Dark Mirror Ov Tragedy Premiere First Official Music Video “I Am The Lord Ov Shadows” From Upcoming New Album “The Lord Ov Shadows”

Korean symphonic black metal group Dark Mirror Ov Tragedy have released their first official video culled from their forthcoming album The Lord Ov Shadows, due worldwide via Sliptrick Records on Jan 22nd, 2019. Check it out “I Am The Lord Ov Shadows” below:

Says the promotion agency of it:

“The track is the 6 and a half minute opus I Am The Lord Ov Shadows and shows the band in all their dark, heavy and progressive beauty. Classical gothic music is the outstanding essence of Dark Mirror Ov Tragedy, with anguished vocals and brooding instruments performing chapters and poems which evoke nothingness and wholeness, darkness and daylight, beauty and ugliness.”

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Steel Inferno Inks Deal With Inferno Records

Denmark’s Steel Inferno has inked a deal with Inferno Records to release a debut album. The label comments:

“If you’re following Inferno Records regularly, then this band name Steel Inferno ain’t no stranger to you – since we helped them in the past with the promotion of their demo and later 7″ EP! Today we are proud to announce that Danish heavy metal heroes Steel Inferno will release their debut full length album ‘Aesthetics of Decay’ through Inferno Records on CD. LP/MC versions will be released by Deadbangers Productions in Denmark.”

Guitarist Lars Lyndorff says: “We are so happy finally to be able to release this album. We feel that we have captured the raw and yet melodic tone that defines Steel Inferno. We cannot wait the hit the stages with the new songs. Heavy Metal is best when played live and loud. All the people who have been involved in the making and production of this album are driven by an immense passion for metal music. So we could not have chosen better partners for releasing this album.”

Expect the album to be out during summer 2016 and you can hear an advance track titled “Flashing Reality” below.

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Metal Blade Records and RED Music launch “6 Bands in 60 Seconds” campaign

– November 16th, 2015 –

In conjunction with RED Music, Metal Blade Records has launched a new campaign, entitled “6 Bands in 60 Seconds“, where CEO Brian Slagel spotlights 6 developing artists from the label’s roster. With plans to select 6 new bands once every three months, the goal of the promotion is to help fans discover new music from some of the most promising acts in the scene. The first installment of the series (featuring Act of Defiance, Rivers of Nihil, Twitching Tongues, Culture Killer, Visigoth, and Harlott) can be viewed at the following locations:

Brian Slagel comments: “We are super excited about our new artists and wanted to help share these to you guys. We thought about giving you 6 new bands you should know about, so here you have those bands. We will be updating this as time goes on with new bands coming in, so be sure to keep following the Metal Blade ’6 Bands You Need To Know’. Let’s keep growing the metal scene!”

Metal Blade Records online:


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Saxon Issues Update On New Album’s Recording Progress

Saxon has issued the following statement about progress on the band’s new album and upcoming tour dates:

“Hi everybody! Saxon has never been a lazy band and especially this year we have been extremely busy! After we played several festivals all across Europe and some great gigs together with Judas Priest and the very first Hamburg Metal Days – we have almost finished the new album. The mix is done and the mastering is almost finished.

“We have guys who are right now putting the last details together and working bits and pieces out for the artwork. Watch out for further news releases like album cover, track list, some more behind the scenes info etc. Since most of album production work is done, the band can’t keep their feet still and have decided to play a very short Christmas run of 3 dates:

07.12.2012 CH Bern – Metal Christmas Festival
08.12.2012 NL Haarlem – Patronaat
09.12.2012 NL Roermund – ECI

“For more tour dates click here… We are looking forward to sharing the stage in Switzerland with our mates from Motörhead and Edguy and on the two Dutch shows we will be accompanied by Crimes Of Passion. Everybody that comes to our two headliner shows will get little Christmas surprise and we will spoil you with at least one new song from the new album which we will perform live!

“After that, the promotion machine starts; pre-listening sessions for journalists, interviews and, and, and… So keep your eyes open because soon you will see the media full of new Saxon stuff! Keep the faith!”

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Shallow Ground Video Interview Available Online

Leaf Pile TV has posted a new video interview online with Connecticut thrash act Shallow Ground. You can check out the clip below, or listen to Shallow Ground’s music via the band’s Facebook page.

Shallow Ground also issued the following end of year recap:

“As 2011 comes to a close , we would like to give a shout out to all the amazing bands we have had the honor to share the stage with this year: Agrippa93, 60 Grit, Lords Anointed, Penitentary, Murdercastle, Continuum, Risk All In Life, She Walks Without Legs, Prime Evil, Mortifica, Sanctuary, Dream Evil, Angry Again, Eyes of the Dead, Dead By Wednesday, Formed From Anger, Maniac, Javier and Los Dish Dogs, Skull Hammer, Nasty Disaster, Forever Forbidden, Oath Of Insanity and many many more.

“Many thanks to all the organizations that keep the scene alive through all their promotion & hard work: Official FN Radio, Leaf Pile Radio, The Metal Cyndicate, The Connecticut Underground, Connecticut Metal Shop & Most of all The Fans for coming out to spend their hard earned money & spending a few hours with a bunch of goofballs that call themselves Shallow Ground. Happy Holidays!!”

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Astral Doors Shoots Music Video For "Child of Rock’n’roll"

Astral Doors has checked in with the following announcement about shooting a music video for “Child of Rock’n’roll,” which is off the band’s new “Jerusalem” album:

“Gig and album report: During the gig in Lorsch we filmed ‘Child of Rock’n’roll’ and the day after we spent the entire day filming scenes for the upcoming video!

“It will be awesome…we’re sure that the director and editor will come up with something great. Now the promotion work for ‘Jerusalem’ continues…we feel that the media attention is bigger than ever and we aim for the German chart! Take care….and we love you all!”

You can check out a teaser trailer for new “Jerusalem” album by navigating your browser here.

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Shadowside Issues Update On Postponed Album "Inner Monster Out"

Brazil’s Shadowside announced in May that the release of the band’s new album “Inner Monster Out” had been delayed. Shadowside has now issued the following update on the album:

“Our new record Inner Monster Out will be released during the second semester of 2011. Everyone hang in there with us for a bit longer as we make sure the final product is absolutely perfect. We are so excited for you all to hear what we have been working tirelessly on for the past several months, and we are confident it will be worth the wait! In the meantime, keep checking back for updates. We will be debuting new songs, videos, pictures and more to hold you over until Inner Monster Out is unleashed upon the masses!

“Our page at Pledgemusic.com will be available in a few days, which will allow fans to actively participate in the promotion of Inner Monster Out with Shadowside. Fans will also, through the Pledge Music campaign, have exclusive access to personal experiences with Shadowside, ranging from signed CDs and signed guitars to recording session visits and VIP tour packages!”

The “Inner Monster Out” track listing is as follows:

1. Gag Order
2. Angel with Horns
3. Habitchual
4. In the Name of Love
5. Inner Monster Out (featuring Björn “Speed” Strid, Mikael Stanne, and Niklas Isfeldt)
6. I’m Your Mind
7. My Disrupted Reality
8. A Smile Upon Death
9. Whatever Our Fortune
10. A.D.D.
11. Waste of Life

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Nemesea Announces New Album Title As "The Quiet Resistance"

Nemesea has issued the following announcement revealing the title of the band’s upcoming album:

“We are really excited to announce the title of our upcoming album today. It’s one of the most fun things to come up with when you’re busy working on an album; finding a title that connects all songs to each other.

“The title we’ve chosen for our new album is: The Quiet Resistance!

“Last week we’ve introduced the team we’ve been working with for the last couple of months to create this album. We can tell you that Joost is almost done with the mix, so in a few weeks the promotion of the new album will start. We’re really looking forward to share our music with all of you, but we have to be patient a little while longer!

“Our first gig of this year will be on June 5 in ATAK, Enschede (NL). This will be a tryout for us. We’ll be playing a couple of new songs, so make sure to be there! For more tour dates please check our giglist. More news next week! Stay tuned!”

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