Salaman Isku Releases New Album “Le Voyage Nocturne”

Four years after the release of a debut self-titled effort, and with an aim to celebrate the summer solstice today, the French impressionist one-man-band Salaman Isku just released new album “Le Voyage Nocturne.”

Evolving somewhere between a progressive atmospheres, psychedelic vibes, and black/post-metal constructions, the album can be heard in full below or picked up at Bandcamp here. The track listing is as follows:

1. Le Crépuscule 03:49
2. L’Initiation 04:00
3. Le Voyage Nocturne 05:43
4. La Contemplation 05:38
5. Le Rêve 05:07
6. L’Aurore 04:53

Le Voyage Nocturne by Salaman Isku

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Beneath Reveals “Ephemeris” Album Details

“Ephemeris” is the third full length release from Icelandic death metal titans, Benath. The album was recorded, mixed, and mastered by Fredrik Nordström at the acclaimed Studio Fredman in the fall of 2016.

After the departure of founding member and drummer Ragnar Sverrison, Beneath teamed up with Mike Heller (Malignancy, Control/Resist, Fear Factory) to handle the drums for the album. The result is nine tracks of relentless brutality.

Commented vocalist Benedikt Natanael Bjarnason, “We are immensely proud to announce the release of our third full-length album Ephemeris. We teamed up with Mike Heller to provide session drums for the nine-track album which adds a whole new dimension to the soundscape of Beneath. Make sure to not miss the release date on August 18th!”

Guitarist Jóhann Ingi Sigurðsson adds, “Ephemeris has been a demanding album for us personally and in many ways, it represents a turning point for the band. We’ve always pushed ourselves in ways that keep us invested and engaged in our music­, and on this album, that meant making big changes to our overall sound. There are songs that are a marriage of pure heaviness and brutality, while on the other spectrum there are some very challenging technical arrangements pushing the limits of our playing abilities. In the end, we ended up with an album that feels musically multidimensional and that we are extremely proud of.”

New album “Ephemeris” will be released on August 18th via Unique Leader Records and the full track listing is as follows:

1. Constellational Transformation
2. Eyecatcher
3. Ephemeris
4. Alignments
5. Guillotine
6. Cities Of The Outer Reaches
7. Medium Obscurum
8. Amorphous Globe
9. Multiangular

Ephemeris by Beneath

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Orm Releases “Ancient Echoes” Video

In the wake of the release of a self-titled debut album this past March, epic black metal horde Orm now premieres a new video for the track “Ancient Echoes.”

The eponymous debut album from Orm was produced by Lasse Ballade (Solbrud, Halshug) and bears the grandiose artwork of Italian artist Paolo Girardi (Inquisition, Black Breath Power Trip).

If you missed it, the full five-track album is available for streaming over here and you can catch the band live at this festival while new tour dates are lined up:

7/06-08/2017 Metal Magic Festival – Fredericia, DK

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Lago Signs With Unique Leader Records

Unique Leader Records is proud to announce the signing of Phoenix, Arizona-based death metal quartet Lago for the release of the band’s impending second LP. Lago comments:

“With this record, we are really trying to step outside of the box that we’ve created for ourselves. Our previous stuff is very heavily influenced by Morbid Angel and Emperor, and though those influences are still very heavy in our sound, we really want to make sure we just aren’t going to put out the same record as our last one, ‘Tyranny.’

“A lot of the new stuff we’re doing is exclusively two-part guitar. We wouldn’t go and call this a prog record, but in terms of what’s going on within the songs themselves I would say the guitar work is a lot busier. Lyrically, I think you can expect a lot of similarities. Our country is a crazy place right now with the political climate and a seemingly divided population. There’s a lot of vile, and disgusting things happening, and I think that will reflect in the writing and really set the tone for the album.”

Stand by for additional info on Lago’s impending second album upon its completion in the months ahead.

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Debut Full Length Album “Regeneration” To Be Released By Verthebral

Paraguay’s death metal act Verthebral will release the debut full length release “Regeneration” on June 29th via Satanath Records.

This is primal yet superbly channeled death metal music hearkens back to the days of Sarcofago, Malevolent Creation, Massacra, Krisiun, Rebaelliun, Angelcorpse and Vader. There is a South American charm to the approach, but still meticulously planned and executed. The production is suitably raw but at the same time clear.

The track listing for the release is:

1. Apocalyptic Seasons (Intro)
2. Place Of Death
3. Spirit In Solitude
4. Regeneration
5. Beyond The Garden Of Creation
6. Without Any God
7. Old Man’s Memories
8. The Plague Of Insomnia
9. Immaterial Essence Of Things
10. Inside Of Me

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Unsane To Release New Album “Sterilize”

Southern Lord eagerly confirms the label’s new partnership with legendary New York City-based noise rock outfit Unsane for the September 29th release of the band’s eighth studio full-length, “Sterilize.”

Since 1988, Unsane has pounded the planet with caustic grooves and foundation-crumbling riffs, having released LPs through a wide range of labels including Matador/Atlantic, Amphetamine Reptile, Relapse, Ipecac, Alternative Tentacles, and others, not to mention a wide range of singles, splits, and live albums.

Closing a five-year gap since the 2012 release of the “Wreck” LP through Alternative Tentacles, Unsane makes a vicious return with the pummeling “Sterilize,” a record that recalls the most defining elements of the band’s seminal releases. The album was produced by Unsane, recorded by Dave Curran at Gatos Trail Studios in Yucca Valley, California, mixed by Andrew Schneider at Acre in New York City, and mastered by Carl Saff at Saff Mastering in Chicago.

Advancing the release, Unsane has announced a run of US tour dates from July 15th through August 3rd, booked around the band’s performance at AmRep Bash 17 in Minneapolis, with Fashion Week providing support for the trek. Additional tour dates through the release of the new LP are to be expected.

UNSANE w/ Fashion Week:
7/15/2017 Ash St. Saloon – Portland, OR
7/16/2017 Highline – Seattle, WA
7/18/2017 Hi Dive – Denver, CO
7/19/2017 Slowdown – Omaha, NE
7/20/2017 Riot Room – Kansas City, MO
7/21/2017 AmRep Bash 17 – Minneapolis, MN
7/22/2017 Rock Island Brewing – Rock Island, IL
7/23/2017 Beat Kitchen – Chicago, IL
7/25/2017 Fubar – St. Louis, MO
7/26/2017 Growlers – Memphis, TN
7/27/2017 Three Links – Dallas, TX
7/28/2017 Sidewinder – Austin, TX
7/29/2017 The Secret Group – Houston, TX
7/31/2017 The Rebel Lounge – Phoenix, AZ
8/01/2017 Casbah – San Diego, CA
8/02/2017 Five Star Bar – Los Angeles, CA
8/03/2017 The Ritz – San Jose, CA

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Couch Slut Streams New Track “Funeral Dyke”

Gilead Media just announced the July 28th release of “Contempt,” the second album by Couch Slut. Pre-orders are online here and the first track can be heard below.

From Brooklyn, New York, Couch Slut shook the underground in 2014 with the release of debut, “My Life as a Woman.” New album “Contempt” carries on with Couch Slut’s savagery and intelligence both in full effect.

Opening track “Funeral Dyke” sets the tone, with a skronking saxophone buried under a grimy, blackened, noise-rock blitz. Later in the song, a tambourine rattles along happily with the beat as vocalist Megan Osztrosits screams, “I will fuck you, now you’re dirt!”

1. Funeral Dyke
2. Company Picnic with Dust Off
3. Penalty Scar
4. Snake in the Grass
5. Summer Smiles
6. Folk Song
7. Won’t Come

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New Album “Feed Me Violence” Detailed By Evil Invaders

Let down your hair and rip off your shirt! Evil Invaders is back!

After touring extensively all over Europe in support of the highly acclaimed debut album “Pulses Of Pleasure” (2015) and the intense follow-up EP “In For The Kill” (2016), these Belgians have managed to capture the ultimate collection of fucked up adrenaline and compressed violence onto one record! The second monstrosity of an album is called “Feed Me Violence” and today the band issued the release date, track listing and album artwork.

Joe & Max state: “We went through hell for this record but I think we really nailed it on this one. We spat out all our frustrations into this album which will be quite noticeable when you listen to it. This is quite angry shit and out of control. ‘Feed Me Violence’ will be a whole new chapter for Evil Invaders as it unveils new and quite unexpected sides of our music. Going from fast brain-bashing riffs to slow and clean, almost theatrical compositions. This album will take you on a dark trip through pain, vengeance and insanity!”

Wasted and wild, lightning-swift and erratic! Prepare yourself for massive divebombs and a grim beating snare drum! “Feed Me Violence” will be released worldwide on September 29th via Napalm Records! This release will pump up your blood veins and guide you through a relentless and twisted journey, which every extreme metal music fan should and will relate to. A must have for fans of Death, Slayer, Kreator and Judas Priest’s Painkiller!

Check out album artwork and track listing below:

1. Mental Penitentiary
2. As Life Slowly Fades
3. Suspended Reanimation
4. Broken Dreams In Isolation
5. Feed Me Violence
6. Oblivion
7. Shades Of Solitude
8. Anger Within
9. Among The Depths Of Sanity

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Sliptrick Records Inks Deal With Allie’s Mass

Spain’s stoner doom act Allie’s Mass signed on with Sliptrick Records for the release of a self-titled debut, which was originally issued independently back in March 2017. The album is expected to drop worldwide later this year.

The boys deal with life’s hypocrisy with their dark and damned music inspired and based around the story of Allie, a coven leader. In their own words; “The coven is headed by Allie, our master goddess who guides us through this doomed world, giving us the ability to transform our hatred into sounds, in a small murky room where we, with our amps, cabs and drum kits, can reach that state of communion.”

The track listing for “Allie’s Mass” is:

1. Little Allie
2. Slept
3. Woman
4. Second Chapter
5. (88 8888 888)

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Vintersorg Posts New Song “Jökelväktaren”

There are only four more weeks to go until the official release date of “Til Fjälls del II”, Vintersorg’s sequel to groundbreaking 1998 album “Till Fjälls,” a milestone in the genre of black/pagan metal.

The album will be released worldwide on June 30th via Napalm Records and available as a 2CD 6 page digipak or as a 2LP gatefold edition. Today a new track comes online from the release – check out “Jökelväktaren” below.

Andreas Vintersorg Hedlund comments: “This song is kind of a sequel to the song called ‘Jökeln’ from the ‘Till Fjälls’ album from 1998. I really wanted to tie it back to that lyrical theme that deals with glaciers. The first episode on that old album is more of an observation of the mightiness of a glacier and how it effects its surroundings, including mankind.

“On the new episode I took a different path lyric wise. It’s much more from an environmental stand point dealing with sustainability. Mankind continues to treat this planet as garbage in some aspects to the point that we actually contribute to melting poles. So, the lyric is about a human being that sees this and tries to address this problem. Still it has a lot of nature scenery-worship-style. The music has both harsh and soft edges with a very powerful chorus.”

1. Jökelväktaren
2. En väldig isvidds karga dräkt
3. Lavin
4. Fjällets mäktiga mur (streaming here)
5. Obygdens pionjär
6. Vinterstorm
7. Tusenåriga stråk
8. Allt mellan himmel och jord
9. Vårflod

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