Transcending Obscurity Signs Down Among The Dead Men, New Album Revealed

Death metal supergroup Down Among The Dead Men has assembled a new album “…And You Will Obey Me” – which finds the band filthier and crustier than ever before. Sounding massive, Rogga Johansson has created his best music for the band yet, with Dave Ingram being in absolute top form throughout. Both members have put out highly successful albums in Paganizer and Ursinne respectively this year, not to mention the sensational Echelon release where they joined forces again.

The full length is scheduled for release in early 2018 and a new song will be unleashed soon.

Dave Ingram states, “Getting Down Among The Dead Men signed to Transcending Obscurity Records was the ideal move for myself and Rogga, since we both have bands already with this great label (Ursinne for me, Paganizer for Rogga, and Echelon jointly.) This is yet another notch in our respective bullet belts, and we are proud to bring the third Down Among The Dead Men album ‘…And You Will Obey Me’ to the world via Transcending Obscurity Records, one of the most hardworking labels on the scene.”

Rogga Johansson adds, “I just wanna riff, and riffing is what Down Among The Dead Men is all about. Riffing and the immense vocals of the legend himself David Ingram. So we did a new album, and its gonna blow you away, as its a really, really good one! And who better to release it than proven media mogul Kunal Choksi with his Transcending Obscurity? Well no one else at all. I’m utterly proud of this album, and how we release it, and I hope that anyone that needs some dirty deathly crust in their lives will agree to just that too.”

Transcending Obscurity Records owner Kunal Choksi states, “It’s a continued honour to work with legends Rogga Johansson and David Ingram. Down Among The Dead Men have been one of my favourites and I was blown away after listening to their new album. It’s crusty as fuck and crushing as they’ve ever been. I’m sure this will be very well received and it’s great to have the support of both the gentlemen who have been very kind and cooperative all along. Both have been in phenomenal form too, what with their new albums of Paganizer and Ursinne (even Echelon) receiving an overwhelming response. This has been a great signing for the label so far and their new album will definitely be one of the highlights of 2018.”

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Extrema Featured On “Rust ‘N Dust” Metal Compilation

Italian thrash metal group Extrema, currently embarked on the 30 Years Of Headbanging tour, has been featuring on the “Rust’n’Dust” giveaway compilation with the song “Carcasses.” Check out the track below.

Extrema comments: “We’re happy to announce that our song ‘Carcasses’ out of our latest effort ‘The Old School EP’ will be featured on the ‘Rust’n’Dust’ compilation together with our friends Underneath, alongside many French and Canadian bands.”

The full compilation can be streamed or downloaded for free at this location and was created to promote the featured bands outside of their respective regions. Fans can also catch these remaining Extrema tour dates:

24.02.17 – Segrate (MI) – CSA Baraonda
25.02.17 – Vogogna (VB) – La Loggia del Leopardo
08.07.17 – Gaggiano (MI) – Grave Party Open Air

Sampler 2017 by EXTREMA

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Dissona Posts “Another Sky” Drum Playthrough

Chicago’s progressive metal masterminds from Dissona meld a dynamic range of musical styles, developing an incredibly moving, diverse sound, with new album “Paleopneumatic” out now.

During the recording of “Paleopneumatic,” the band filmed a series of playthrough videos showcasing each member playing their respective parts. Check out a playthrough video for the song “Another Sky” featuring drummer Drew Goddard below.

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Manipulation Streaming Full “Ecstasy” Album Online

Manipulation, a Polish death metal band signed to Satanath Records, recently released the “Ecastasy” album and now all the tracks have come online. Listen in below. The following press release was also issued about the band:

“Poland is known for its quality of death metal, right from the days of Vader, and decades later, bands from that country continue to impress. For a change, they’re not trying to recreate the glory days of death metal but manipulating the sound by imbibing it with modern influences. That is the only way the genre can evolve – by looking ahead and not reminiscing endlessly.

“The music remains furious and intense, but also has mechanized precision, massive, hulking grooves, and numerous variations that spice up the entire affair. The structures are vibrating with raw energy and the whole spin on death metal is not too unlike what bands like Yattering, Hate and even Behemoth did with the conventional death metal template, in their respective eras.

“Manipulation is a new force in death metal, consisting of members of well-entrenched bands, and are here to educate us on a new breed of modern death metal music that will shatter your eardrums all the same and will probably leave a gaping hole in the ground too when they’re done with it.”

1. Insomnia 03:48
2. Sic Itur ad Astra 04:27
3. Lifetime 04:02
4. Bad Boy 03:35
5. The Paradigm of Existence 04:17
6. Sunset over Vatican 05:32
7. Temples of Vanity 03:59
8. Burn Motherfuckers! 06:38
9. Dzwiek upadku 04:05
10. Ecstasy 03:48

SAT132: Manipulation – Ecstasy (2015) by Satanath Records

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Vamps Collaborates With Apocalyptica For New Single “Sin In Justice”

While touring together in the U.S. earlier this year, Vamps and Apocalyptica discussed the idea of doing more together. In addition to the six U.K. shows later this month, the musicians have joined forces for a fresh piece of music: the single “Sin in Justice.”

For Vamps, this is the first time the band has collaborated with classically trained players. “The creative process was pretty hectic,” reflects Hyde of Vamps. “I worked on the song during our South American tour, writing the lyrics and running through the vocal lines, and the Apocalyptica camp spent time with the music between their various other commitments. Actually, it all started pretty organically, out of a growing friendship; we listened to each other’s demos, exchanged ideas, and things just grew from there. I think what we’ve ended up with is very fresh and certainly new for us. If our respective schedules allow, I’d love to work with Apocalyptica again…”

“Yes, we had a great time being on the road together,” continues Apocalyptica’s Eicca Toppinen. “We loved the idea and the experience of working together in this way. We’re really proud of the song, and we hope fans of both bands will enjoy it.”

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Devil You Know Covers Survivor Track “Eye Of The Tiger”

Devil You Know is now streaming a cover version of the classic Rocky movie series anthem track, “Eye of The Tiger.” This is a rousing, hard rock rendition to the Survivor hit song and is available below.

Look for Devil You Know on tour alongside Five Finger Death Punch and Papa Roach across all of Europe now through November 28, 2015. John Sankey (drums) states:

“One day when we were in the studio working on our new album, They Bleed Red, Howard Jones (vocals) turned up in a shower robe and started shadow boxing in the vocal booth while doing his best Rocky Balboa impersonation. It was so impressive that we immediately knew we had to do a cover of the infamous Rocky soundtrack theme. ‘Eye Of The Tiger.’ We had already been discussing the possibility of recording a cover, but had no idea what song we would do. In that moment when Hojo literally transformed himself into the Italian Stallion right in front of our very eyes we knew it was the perfect choice!

“Our biggest challenge would be adapting the original song into our own style, so we decided each of us must take on the persona of a different cast member to best capture the performance necessary to do such an iconic song justice. Howard lived and breathed the role of Rocky for a full week, Francesco Artusato (guitars) became as a slightly shorter Ivan Drago, Ryan Wombacher (bass) was the perfect fit for a modern day Mickey and I of course was a ‘way too Australian’ not quite as ripped version of Apollo Creed. We entered the studio swinging wildly in all directions with our respective instruments and there was blood, sweat and many many tears, mainly of uncontrollable laughter. Hours later we emerged victorious and super slow motion high-fived each other in classic Rocky fashion as we listened back to the sweet metal sounds of a reformed Survivor classic. We hope you all enjoy it as much as we do.”

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Black Feast Releasing “Larenuf Jubileum” Demo Collection

The Finnish trio of bestial black metal now known as Witchcraft had undergone at least two previous changes in moniker before settling on its current name. Between 2010 and 2012, and under the name of Black Feast, the group recorded and released several demos and two splits, the most prominent of which was an LP shared with the mighty Impurity from Brazil.

The split was also notable due to the obvious primary source from which both unmistakably derived much of their influences – Beherit. While Impurity coexisted alongside Beherit during both band’s formative years, the two shared a mutual admiration that has been reported through their publicly-shared correspondence from that time. Some 20-plus years later, Black Feast (and now Witchcraft) represents a second-generation reawakening of the beast that few, if any, bands have been able to successfully recapture since Beherit and Impurity desecrated their respective Finnish and Brazilian soils in the early 1990s.

“Larenuf Jubileum,” released jointly under the auspices of Nuclear War Now! and Iron Bonehead Productions, compiles Black Feast’s “Worship of Darkness” demo from 2010, the “Abominations of Darkness tracks” from the 2011 split cassette, and five previously-unreleased tracks from three separate promo/advance tapes from 2010 and 2011. These tracks faithfully and convincingly represent the same breed of unhinged, demonic chaos that was first unearthed by pre-“Drawing Down the Moon “Beherit. Thus, with this release and the promise that the band continues to hold for the future, a strong legacy of Finnish bestial black metal has been rightfully resumed.

The “Larenuf Jubileum” LP will drop via Nuclear War Now! Productions on July 1st, 2015 with the artwork available below.

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George Call Named New Vocalist Of Emerald

Swiss power metal act has named Aska vocalist George Call (ex-Omen) as its new vocalist, replacing Thomas Winkler, who left in 2013 to front Gloryhammer full time.

The announcement reads: “Amongst many great candidates, we finally found the perfect singer for our sound! Many of you may already know him! It’s the great…….. (drum roll)…………. GEORGE CALL (Aska, ex-Omen)!!!

“We are beyond happy that one of the greatest metal singers of our times is now a part of our band! It’s gonna be a whole new experience working with a singer that lives overseas, but everyone who has already heard his amazing voice knows it will be totally worth it! Just listen to his vocals on our song ‘Eye of the Serpent'” [heard in the player below]

George Call commented: “It came to be that Emerald were in the unenviable position of having to look for a singer. They thought I was far too busy but I’m glad we talked because our collaboration on the song ‘Eye of the Serpent’ was, bar none, among the best songs in all of Metaldom in 2013. How could we not possibly further explore that potential? I met the guys, their wives and girlfriends when we performed together in their native Switzerland on tour some years earlier and we hit it off magnificently. We nurtured a friendship and mutual camaraderie which now takes one further evolutionary step, sprouting wings as we combine our respective talents and seek to take Emerald to new heights of Metal glory. Hail!”

For a sample of Call’s vocals with Emerald, check out “Eye of the Serpent” from the 2012 album “Unleashed”:

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Deprecated Signs Deal With Unique Leader To Release “Deriding His Creation”

Deprecated has inked a multi-album deal with Unique Leader Records. The label issued the following statement:

“Forged from the crucible of some of the industry’s most influential bands, comes the
tempered, hulking monstrosity that is Deprecated. Cast from members of the mighty Suffocation, Decrepit Birth, and Disgorge, Deprecated is the embodiment of agonizing brutality.

“While the solid foundation of original members AJ Magaña, Derek Boyer and Torrey Moores oversee the composition of Deprecated’s material, the addition of Terrence Hobbs and Matt Sotelo fuse to be one of death metals more formidable string sections to date. Both Terrence and Matt being of polar opposite styles in their respective bands bring their influential talents and unyielding ferocity together with that of Deprecated’s old school approach to exploit and pulverize ones adrenal gland in its vice.

“After the tracks for the ‘Deriding His Creation’ re-release were recorded, the final piece was to be put in place by utilizing one of the industry’s top engineers to ensure the albums message was clearly stated. Zack Ohren of Castle Ultimate studios known for engineering releases for bands such as Suicide Silence, Severed Savior, Decrepit Birth, Suffocation, Immolation and Six Feet Under, just to mention a few, brings the over indulgent aggression of Deprecated’s music to a mirrored finish ensuring fans of all that is heavy to question the direction that death metal has so unfortunately taken.”

The official worldwide street date for “Deriding His Creation” has been set for October 1st, 2013.

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Upon The Skies, The Nova Posts New Song "Thy, Traitor"

Upon the Skies, The Nova has released a new song online for streaming titled “Thy, Traitor.” Check out the song in the player available below. The band also commented on its history and sound:

“Upon the Skies, The Nova is a band based in Queens Village, New York, spawning from two young artist’s willingness to blend their respective musical styles and tastes together. With roots in hardcore metal, metalcore, jazz fusion, and electronica, their sound embodies characteristics of them all, yet they find it is hard to categorize their music into one specific genre. Ultimately, they seek to send a message, and cause for their listeners to empathize with the emotions of their music; and hopefully provide something new and refreshing for them to enjoy.”

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