Diskord Posts “Horrid Engine” Music Video

Norwegian prog/death metal trio Diskord has completed work on upcoming record “Oscillations.” The mini-album is due out on digipak CD (August 15th) and two-variant colored vinyl (September 2nd) in cooperation between Hellthrasher Productions (Europe) and Australopithecus Records (North America).

The band’s bass player/vocalist, Eyvind, comments: “For this recording, we went into the studio with an intention to keep things simple and straightforward, and not spend too much time obsessing over every little detail. Out of this came a recording that is quite raw and unpolished, with a sound that we think is pretty close to what we sound like live or in the rehearsal space. The six songs on here should be recognizable in style to fans of Dystopics and Doomscapes, however, there are a few twists and turns here and there, of course. For instance, we have experimented with adding a few new elements to our sound, perhaps most notably through the addition of bowed (arco) bass on a couple of songs. Furthermore, this is the first recording with new guitarist Håvard Østli, and he has absolutely left his mark on it in terms of riffs, leads, lyrics, and vocal and guitar performances. Former guitarist Espen Hangård has also contributed to a couple of songs this time around.”

“Oscillations” features the cover artwork by Sindre Foss Skancke, and a music video for “Horrid Engine” can be seen below. The track listing is as follows:

1. Horrid Engine
2. Lethargic Regression
3. Hermit Dream
4. Elytrous Oscillations
5. Symbiotic Whims
6. A Downward Spire

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Equilibrium Recruits New Bassist Jen Majura

The German epic metal heroes in Equilibrium today introduce a new bass player: Jen Majura has been named the successor for the recently stepped out bass player Sandra van Eldik.

The band states: “Since today Equilibrium are complete again! The position on the bass guitar will be filled with Jen Majura, perhaps some of you may know her from Knorkator. We are very proud to have found such an excellent musician and the rehearsal room is allready full of energy! So, say hello to Jen and welcome her with us in the big Equi-family! Welcome aboard Jen!”

The band’s new album “Erdentempel” (reviewed here) is also out now via Nuclear Blast.

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Throes Of Dawn Recording Sixth Album

Finland’s dark metal outfit Throes of Dawn has started work on a sixth, as-yet-untitled album. The band already spent one weekend in D-Studio at Klaukkala recording drums and synths. After a summer break the recordings will continue later this year. The band comments:

“Time to breach the long silence and see what’s happening in the TOD land: We are soon entering studio to record the drums and some miscellaneous instruments for the upcoming sixth album.

“The recordings will take place early May in D-Studio at Klaukkala, Finland. We have carefully selected and refined seven songs which might potentially appear on the upcoming album. We have put quite a lot of effort on these songs; a lot of hours spent at the rehearsal place playing and drinking beer and thinking about the compositions and structures.

“I might even dare to say that we have never put so much effort and thought on these things before. I would also like to mention that the band is in a state which you can only achieve with years of dedication and hard work. The spirit and the motivation shown by everybody has made working with this album a really pleasant journey.

“This album will be a real, natural continuum for the previous ‘Great Fleet of Echoes’ album: progressive, layered, melancholic – the songs are even more epic and atmospheric, introducing some of the longest songs we have ever composed. And it is finally time to leave all the growling vocals behind, especially from this album, so it’s only clean vocals from now on. After the drums are recorded, the recordings will continue in small sessions throughout the summer and autumn.

“It might be optimistic, but ideally it would be great to get the album released within this year to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Throes of Dawn.”

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Finnish Outfit No Man’s Land Forms, Working On New Music

New outfit No Man’s Land started in the spring of 2014 and has members from acts such as Thunderstone, Warmen, Northern Kings, and Kiuas. No Man’s Land consists of:

Pasi Rantanen – Vocals
Antti “Colonel” Wirman – Guitar
Mirka Rantanen – Drums
Time Schleifer – Bass
Jari Pailamo – Keyboards

Drummer Mirka Rantanen comments: “I wanted the playing to be fun. Any kind of ego boosting and dictatorial band leading would be totally out of the question. I also wanted to make the kind of music, which would be close to my heart and which I knew the other musicians like too.”

What is the sound of No Man’s Land? You can find that the band’s music is motivated strongly by the 1980’s hard rock and heavy atmosphere, where you can hear the echoes of the genre’s long-time favorites such as Whitesnake, Dokken, and Mr. Big.

“In this band everyone is the songwriter, involved in the making of the songs and music, their ideas are listened to and tried out in the rehearsal room,” Rantanen says.

No Man’s Land is currently in the studio working on demos, with details on a full album forthcoming.

“I had in my mind exactly this line-up and I was hoping that all would agree with this. What’s better, they shared my passion and agreed. I feel schoolboy enthusiasm towards No Man’s Land and I believe that the good feeling is passed on to the songs and listeners,” Rantanen says with a smile.

 photo noman_zps1a7dc621.jpg

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Arceye Releases “At First Light” Playthrough Video

Today U.K. death thrashers Arceye premiere a playthrough video for the title track off sophomore record “At First Light.” Watch the video below, courtesy of MetalMouth.net. Arceye vocalist/bassist Al Llewellyn comments:

“‘At First Light’ is one of my personal favourites from the album. Technically it is a nice display of what we can do and captures the majority of what Arceye is all about. With it being the title track of the album and one we weren’t wanting to make a full music video for, it seemed the obvious choice for a play-through video!

“As a musician I think it’s nice to watch play-through videos of bands sitting in their rehearsal rooms without the glamour of a full production music video, it’s where they spend the majority of their time writing/rehearsing the songs they play, it’s honest and there’s no hiding behind slick camera work or bullshit!

“Musically ‘At First light’ was a collective effort of all of us, it was intended as our first track/set the mood of the album song with a big build up to a fast verse then a break down mid section to get some heads banging!

“With it being the title track of the album also the lyrical content is about the road ahead/where we think we are as a band which is captured in our album artwork!”

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Melechesh Recruits New Drummer Sasha “Sin” Horn

Mesopotamian blackened thrash metal act Melechesh has announced the addition of drummer Sasha “Sin” Horn. Commented mainman Ashmedi:

“After a lengthy search Melechesh are proud to announce the inclusion of new drummer Sasha ‘Sin’ Horn. Sin as in the Mesopotamian moon god. He will be appearing on the upcoming album which we will follow up with more details. Meanwhile he flew in from the USA to our rehearsal room in Germany to work with the band on new material and meet the label guys and the chemistry was great. His drumming skills will sure bring in an extra kick to the new album.”

Since there were rumors and uncertainties of the current second guitarist of Melechesh, the band clarified the situation in the following statement: “After one show it became obvious things wouldn’t work out with Sirus, so we mutually agreed to go separate ways. For now the position is not vacant until a great talent crosses our ways. Ashmedi will track guitars and former guitarist and long time friend Moloch might be flying to the studio for recordings but not touring as well. We have two great touring guitarist who are friends of ours and will step in as live session musicians.”

Melechesh is currently writing new material for an upcoming sixth album, following “The Epigenesis” (reviewed here).

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Die Apokalyptischen Reiter Announces New Album “Tief.Tiefer.”

Die Apokalyptischen Reiter has announced the band’s new album will be titled “Tief.Tiefer.” (“Deep.Deeper.”) and will celebrate its 20th anniversary. Die Apokalyptischen Reiter comments:

“If there ever has been a genre we have been part of, we have definitively overcome its boundaries. Standing still, stagnation and rules bore us. Everything is moving. The world. Life. Thoughts.”

To record the successor to 2011’s “Moral & Wahnsinn,” the band gave itself more than 1000 days and it wouldn’t be long till it came clear that the variety of ideas were not to be put on a usual record.

Die Apokalyptischen Reiter adds: “It was pure magic. Unbelievable and almost unreal. Though we’ve been making music together for so long, we still manage to amaze and surprise ourselves. Our wealth is joy.

“This time we have been composing far from home. We went to Ural and the Florida Keys, hiked through Riesengebirge, found solitude at Uckermark. And our rehearsal room was built out of a houseboat.

“Nothing was safe from us. Not even our own songs. We’ve learnt to seize the magic of a moment, just as well as the persistent transformation of a fleeting thought in a great song.”

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Dark Angel Posts Rehearsal Video Clip

In early February, recently reunited thrash metal pioneers Dark Angel rehearsed with the full lineup in southern California. A brief video clip of the rehearsal has now been posted online and can be seen below.

During these rehearsals Dark Angel was fortunate enough to connect with photographer Alex Solca for a photo shoot with the current lineup. Check out a photo from that session after the jump.

 photo dangel_zps44fe3f4a.jpg

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Metallica Streaming Lang Lang Collaborative Track “One”

Metallica & Lang Lang have released the track “One (Awards Show Rehearsal Version),” which was recorded on January 23rd at EastWest Studios in Los Angeles, CA during rehearsals for the 56th annual Grammy Awards.

The track is now available for streaming online and can be heard in the SoundCloud player provided below, or a digital copy is available at iTunes here.

In other Metallica news, the band also recently announced it is gearing up to enter the studio and record a follow-up to “Death Magnetic.”

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Arsebreed Finishes Recording New Album

Dutch extreme death metal militia Arsebreed recently completed the recording of a forthcoming Unique Leader full-length with current Necrophagist basher Romain Goulon behind the kit. In an official statement the band elaborates:

“In 2006, just after [former drummer] Floris [De Jonge, Mangled] left Arsebreed, we got in contact with an unknown young French guy. He said he knew us from our other bands, Pyaemia and Disavowed. We all agreed on a try-out. After only one month, he e-mailed saying he had learned our songs. Slightly skeptical — one month is really quick — we bought him his plane ticket and flew him in.

“Once in the rehearsal room, he nailed it! Flawless, relentless, speed and accuracy! We instantly knew that this unknown young guy from France, Romain Goulon, was the prefect drummer for Arsebreed. Unfortunately, the best kept secret in death metal was soon discovered by the rest of the world and in 2007 Romain fled Arsebreed to join Necrophagist.

“Nevertheless, last year we once again got in contact with Romain. We started talking about these ten songs that we had written over time, just waiting for a drummer… and we were stoked to hear that he was willing to record them! This week we received the recordings. More than seven years later we got that exact same feeling that we had back in 2006 in that rehearsal room. Insane. Romain proved once again that was and is the one and only drummer for Arsebreed. He is unsurpassed in creativity, technique, speed, perseverance and grasping the concept of the Arsebreed songs as no one else. Finally! We waited for more than six years but it was worth the wait! Thanks Romain!”

Formerly known as Bloodcum, Arsebreed was spawned in 2000 and is dedicated to the execution of brutal, uncompromising, US-style death metal in the vein of Deeds Of Flesh and Deicide.

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