Caïnan Dawn Announces New Album “F.O.H.A.T.”

Osmose Productions has officially set October 27th as the international release date for Caïnan Dawn’s third album “F.O.H.A.T.” in which the band once again probes the infinite resonance of the everlasting chaos. Begin that journey with the new track “Ylem” below. The album’s full track listing is as follows:

1. Kaos Theos Kosmos
2. Ylem
3. Mara
4. Fohat
5. Thule
6. Fathomless
7. Om

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Sombre Croisade Releasing “Balancier Des Âmes” Album

Sombre Croisade, a French black metal duo founded back in 2008, has announced September 29th as release date for second studio album, “Balancier des Âmes,” which is set to be released on Pest Records.

Check out the track “Midiane” below. Pest Records also comments: “This new album is a personal and emotional, yet uncompromising and abrasive, material to impress through its honest approach.”

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Haema Signs Record Deal With Sliptrick Records

Formed in late 2015, Haema is a 4 piece experimental, industrialized groove metal band based in Northamptonshire, UK. The group now proudly announces an official signing to Slipltrick Records. The label comments:

“Within 2 years as a band, Haema crafted a unique and individual sound that has been compared to the likes of Fear Factory mixed with Tool and Rage Against The Machine overtones. The music has been described as raw emotion, down-tuned riffs and liberal use of electronics. Spoken-word vocals, abrasive growls and screams, crushing downbeat riffs and cauterized grooves capable of shaking the ground of any rock/metal club night.

“Recently, the band completed the recording of what will be a debut EP with producer Neil Hudson (Krysthla/Gutworm). The ‘Insurrection’ EP consists of 5 devilish new tracks and we’ll be announcing the release date soon. ‘Insurrection’ sees Haema deliver a heavy sound with melodic elements that is aggressively delivered during live shows.”

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Lucifer’s Chalice Releasing “The Pact” Via Shadow Kingdom Records

Shadow Kingdom Records has set September 29th as the international release date for the debut album from Lucifer’s Chalice, titled “The Pact.”

Hailing from the U.K. with members concurrently doing time in such bands as Winds of Genocide, Uncoffined, and an ex-member of Horrified, the four-piece Lucifer’s Chalice play pure ‘n’ true doom.

Originally self-released digitally earlier this year, Shadow Kingdom now steps in to unveil “The Pact” to a larger audience. Check out the opening track below.

1. Hung at the Crossroads
2. The Pact
3. Full Moon Night
4. Priestess of Death

The Pact by Lucifer’s Chalice

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Canker’s “Earthquake” To See Release 12 Years Later

Spanish death metal band Canker – originally formed in 1990 – is finally going to see 3rd album “Earthquake” released next September through Xtreem Music.

Recorded way back in 2005, “Earthquake” never saw the light of day due to various problems. Containing 10 songs, this album keeps the band’s identity intact for killer death metal with thrashing edge and a total old school feel.

Cover artwork for “Earthquake” has been painted by Spanish artist Jose Vives. Stay tuned for a release date and full info coming shortly.

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Wormholedeath Records Inks Distribution Deal With Irdorath For “Denial Of Creation”

Austrian black metal act Irdorath signed on with Wormholedeath Records for the release of the new album “Denial of Creation.” For a preview, check out the video clip for the title track in the player at the bottom.

The band’s fourth full length release will be issued on the following schedule worldwide:

Digital release date : June 23rd (Wormholedeath/The Orchard)
U.S.A : October 13th (Wormholedeath U.S.A.)
CD release date : September 1st (Aural Music Group)
Japan: TBA (Wormholedeath Japan/DiskUnion)

The track listing for “Denial of Creation” is:

1. Devoured by Greed
2. Trail of Redemption
3. Sacred Deception
4. The Curse that Haunts the Earth
5. Purification
6. Covenant of the Unbounded
7. Blessings from Above
8. In the Name of Decay
9. Denial of Creation

Check out the video clip here:

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Temple Of Void Attends “Wretched Banquet” With New Song Stream

Shadow Kingdom Records has set July 28th as the international release date for Temple of Void’s second album, “Lords of Death,” featuring appropriately morbid artwork by Paolo Girardi.

You can check out the new track “Wretched Banquet” via Shadow Kingdom’s Bandcamp page or in the player below. The new album’s full track listing is as follows:

1. The Charnel Unearthing
2. Wretched Banquet
3. A Watery Internment
4. The Hidden Fiend
5. An Ominous Journey
6. The Gift
7. Graven Desires
8. Deceiver in the Shadows

Lords Of Death by Temple Of Void

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Xenosis Reveals “Devour And Birth” Album Artwork

U.S. death metal crew Xenosis just unveiled the cover artwork for impending full-length release “Devour And Birth,” with a release date still TBA. Check out the new cover below, and while waiting on full release info, you can also hear the band’s previous album “Sowing the Seeds of Destruction” over at Bandcamp here.

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Lifeless Unveils New Album “The Occult Mastery”

Today, FDA Rekotz unveils the release date, cover art and track listing for the third full-length album from German metal act Lifeless. The label comments:

“8 new songs plus an intro full of intensity, feelings and brutality, with no doubt their best material to date. The new album called ‘The Occult Mastery’ sounds catchy as hell and invites you to a journey back to the glory days of classic death metal. This album is simply a pure masterpiece of Swedish sounding death metal and highly recommended for fans of pure classic death metal how it was meant to be.”

Vocalist / guitarist Marc (ArtWars Mediadesign) is responsible for the cover artwork and “The Occult Mastery” will be out July 7th. The full track listing is as follows;

01. Prelude Kali Yuga
02. The Occult Mastery
03. Progenies Of A Cursed Seed
04. From Chaos Our Order Shall Rise
05. Delusions Of Grandeur
06. Rites Of Desolation
07. Interlude Dystopia
08. Insanity Reigns
09. Throes Of Dawn

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Meadows End Gearing Up To Record New Album

Following the year-long “Sojourn” experience (which can be heard below), Swedish metal act Meadows End will enter Crehate Studio in Gothenburg to start the recording of the band’s fourth studio album.

Drums and bass will be recorded between April 26th – 31st and Oscar Nilsson at Crehate will record and produce the album together with Meadows End.

No specific details have yet arrived on the new album’s title, track listing, or release date, but keep your eyes peeled for more info to arrive in the coming months.

Sojourn by Meadows End

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