Lyric Video For Catalonian National Anthem “Els Segadors (The Reapers)” Posted By A Sound Of Thunder

A Sound of Thunder has released a metal version of the Catalonian national anthem “Els Segadors (The Reapers)” in the form of an official lyric video whch can be viewed in the player below.

“Els Segadors (The Reapers)” will appear on the band’s upcoming seventh studio album “It Was Metal.” The song was not originally planned for release ahead of the album, but the band has decided to release the song in light of current events in Catalonia.

Catalonia, an autonomous region in the east of Spain, is currently in the midst of political upheaval surrounding a long-standing independence movement. On October 1, 2017, an independence referendum was held with the support of the Catalonian regional government, despite the Spanish courts’ declaration that the referendum was illegal. Massive Spanish police action was taken to close polling places, resulting in violent clashes, with at least 800 people hurt. Of those whose votes could be counted, 90% backed independence. A general strike in Catalonia on Tuesday, October 3rd could bring much of the region to a stand-still, while some observers are expecting Catalonian regional president Carles Puigdemont to make a declaration of independence in the coming hours or days.

A Sound Of Thunder vocalist Nina Osegueda is a first generation American and daughter of a Catalonian immigrant. “My mom came to the US during the [20th century Spanish dictator] Franco regime, back when his administration was actively attempting to wipe out Catalonian language and culture,” says Osegueda. “We recorded this song last year. I wanted to record something for my mom. I thought ‘Els Segadors’ was so cool and, to be honest, the lyrics are absolutely metal. I sing our own loose English translation alongside some of the original Catalan language lyrics.”

“This song is a tribute to my mom, my family, and the people of Catalonia. I know they’re going through some crazy stuff right now, so I wanted to send our support. I didn’t expect this track to be released during such a tumultuous time in Catalonia and Spain, but I’m glad we did it and I hope people will find it as inspiring as I do.”

“It Was Metal” featuring “Els Segadors (The Reapers)” is currently available for pre-order through a Kickstarter campaign at this location. The campaign has already smashed its original goal of $30,000 in mere days after its launch. The album is planned for a March 2018 release.

Check out “Els Segadors (The Reapers)” here:

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Bible Black Tyrant Signs With Argonauta Records

Argonauta Records has inked a deal with Bible Black Tyrant to release a new album this coming February:

“We’re excited to welcome in our roster U.S. supergroup Bible Black Tyrant, an oppressive sonic endeavor that features Tyler Smith, Aaron D.C. Edge and David S. Fylstra (members of Eagle Twin, Lumbar, KVØID, Form of Rocket, Minor Fret, Wasting Seasons, Iamthethorn, etc.). Their impressive album ‘Regret Beyond Death’ will be released during February 2018 on CD/DD (Argonauta Records) – vinyl (Cheddar Brothers Records), cassette (Anima Recordings).

“Beginning with a crushing density, Bible Black Tyrant’s ‘Regret Beyond Death’ offering immediately transports the listener into the dark forests of the Pacific Northwest at dusk; conjuring images of the sun setting against indecipherable, deciduous silhouettes. The air thickens as we continue a climb along a gently worn route to an unknown, undisclosed location.

“As the journey – and the record – lengthens, we are granted a strong scent of smoke and hemlock, of moss. Fear swirls ’round us now, fusing with the clamorous chants of a distant, uprising swarm, a loaded weight of atmospheric composition. Onward, and as the album nears its climactic conclusion, Bible Black Tyrant’s simultaneously oppressive and liberating mass projects a clear message written in the smoldering ashes: ‘Walk this path with us.'”

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Sludgehammer Posts “Demons From The Woodwork” Video

Toronto’s Sludgehammer just unleashed a new video for “Demons From The Woodwork,” one of 11 tracks presented on debut album “The Fallen Sun,” which was released during June of last year.

The video is a band playthrough demonstrating mind bending guitar solos, devastating heavy riffs, blistering drum fury, and dynamic vocal performances from lead vocalist Chris Szarota plus bassist Dan Ayers.

1. Demons From The Woodwork (4:02)
2. Intestines Entwined (5:02)
3. The Black Abyss (6:29)
4. Ectogenesis (4:34)
5. Carrion Eater (5:56)
6. Consuming Afterbirth (4:34)
7. Carnivorous Forest (5:08)
8. Utopian (5:45)
9. Revolting (4:46)
10. Organ Harvester (4:51)
11. Casualties (4:34)

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Denouncement Pyre Announces New Album “Black Sun Unbound”

Today the Australian black/death cult Denouncement Pyre announces the completion of third album, “Black Sun Unbound.”

The album will be released during the first quarter of 2016 by Hells Headbangers – with whom Denouncement Pyre has renewed a record contract, and through whom the band released its prior two albums, 2010’s “World Cremation” and 2013’s “Almighty Arcanum.” New release “Black Sin Unbound” will come ahead of the band’s performance at Maryland Deathfest 2016.

Again recorded at I-HQ studio outside of Melbourne, “Black Sun Unbound” will feature 10 tracks of black/death metal on which the band has built its unmistakable foundation. The band comments:

“Black Sun Unbound is the most challenging album we have created so far, and we have certainly ventured further into the inner darkness with the new material, through a long and demanding creative process. The writing and recording of this album involved a lot of experimentation, and we have seen a vast range of ideas included, more so than past releases; it is a different album to the first two. Expect new doors to be unlocked and old gods to be awakened!”

The album’s cover, track listing, and an official release date are to be confirmed shortly.

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Shatter Messiah Signs With Sleaszy Rider Records

Shatter Messiah just signed a new record deal with Sleaszy Rider records, and the label had this to say:

“U.S. power metallers Shatter Messiah signed a worldwide deal with us and their fourth album will be released during 2015!

“The American metallers are led by guitarist Curran Murphy (ex-Nevermore, Annihilator) and drummer Robert Falzano (ex-Annihilator), and have as new bass player Kelly Conlon (ex-Death)!

“Their first 2 albums ‘Never To Play The Servant’ and ‘God Burns Like Flesh’ were released by Dockyard 1 and their 3rd album, ‘Hail The New Cross,’ was released in October 2013 by Mausoleum Records.

“They are currently recording their new album, which should be completed by early summer, they are a very heavy, yet very melodic band, with catchy choruses, so except a great release soon!”

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Godhunter Kicking Off Tour Dates With Secrets Of The Sky

Oakland’s progressive doom powerhouse Secrets Of The Sky and Tucson’s bastard sons of sludge metal, Godhunter, will converge for a co-headlining tour in Las Vegas this weekend at the Doom In June Festival this Friday, June 6th and Saturday, June 7th.

From there, both acts will traverse through the West Coast and Southwestern states on the tour sponsored by American Aftermath. The new trek will hit Oakland, San Jose, Glendale, Palm Desert, Tucson and Phoenix through June 14th.

A split cassette release between Secrets Of The Sky and Godhunter will be available for the first time in a limited run of 100 copies on the upcoming tour. This is the only place the album will be released until the Autumn months, when The Compound and Battleground Records will co-release a deluxe colored vinyl version and digital download, in time for Southwest Terror Fest III: The Western Front.

Entitled “Ghosts,” both bands contribute brand new material to the split, with details on the LP edition being released during the Summer months.

6/06-07/2014 Cheyenne Saloon – Las Vegas, NV @ Doom In June
6/08/2014 Stork Club – Oakland, CA
6/09/2014 The Rock Shop – San Jose, CA
6/10/2014 Billy O’s – Ventura, CA
6/11/2014 The Complex – Glendale, CA
6/12/2014 Palms Restaurant – 29 Palms, CA
6/13/2014 The District Tavern – Tucson, AZ
6/14/2014 Tempe Tavern – Phoenix, AZ

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Lustre Inks Deal With Nordvis To Release New Album

Nordvis Productions has checked in with the following announcement about signing a deal with Sweden’s Lustre:

“As the midsummer sun stands high and transcends night into day, Nordvis is proud to announce that the label will work together with Lustre for two albums.

“After Lustre’s successful EP Of Strength & Solace, released by Nordvis last year, it has become a natural step to strengthen the collaboration between the two parties. The work of multi-instrumentalist Nachzeit, Lustre has brought a fantastic amount of atmosphere to the Nordvis family, and so it is with great inspiration and curiosity we look forward to walk even further along this trail…

“The fourth and next Lustre album will be released during 2013. More details and information regarding this will be revealed in a near future!”

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Profanator Signs With Xtreem Music To Release “Mvtter Vicivm”

Thrash Metal warmongers Profanator have signed with Xtreem Music for the release of their upcoming 3rd album. You can check out the song “Wormed” in the player below, and Xtreem Music also comments:

“Hailing from Mexico and featuring among others Antimo Buonnano on guitars (ex-DISGORGE, CASTLEUMBRA, HACAVITZ…), the band has been creating a reputation since their inception in 1999 through the release of their debut demo in ’02 and two albums ‘Libido Clerico’ (’05) and ‘Deathplagued’ (’09), as one of the most respected Thrash Metal bands in their homeland.

“Profanator is currently working recording their 3rd album which will be entitled ‘Mvtter Vicivm’ to be released during summer 2013. This work will display a raging kind of Thrash Metal in its purest form influenced by bands like Dark Angel, Slayer, Viking, The Horde of Torment, Sacrifice…”

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Varego Releases New Music Video For "Soul To Devour"

The post metal/sludge band Varego has released the band’s first official video clip. The song “Soul to Devour” is taken from the full-length “TVMVLTVM,” released during 2012 by Argonauta Records. The following press release was also issued:

“The album, which has been highly acclaimed by many relevant channels, is a mystical/esoteric concept that will have its continuity in the next works of the band. The video clip ‘Soul to Devour,’ released by, features some of the main events and characters of a long odyssey through Earth and Cosmos, and it is available below in HD format.

“Varego is the name of an entity formed by five musicians, veterans of the underground music circuit. Born in 2009 with a sound briefly compared to various Post Metal genres, the band worked with the producer Billy Anderson (Neurosis, Melvins, EyeHateGod, among many others) for the debut album made of ten songs. The work is a strong mix of sludge sonorities, for a final result featuring epic and progressive elements.”

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