The Great Discord Posts “Darkest Day” Music Video

The Great Discord just issued a new music video for “Darkest Day,” which can be seen below, and the band also comments:

“Friends! We are very excited to give you the first single, entitled ‘Darkest Day,’ off our coming album, ‘The Rabbit Hole.’

“As the titles reveal, this album is our take and out dark twist on a famous story by Lewis Carroll. Don’t worry, the story will unfold further as we go along and more songs and stories will see the light of day. Or not, depending on how you look at it. Stay vigilant!

“For now, we invite you to join us on a journey into the stranger side of things, down in the rabbit hole. Get ready. More music will follow suit and the album will be released just as the summer starts gasping for breath.”

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Blessing A Curse Releasing New Album “Satisfaction For The Vengeful”

Florida outfit Blessing A Curse formed in Orlando in 2013, releasing debut EP “Somewhere in Between it All” and quickly gained local recognition by opening up for touring acts such as Beartooth, Alesana, I See Stars and Like Moths To Flames.

Blessing A Curse just finished recording a first full-length record entitled “Satisfaction For The Vengeful” with Andrew Wade at The Wade Studio and is now set to to be released November 4th via Smartpunk Records.

1. Your Disguise
2. Devil Eyes
3. Every Single Lie
4. Strangers Again
5. Caving In
6. Attic In the Sky
7. Down the Rabbit Hole
8. Sewn Together
9. Pray For Someone Else
10. Cacoon
11. Leather Wings

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Violent Chapter Announces New EP “Millstone Punishment”

Serbia’s Violent Chapter has announced the band’s new EP is titled “Millstone Punishment” and will contain three new songs. The track listing is as follows:

1. Deadweight Trust
2. We’ll Cross That Bridge (When We Get There)
3. White Rabbit Hole

A new video clip is on the way, but in the mean time you can watch the band’s previously posted video for “Bottom Feeder” below.

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Conducting From The Grave Posts “Into The Rabbit Hole” Playthrough

Conducting From The Grave has posted a playthrough video of John Abernathy performing the track “Into the Rabbit Hole,” which will appear on the band’s upcoming self-titled album due out in October.

Check out the playthrough clip below. You can also watch a teaser trailer for the coming album over at this location.

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Euclid Reveals New Album "Homegrown Extinctin" Track Listing

Minnesota’s Euclid has announced the band’s first full-length album will be titled “Homegrown Extinction,” and a release party has been set for April 20th, 2012 in Virgina, Minnesota at The Sawmill Saloon. The album’s track listing is as follows:

1. Intro
2. To Kill a God
3. Down the Rabbit Hole
4. Remembering Fort Victory
5. Red Skies in the Morning
6. Ode to Our Death Tomorrow
7. Collapse of Loyalty
8. Tastes Like Burning
9. Vanity So Large for a Mind So Small
10. The Way Out
11. Not of This Earth

You can also currently listen to demo mixes of tracks from the album via the band’s Reverbnation page.

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Egypt Central Stream ‘White Rabbit’

Egypt Central’s new album ‘White Rabbit‘ is now streaming at this location. Comic strips created by bassist Joey Chicago have been released to over the last few weeks telling the story of the “White Rabbit”. Check them out here.

White Rabbit‘ will be in stores tomorrow, May 31st.

Go here to see the original:
Egypt Central Stream ‘White Rabbit’

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