. Stadt Der Ausgränzung
12. Inspiration
13. Bad To Worse (streaming here)
14. Migration
15. Logik Der Maßlosigkeit
16. Turbo Huhn
17. Circle Of Despair
18. Scoop (Nasum Cover)

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New Music Video “Absent” Issued By The Vision Ablaze

Danish progressive metal quartet The Vision Ablaze have premiered a new video single for the song “Absent,” which opens their most recent album “Youtopia.”

The album was released in September last year via Mighty Music, and was produced by Jacob Hansen (Aborted, Mercenary, Volbeat, Pretty Maids).

About the story behind the track and how it complements the rest of the material on Youtopia, the band commented: “‘Absent’ is the first song on our album and it embodies many of the themes on the album; seeking truth, shattering illusions, questioning authorities and waking up. ‘Absent’ is the story of someone who must transcend the human illusion and save himself and humanity from the restraint of lies and deceit.”

For the rest of the year The Vision Ablaze has planned tours in Demark, Sweden and Germany. Talking more about their plans, they said: “We’ve recently switched to wireless in-ears and it’s the first step in making a smother live show. It enables us to control many important variables in our setup. We’re also planning a video for ‘Monster’ too – which will be the 6th video for the album.”

Check out “Absent” here:

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Toothgrinder Premieres New Music Video For “Couer d’Alene”

New Jersey’s Toothgrinder premieres a music video for “Couer D’alene”. Says frontman Justin Matthews of the track:

“Sonically, ‘Coeur D’alene‘ is one of the more fun songs on the record. The bouncy groove and tempo keeps all of us moving through out its duration. We have always tried to keep this bit in our live set for those reasons alone. Lyrically it helped develop the vibe for the rest of the record. The song questions wanderlust, stability and independence. These, all of which are reoccurring themes on the record.”

Check it out now below:

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