Warfist Debut New Video And Detail New Split Release

Following up on the highly acknowledged ‘Metal to the Bone’ album, the inheritors of the best traditions of the teutonic metal, Warfist strike again with a new material recorded for a split release with the black/thrash metal horde Excidium. Both bands have prepared four tracks each for the release that is going to come out under the shared title ‘Laws of Perversion & Filth’.

In collaboration with Riff TV and Studio W66, Warfist also prepared a video for the title track off the latest album, with guest appearances by Heretik Hellstorm (Ragehammer), Hellscreamaross (Offence) and Armagog (Throneum).
The video can be watched below:

Guitarist and vocalist Mihu comments:

“We wanted our part of ‘Laws of Perversion & Filth’ to be sort of a reflection of the Warfist roots and by that I mean the times when we would lock ourselves in our rehearsal room with a multi-track tape recorder and loads of beer, and record our first songs. The new version of ‘Sadistic Whorefuck’, as well as the cover song, are also a references to those times. We wanted to emphasize the thrash’n’roll attack, without caring whether it would be something innovative or ground-braking… So basically we did what we always do.”

The main motiff of the album cover was developed Marek Szymanski, while the graphic design of the entire release was handled by Pawel Ozon.

WARFIST tracklist:
01. The Tomb of Desire
02. Debauchery (Dirty Little Bitch)
03. Sadistic Whorefuck
04. Angel Death (Dodheimsgard cover)

Mihu – vokills, chainsaw
Wrath – bulldozer
Pavulon – skullcrushing

EXCIDIUM tracklist:
05. Suicidal Perspectives
06. Denial
07. Veil of Stagnation
08. Karmageddon Warriors (Impaled Nazarene cover)

Cuntreaper – vocals
Peter Krieg – guitars
Golem – bass
Thot – drums

Upcoming Warfist’s shows:
16.12.2017 – Zielona Góra, Klub WySPa (Supreme Lord, Horns)
26.01.2018 – Kraków, Klub Zascianek (Temple Desecration, Rites of Daath)
03.02.2018 – Szczecin, Klub K4 (Lihhamon, Expulsed Angel)
10.03.2018 – Wroclaw, Klub Pralnia (Vallenfyre, Profanatica, Hierophant, Auroch, Kingdom)

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Mushroomhead To Record New Album Soon & Reschedule Immediate Shows

Mushroomhead are due to enter the studio on December 01st to start tracking their eighth full-length album. In other news the band are rescheduling their planned shows in Cleveland, OH and Flint, MI in order to accommodate their upcoming recording schedule offering the following:

“What up Shroom Heads!!!

Just a quick update to confirm the cancellation of Dec 23rd & Jan 6th show.
Before a bunch of you “know it all” fools start popping off at the mouth, here’s the dirt..

Skinny says…

“MRH is set to enter the studio Dec 1 to begin recording the 8th studio Lp. We’re locking ourselves in and we’re not leaving until it’s done…”

“Between the holidays and the rehearsal schedules,.. it doesn’t leave us much time to meet our recording deadlines. So we’re just gonna focus on writing the best LP of our lives”

The shows will of course be rescheduled at some point in the near future.
So enjoy the holidays, stay positive & tell someone you love em…
Even if they don’t deserve it!!
Stay tuned!”

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New EP “Symbiosis” To Be Released By Curse The Fall

Oklahoma City’s Curse The Fall will release the new EP “Symbiosis” on November 21st, through Final Legion Records. “Symbiosis” blends power, emotion, melody and skill into one stunning sonic structure. Check out the new song “Race” in the player at the bottom.

Curse The Fall formed in 2013, a gathering together of musicians who had cut their teeth in numerous local bands and shared the drive and ambition to take things to the next level; the desire to create music that would speak to metal fans around the globe with its passion and honesty. The debut album “Aphelion” was released on Final Legion Records in the summer of 2016 and the word began to spread. “Aphelion” merely hinted at what the band could achieve.

Now the hard work in the rehearsal room and on the stage has borne fruit; with the release of “Symbiosis” the world can really hear all that Curse The Fall has to offer. Mixed and mastered by Eric Greedy, who has previously worked with everyone from Fates Warning, Kingdom Come and Smashing Pumpkins to Body Count, Fu Manchu and Vince Neil, “Symbiosis” is the real deal in every respect.

The track listing for the EP is:

1. Symbiosis
2. Race
3. Seasons
4. Over Time
5. Dirt Road
6. Symbiont

Check out “Race” here:

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Demo Track “Gravity Chasm” Streaming From Conan

The world’s heaviest doom metal-band Conan is streaming the 2012 demo track “Gravity Chasm” in the player below. The song appears on the upcoming release “Man Is Myth – Early Demos” coming November 17th via Napalm Records.

Says guitarist & vocalist Jon Paul Davis: “‘Gravity Chasm’ made it onto the final album and it was always a favorite tribute to Cathedral’s own ‘Ride’ which has a similar riff. I wanted to write a song like this for a while and it kind of came together one day when we were trying to play Iron Maiden in the studio.”

It roars and cranks all over, dull distortion drags nerves into the coldest regions of the world. It’s no accident that the band calls this “Caveman Battle Doom.” “Man Is Myth – Early Demos” is the primordial soup for everything that Conan stands for!

The track list for “Man Is Myth – Early Demos” is:

1. Battle In The Swamp ( Rehearsal room demo 2009 )
2. Satsumo ( Rehearsal room demo 2009 )
3. Krull ( Rehearsal room demo 2009 )
4. Satsumo ( Rehearsal room demo 2006 )
5. Gravity Chasm ( Studio demo 2012 )
6. Foehammer ( Studio demo 2012 )
7. Domed Iron Boss ( Studio demo 2012 )

Check out “Gravity Chasm” here:

In support and since Conan have always excelled live, the band will be heavily hitting the road this Fall! Catch them live, when they will bring their wall of sound live on stage, with very special guests Monolord at the following dates:

07.10.17 NL – Nijmegen / Soulcrusher Festival
08.10.17 FR – Paris / Le Glazart
09.10.17 FR – Nantes / La Scene Michelet
10.10.17 FR – Bordeaux / Le Void
11.10.17 ES – Barcelona / Razz 3
12.10.17 ES – San Sebastian / Dabadaba
13.10.17 FR – Lyon / Jack Jack
14.10.17 FR – Audincourt / Le Molodo
15.10.17 BE – Antwerp / Desert fest
16.10.17 DK – Aarhus / Atlas
17.10.17 DE – Hamburg / Bambi Galore
18.10.17 DE – Berlin / Musik & Frieden
19.10.17 DE – Kassel / TBA
20.10.17 DE – Dresden / Morbus Maximus
21.10.17 DE – Munich / Keep It Low Festival
22.10.17 CZ – Prague/Brno / Kabinet Muz
23.10.17 AT – Vienna / Bas Bach
24.10.17 CH – Olten / Coq D’or
25.10.17 IT – Bologna / Freakout Club
26.10.17 IT – Milan / Bloom
27.10.17 CH – Lausanne / Le Romandie
28.10.17 DE – Siegen / Vortex

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New Album “Evocation II – Pantheon” Issued By Eluveitie

Eight years after melodic death/folk metal masters Eluveitie released the acoustic album “Evocation I,” the Swiss musicians have stored their electronic instruments again in the rehearsal room. “Evocation II – Pantheon” will be released August 18th via Nuclear Blast Records. The album marks the debut for new members: Matteo Sisti (bagpipes/whistles), Alain Ackermann (drums), Jonas Wolf (guitars), Michalina Malisz (hurdy gurdy) and Fabienne Erni (vocals/harps/mandola).

Last week, the band unleashed first new song “Epona” (check it out below) and provoked some euphoric fan reactions. To guide you even deeper into the world of “Evocation II – Pantheon” and the new track, the band now unveils an info video about the background story and singer Chrigel explains who “Epona” is. Watch that clip at the bottom.

“We’re super happy and proud to present you ‘Epona’ – the first single of our upcoming album ‘Evocation II – Pantheon’!” states front man Chrigel Glanzmann. “The song is an ode to the riding goddess queen of the Celtic pantheon! And this not only lyrically. Also musically, for even though ‘Epona’ is an acoustic track, the song surges ahead with verve, power and speed and dashes like a galloping horse! It is a good song to give you a first glimpse of the raw, wild, honest, very folky and thoroughly celtic character of ‘Evocation II – Pantheon’!”

The track listing for “Evocation II – Pantheon” is:

1. Dureððu
2. Epona
3. Svcellos II (Sequel)
4. Nantosvelta
5. Tovtatis
6. Lvgvs
7. Grannos
8. Cernvnnos
9. Catvrix
10. Artio
11. Aventia
12. Ogmios
13. Esvs
14. Antvmnos
15. Tarvos II (Sequel)
16. Belenos
17. Taranis
18. Nemeton

Check out “Epona” here:

Check out the promo clip “The Story Of Epona” here:

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Sator Streaming New Track “Heartache”

The Italian sludge monsters from Sator just released a new track titled “Heartache,” which can be heard below. “Heartache” is the first single from upcoming album “Ordeal,” due to be released via Argonauta Records this coming fall.

The band comments: “We are so proud to present ‘Heartache,’ first single and preview of our second album, out soon via Argonauta Records. This is a journey into human mind, death, fear, different and negative sides of religious cults and, obviously, our pessimistic vision of this theme.

“Our album ‘Ordeal’ was recorded, mixed and mastered at Valuim Studio and in our rehearsal room, close to a famous monumental cemetary of our town, which has been of inspiration for our album. We can’t wait to present you in full during the next weeks.”

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Execration Announces New Album “Return To The Void”

On July 14th, Norwegian death metal crew Execration will release new album, “Return To The Void,” via Metal Blade Records. Today, the band has launched the title track as the first single/video – check it out below.

“Coming off of two double 12″ vinyl albums, the first clear goal for writing ‘Return To The Void’ was to deliver the same kind of dynamic and shifting song-writing in a more condensed to-the-point package,” comments Execration.

The band goes on to say, “As with the previous two albums, we wanted to capture the feel of a live performance, so all the basic tracks (drums, guitars, bass) were recorded live in our rehearsal studio in Oslo over the course of a weekend. Vocals, synths, and various effects where recorded the following weeks with assistance from Andreas Tylden (One Tail, One Head / Altaar). The album was then mixed and mastered by Tom Kvalsvoll of Kvalsonic Labs.”

Thematically, the album takes off into outer space, the world of dreams, and philosophic musings on time and space. The album’s seven songs and two instrumental tracks are permeated with the mysteries of the universe, both in lyrical content and concept, and in the music itself. This theme is further brought to life by the magnificent art of Zbigniew M. Bielak that adorns the front cover.

1. Eternal Recurrence
2. Hammers of Vulcan
3. Nekrocosm
4. Cephalic Transmissions
5. Blood Moon Eclipse
6. Unicursal Horrorscope
7. Through the Oculus
8. Return to the Void
9. Det Uransakelige Dyp

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Lyric Video For First Single “Rise And Fall” Available From The Unity

German melodic metal act The Unity – formed by Gamma Ray members Michael Ehre (drums) and Henjo Richter (guitars) – issued a lyric video for the first single “Rise And Fall.” The song will be featured on the band’s debut self titled album coming May 5th via SPV/Steamhammer Records.

The band also features vocalist Gianba Manenti (Love.Might.Kill), guitarist Stef E, bassist Jogi Sweers (Love.Might.Kill) and keyboardist Sascha Onnen (Love.Might.Kill).

“During many gigs and countless hours in the rehearsal room, Michael and I discovered that we are on the same wavelength, on a personal as well as on a musical level. So we came up with the idea of focusing that part of our creativity that goes beyond Gamma Ray in another band,” Richter explains.

Michael Ehré adds: “Our artistic ideas are on the one hand so similar that we arrive at a common denominator most of the time and on the other hand they’re different enough to ensure a diverse album that doesn’t sound boring for a second. Particularly as this band consists of six first-rate songwriters.”

Every note of the debut album oozes the great creative potential of all band members: powerful numbers such as the fast and tough “Rise And Fall” and the grooving “No More Lies” with its dynamic guitar riff and melodious chorus are just as symptomatic for the group’s unbridled energy as the slow, doom-laden “God Of Temptation,” which features a latent Black Sabbath flair thanks to its distinctive guitar hook.

More information on the album is expected soon. Check our “Rise And Fall” here:

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Unity Signs With Steamhammer/SPV For Debut Album Release

With latest sensational signing, Hanover record imprint Steamhammer/SPV has set the course for more highlights in the coming year. Unity, the new band founded by drummer Michael Ehré and guitarist Henjo Richter (both Gamma Ray), just signed a long-term contract and is currently busy working on a debut album.

The eponymous titled recording has been scheduled for release in early 2017 and aficionados of powerful hard rock and technically accomplished melodic metal can expect to get more than their money’s worth.

Along with their two figureheads, Richter and Ehré, Unity consists of Gianba Manenti (vocals), Stef E (guitar), Jogi Sweers (bass) and Sascha Onnen (keyboards), all of them musicians that many fans have been familiar with since Ehré’s band Love.Might.Kill arrived on the scene.

“During many gigs and countless hours in the rehearsal room, Michael and I discovered that we are on the same wavelength, on a personal as well as on a musical level. So we came up with the idea of focusing that part of our creativity that goes beyond Gamma Ray in another band,” Richter explains. “Unity features the perfect line-up for that.”

Michael Ehré is equally enthusiastic: “We’re proud and more than happy to have found a strong partner in SPV/Steamhammer who enjoy an excellent reputation on a global level. The amazing experience and great passion with which Olly Hahn has helmed the label for many years are awesome. We’re really looking forward to our fruitful collaboration and will ensure together that UNITY gets off to a successful start.”

Olly Hahn, A&R at Steamhammer, places great hopes on his new signing: “The outstanding songwriting and great technical skill of everybody involved are unmistakable. For this reason, UNITY suits the Steamhammer team perfectly and we will continue to work flat out for our artists in 2017.”

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Esben And The Witch Posts New Song “Sylvan”

Post rock trio Esben And The Witch today reveals details and the first track from forthcoming album “Older Terrors.” This will be the band’s first album with Season of Mist, released worldwide on November 4th, 2016. Check out the song “Sylvan” below. Esben And The Witch comments:

“This song is about a fire raging through an ancient forest. About primal forces, wild and uncontrollable loosed upon the land and how we try to might find meaning and even beauty in a burning world.”

The band continues on about the new album: “‘Older Terrors’ was written over the course of a year in our adopted home of Berlin. It began life in a basement, just Rachel and a bass guitar and sprawled out from there. We spent last winter fleshing these songs out in our rehearsal space up in an old tower block and in April we finally recorded them at a studio in the centre of the city.

“In this digital age we wanted to create an album that contained four tracks that would work as a whole but that could also be separated and stand alone. Each one carving its own path. This record is dedicated to the sublime. To Edward Young’s Night Thoughts, John Martin’s apocalyptic visons, Caspar David Friedrich’s forays into the forest and to the sparks of light that glimmer in times of utter darkness.”

1. Sylvan
2 Marking The Heart Of A Serpent
3 The Wolf’s Sun
4. The Reveris

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