Five Motograter Members Exit Band In Mass Exodus

It would appear that Motograter have imploded with reports of all members exiting the band except guitarist/vocalist Matt “Nuke” Nunes. have shared a picture of a text conversation with Motograter guitarist Jesse Stamper in which Stamper revealed that all members of the band, including himself, have quit, leaving Nunes the only remaining member.

The mass exodus follows the latest period of lineup volatility for the band, which began late last year with the firing of drummer Noah “Shark” Robertson. This past April saw bassist Mylon Guy ejected from the group, who found out about his replacement by Aeon Cruz, after reading about it online.

The band nonethelesse just wrapped up a leg of spring touring this month, that was riddled with problems and canceled shows. Motograter wrecked their tour van and trailer which caused canceled dates. Nunes went to jail as well, stating that he was picked up for driving on a suspended license. He’s been bragging about it via social media, even though it caused the cancellation of performances.

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Bill Hudson Named New Guitarist Of U.D.O.

After recently splitting with guitarist Kasperi Heikkinen, German based U.D.O. (featuring legendary ex-Accept vocalist Udo Dirkschneider) tapped T.S.O./Circle II Circle guitarist Bill Hudson as his replacement.

The announcement reads: “We are very proud to announce that Mr. Bill Hudson from Brazil is the new guitarist of Dirkschneider/U.D.O.!

“Bill is based in the United States, but has already been in Pulheim a few weeks ago to join the songwriting session for our next album which we will start recording soon.

“Bill fits in, in every way, perfectly with us and builds a fantastic guitar team together with Andrey Smirnov. He is very experienced and has shared the stage with several known bands, most notably Circle II Circle, Jon Oliva’s Pain and TSO for the last few years. It’s not really necessary to talk about his skills, simply check it out on our next tour and you will see what we’re talking about!

“After Kasperi left the band we have received many suggestions and applications from great guitar players from all over the planet. At the same time, we started getting hints from different and unrelated people in the business pointing straight into the same direction, telling us to check out this Brazilian/American guy. Once in Germany he convinced everybody from the get go and it was very clear that this guy had all the requirements to become the new band member.
We are REALLY looking forward to kick ass even more so than ever before!”

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Invocation Streaming New Album “Atlas”

U.K. band Invocation just released the “Atlas” album, which can be heard below or picked up at Bandcamp here. Invocation comments:

“So here it is, after three years of trials and tribulations, damaged hard drives and utter heartbreak; we can now proudly present to you our debut full length album ‘Atlas.’ It is currently available through Bandcamp and will shortly be uploaded to YouTube, iTunes, Spotify and most other digital retailers and streaming services. We will also be sorting out pre-orders for the limited run of physical releases, so stay tuned for that! But for now, enjoy… Thanks to everyone for sticking around.”

1. Forward Motion 02:58
2. Surface Detail 06:02
3. The Veil 04:55
4. Atlas (Descent) 06:12
5. Atlas (Ascent) 06:51
6. Empires [Feat. Meyrick De La Fuente] 05:17
7. Thorns 05:36
8. The Blinded [Feat. Timfy James] 04:44
9. Through The Smoke 05:10
10. Adrift 02:40
11. Surrender Replacement 04:48
12. So Be It [Feat. Abby Todd-Weller] 08:43

Atlas by Invocation

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Tantara Parts Ways With Guitar Player Isak

Scandinavian outfit Tantara has parted ways with lead guitarist Isak Anakin Rosemarin. The band comments: “Isak, our lead guitar player has decided to leave the band. We are still close friends and we wish him all the best in the future! News about his replacement will be out in the upcoming days.”

The man himself had this to say: “Hi, Isak here. There is no easy way to say this, so I’m simply just going to put it out there. My time in Tantara is over. This is something that has been on my mind for a while and it has finally come to a point where I have to be true to myself, as well as the other guys in the band.

“It’s been a good one and I’m truly happy with all the times I had with this band. I want to say thank you to everyone who has been supporting this band and will continue to support this band. I’m sure that Tantara will continue as strong as ever. Thank you.”

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Singer Tony Harnell Parts Ways With Skid Row

Singer Tony Harnell has confirmed that he has left Skid Row, less than a year after he first joined the band. Writes Harnell in a Facebook post on Tuesday (December 29):

I’m sorry to inform everyone that I’m no longer the lead singer for Skid Row. I thank the fans for their love and support! XO TH

Posted by Tony Harnell on Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Harnell officially joined Skid Row in April as the replacement for Johnny Solinger, who was the band’s frontman for the past fifteen years.

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New Vocalist Benjamin Jaino Named By Alpha Tiger

German power metal act Alpha Tiger announced the replacement for outgoing vocalist Stephan Dietrich, who left the band earlier this year. Filling the void is Benjamin Jaino. As a taste of Jaino’s vox, check out a snippet of the newly recorded version of “A Long Way Of Redemption,” which originally appeared on the latest release “iDentity” (available from Steamhammer/SPV Records).

Check it out here:

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Voice Of Ruin Parts With Guitar Player

After releasing the “Consumed” EP (still streaming here), Voice Of Ruin has issued the following announcement about parting ways with the band’s guitar player:

“After a bit more than 6 years (since the beginning of the band), our dear guitarist Nils has decided to stop the adventure. When he announced that he’d taken this decision it first came as shock to us, especially to Olivier and I, as we’ve been playing together for more than 10 years. Nils would like to explore other kinds of music and go back to playing bass as he once did.

“We respect his decision as band members and above all as FRIENDS! We wish him all the best with his musical ventures, and be assured that we will stay in contact and maintain this friendship that we’ve nurtured for so many years! Be sure to catch us for our last show with him:

08.05.2015 – Festival de Chair et d’Acier, Mâcon (FR)
23.05.2015 – Usine a Gaz, Nyon (CH)
10.06.2015 – Chat Noir, Genève (CH)

“But the good news is that we’ve already found a great guy as his replacement: his name is Nicolas and we’ve known him for many years. Nicolas is an excellent musician and has already a lot of experience in the music scene. He has played with bands like Requiem For Sirens, The Fetch, Sybreed (as a fill-in for a 2010 European tour) and he manages a music agency called Black Bear Agency. Our first show with him will take place on the 27th of Junes 2015 at the Usine of Geneva as support of Dagoba and Benighted. It’s going to be massive!”

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Vocalist Mark Boals Joins Labyrinth

Less than a day removed from the announcement that Roberto Tiranti has departed Labÿrinth, the band has named his replacement: Ring of Fire/ex-Iron Mask/ex-Yngiwe Malmsteen vocalist Mark Boals.

The announcement from guitarist/composer Olaf Thorsen reads: “As everybody already knows, Roberto has decided to part ways with the band in order to start his solo career. We wish him all the best and we thank him for the long walk we have had together. At the same time “the show must go on”, as somebody said, and the good news is that we have started working on the new album. This is not the only good news, anyway, ’cause we are incredibly excited and honored to announce that our new singer is none other than a top-notch artist and a piece of history in the metal world: we warmly welcome Mr. Mark Boals on board and we can’t wait to let you all listen to some of the new songs we are working on! Sincerely yours, Labyrinth”

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Bloodbath Comments On New Album “Grand Morbid Funeral”

As was announced yesterday, Sweden’s Bloodbath is set to release its fourth album of supreme death metal, “Grand Morbid Funeral,” on November 18th through Peaceville Records.

Guitarist, Blakkheim, commented, “We’re proud of all these different styled releases and we loved doing each and every one of them, but the objective was never to settle with a certain style, so our time has come to shift once more.

“It was already decided right after the last album that the next record would not become a ‘Fathomless part 2,’ but in certain aspects it would actually to become its antithesis! So prepare yourselves for an ultimate blueprint of destructive, raw, heavy, organic and sludgy death metal!

“The time has come to stomp those HM-2 pedals once more and close the circle of the death metal archives with our Grand Morbid Funeral!”

The first album since the departure of Opeth vocalist Mikael Åkerfeldt, this new Bloodbath album will feature an as-yet-unnamed new frontman. Metal Hammer magazine (U.K.) is set to reveal the replacement on Tuesday, September 16th.

“Grand Morbid Funeral” was recorded once again at Ghost Ward Studios and the City of Glass Studios in Stockholm, and mixed by David Castillo. The album features a number of guest appearances including Chris Reifert and Eric Cutler from Autopsy.

Bloodbath is set to appear on a string of festivals throughout 2015, including Inferno Festival (Norway), Neurotic Deathfest (The Netherlands) and Maryland Deathfest (U.S.) with more TBA.

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Radiation Sickness Recruits New Guitar Player Scott Bronner

Indianapolis grindcore / death metal band Radiation Sickness has announced the recruitment of new guitarist Scott Bronner (ex-Demiricous, Legion).

Scott will be the replacement for the band’s previous Guitarist Tom Ball who passed away last month. Originally formed in 1987, Radiation Sickness reunited in 2010 after a long period of inactivity. Founding member Doug Palmer comments:

“We would like to welcome Scott Bronner (ex-Demiricous, Legion) as the new guitar player to Radiation Sickness. This was not a hard call to make, Scott helped make it easier.

“OK after the death of Tom Ball we gave it long thought as to what the future of Radiation Sickness would be. A large part of me said I am done, a larger part of me said I don’t wanna do this anymore. Two people killing them self in the same band 23 years apart. It is fucking mind blowing. Tom was not there the first time around but he brought more talent and passion to the table then the guy he replaced ever had. I just find it hard not playing music and with this band, the only band I have ever been in. So Radiation Sickness is moving on. Just as twisted and demented as before.

“We are working on having the two songs for the Cardiac Arrest split re-produced by Iron Bob Fouts and we are planning on doing three or more split seven inch lps this year & a lot of out of town shows.”

Fans can donate to the Ball family during this difficult time. All proceeds will help offset the costs of the memorial service.

On June 30th, Radiation Sickness will be performing at The Headquarters (Indianapolis) in support of D.R.I. with full details available here.

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