Triptykon’s Tom G. Warrior Recording Debut Niryth Album; Triptykon Live Release Near Completion

Triptykon and former Hellhammer/Celtic Frost mastermind Tom G. Warrior has revealed that he is currently working on the debut Niryth album in Switzerland with Triptykon/ex Celtic Frost guitarist V. Santura. In a post on his blog, Delineation II, he said:

“Wednesday evening, late at night, and I am sitting in my spartan room in an exceptionally old-fashioned countryside inn, located in a tiny Bavarian village surrounded by endless fields and forests covered in lingering snow. We have just finished the third day this week of recording and mixing sessions at Triptykon guitarist V. Santura’s equally remote Woodshed Studio. It is a pleasant feeling of accomplishment that fills me this evening, after many months of frequently challenging work on music and lyrics behind the scenes.

“These past few days, we finished all vocal recordings for Niryth’s initial recorded music and then began mixing the material. Only one of the songs remains to be mixed tomorrow. And we also completed the recording sessions for V. Santura’s pilot lead guitar and my pilot vocals for the final, major part of the Celtic Frost/Triptykon Requiem. I am deeply grateful to V. Santura for his graceful patience and considerable talent, without which neither the Requiem nor Niryth’s sessions would have yielded such unique results.

“And when V. Santura and I sent the Niryth mixes to my songwriting partner and group co-founder Mia Wallace, who was unable to attend these sessions due to a prior and inescapable commitment, her emotionally positive reaction confirmed that we appear to be on the right path with this project.”

Niryth is a new project from Warrior which features three bassists (including himself) and no guitars. He’s joined in the group by Triptykon bassist Vanja Slajh and Mia Wallace (of The True Endless, Skoll and currently of the Hellhammer spin off Triumph Of Death and live bassist for former Immortal frontman Abbath,) as well as drummer Pidi Leuenberger.

In addition to this, Warrior revealed in a previous blog post that he has been working on a live Triptykon release entitled, “Requiem.” It’s not yet known if this will be a CD/download or home video release. In his blog, he stated:

“At long last, after some extremely regrettable delays due to my commitment to the deadline to finish the music for Triptykon’s forthcoming Requiem live concert, we are now close to completing Niryth’s initial recording sessions. This was originally scheduled to take place by the end of last year, and I deeply regret having been the cumbersome obstacle in meeting this goal.

“The music Mia Wallace and I have written for Niryth has by now become a measure darker than it originally appeared to transpire, not least due to the vocals. It is monolithic and delicate at the same time, heavy and enigmatically melodic, mesmerisingly grooving while often psychedelic. And we are working on more.”

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Triptykon to perform three-part “Requiem” with orchestral accompaniment at Roadburn Festival 2019

Roadburn has announced the first of three specially commissioned pieces to be performed at the festival in 2019 (April 11-14, Tilburg, The Netherlands). Tom G. Warrior, who was a Roadburn guest curator in 2010 and also performed there in 2014, will be presenting the full three-part “Requiem” with Triptykon, with orchestral accompaniment by the world-renowned Dutch Metropole Orkest.

The first part of the piece appeared on Celtic Frost’s “Into The Pandemonium” in 1987, titled “Rex Irae”. The third part, “Winter”, was included on “Monotheist” in 2006. The missing middle part is now being composed by Warrior for this special commission.

Warrior explains:

The intention to finish the full Requiem remained with me. I was going to do it one distant day with Triptykon, the group I formed to continue to pursue the path I began in Hellhammer and Celtic Frost. It was 2018, yet again 16 years after I last worked on the Requiem, when Walter Hoeijmakers, founder of the legendary Roadburn Festival and one of my most beloved friends, contacted me to propose Roadburn as the venue to perform, at long last, the finished Requiem.

Walter and his team very kindly provided for the resources necessary for such a substantial undertaking, and so, at 54 by now, I found myself commencing work on the second and thus final part of the Requiem this year.

The three parts of the Requiem will therefore be performed by Triptykon at Roadburn 2019, with full classical orchestration, congregated specifically for this occasion by Florian Magnus Maier, who is our esteemed classical collaborator and arranger in this project, and whose patience with me appears to be limitless. We feel very proud and deeply honoured to be joined in this endeavour by the renowned Dutch Metropole Orkest.

More details about the commission can be found on the Roadburn web site.

Listen to part 3 of the piece, “Winter”:

The Roadburn lineup as announced so far:

Anna von Hausswolff
At The Gates
Birds In Row
Black Bombain & Peter Brötzman
Bliss Signal
Cave In
Crypt Trip
Curator: Tomas Lindberg
Deaf Kids
Deaf Kids x Petbrick
Drab Majesty
Gösta Berlings Saga
Have A Nice Life
Henrik Palm
Imperial Triumphant
Louise Lemón
Marissa Nadler
Mono & the Jo Quail Quartet
Myrkur: Folkesange
Mythic Sunship
Old Man Gloom
Orchestra of Constant Distress
Secret Cutter
Seven That Spells
Stuck In Motion
The End
Triptykon/Metropole Orkest: Requiem
Vile Creature

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Pyrexia Premiere New Song “Angels of Gomorrah” From Upcoming New Album “Unholy Requiem”

Death metal legends Pyrexia premiere a new song titled “Angels of Gomorrah”, taken from their upcoming new album “Unholy Requiem”, which will be out in stores today via Unique Leader Records.

Check out now “Angels of Gomorrah” below.

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Requiem For Oblivion Premieres New Song “Burning Nation”

Erie, Pennsylvania, based death metal outfit Requiem For Oblivion premieres the title track to “Burning Nation”, the band’s upcoming second full-length, which will be released on June 9th.

Check out now “Burning Nation” below.

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Nasty Surgeons Releases New Album “Exhumation Requiem”

Spanish death metal band Nasty Surgeons – featuring members from Mistweaver and Mass Burial – just released debut album “Exhumation Requiem” via Xtreem Music. Listen in to to a full stream via the Bandcamp player provided below. The album’s track listing is as follows:

01. The Resurrectionists
02. The Creation of the Monstrosity
03. Human Flesh is Also Food
04. Antemortem Dissection
05. Autopsy’s Protocol
06. Nasty Surgeons
07. Ode to Bad Taste
08. Burnt with Sulfuric Acid
09. Devoured Alive
10. Exhumation Requiem

Exhumation Requiem by NASTY SURGEONS

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Red Cain Offering Free “Dead Aeon Requiem” Song Download

Calgary, AB’s Red Cain will release a debut self-titled EP on November 25th, but before it drops the band has teamed up with for an exclusive free download of the track “Dead Aeon Requiem.”

“Dead Aeon Requiem” is the second single off the band’s upcoming debut and follows previously released track “Hiraeth” that can be heard via a playthrough video here. The new release’s track listing is as follows:

1. Guillotine (6:12)
2. Dead Aeon Requiem (5:45)
3. Hiraeth (5:17)
4. Unborn (7:03)

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Black Hole Generator Debuts Title Track Of Upcoming New Album “A Requiem For Terra”

Black Hole Generator premieres the title track of the band’s upcoming new album “A Requiem For Terra”, which will be out in stores through Dark Essence Records on the 18th November in CD, vinyl and digital formats.

The creative force behind Black Hole Generator is Vulture Industries’ main man and long-time Taake producer Bjørnar E. Nilsen. Guitarist Arve Isdal (Ice Dale) of Enslaved and Audrey Horne, plus Gjermund Fredheim (Taake/Orkan) contributing lead guitars on three tracks, as well as additional guitars by Dag Terje Andersen complete the lineup.

Check out now “A Requiem For Terra” below.


1. A Requiem for Terra
2. Titan
3. Moloch
4. Beneath a Chemical Sky
5. Emerging Pantheon
6. Earth Eater
7. Spiritual Blight

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Red Cain Posts Self-Titled EP Trailer

Calgary, AB’s Red Cain has posted a new teaser for an upcoming self-titled debut EP set for release on November 25th.

The powerful, modern melodic metal project with European roots is back on the scene after a two year hiatus and line up change. The band now features orchestration guru William Lancaster along with the talented multi-instrumentalist Rogan McAndrews, who join founding band members Evgeniy Zayarny, Nikita Ryzhenkov, and Samuel Royce.

1. Guillotine (6:12)
2. Dead Aeon Requiem (5:45)
3. Hiraeth (5:17)
4. Unborn (7:03)

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Suidakra Releases “The Hunter’s Horde” Studio/Lyric Video

Suidakra just released a lyric/studio video for first single “The Hunter’s Horde” taken from upcoming album “Realms Of Odoric,” due out on May 20th.

If you pre-order the new album on iTunes, you’ll get this song immediately as an instant download. The full track listing is:

1. Into The Realm
2. The Serpent Within
3. The Hunter’s Horde
4. Creeping Blood
5. Undaunted
6. Lion Of Darcania
7. Pictish Pride
8. On Roads To Ruin
9. Dark Revelations
10. Braving The End
11.One Against The Tide
12. Cimbric Requiem
13. Remembrance (Bonus Track – Digipack Version)

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Lyric Video For Title Track “Savage Requiem” Posted By Magic Kingdom

Belgian power metal act, featuring Iron Mask guitarist Dushan Petrossi, released a lyric video for the title track of the new release “Savage Requiem,” which drops today in Europe and April 14th in the U.S. via AFM Records.

The track list for the album is:

1. In Umbra Mea
2. Guardian Angels
3. Rivals Forever
4. Full Moon Sacrifice
5. Ship Of Ghosts
6. Savage Requiem
7. Four Demon Kings Of Shadowlands
8. With Fire and Sword see lyric video here
9. Dragon Princess
10. Battlefield Magic

Check out “Savage Requiem” here:

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