Year Of The Rat Announces New Album “Hell Bent”

After years of slogging away in practice spaces and riff dens across Melbourne, Year of the Rat has finally crawled out from the burrow of shredding pits and come up with debut album, “Hell Bent,” due out April 21st. Check out the “Arctic World” track below.

Featuring members of Most Precious Blood, I Exist, Hitlist, Blkout and The Daylight Curse, they’ve been in bands, they know what they like and don’t like and they are stoked to unleash these ratty pits onto the masses. Like pits, riffs and double kick bits? Year of the Rat has got you covered.

1. Sunset / Sunrise
2. Arctic World
3. Out Of Body
4. Cursed
5. Ain’t No Fool
6. Separation Street
7. Primus Inter Pares
8. The Joy Of Sect
9. Final Generation
10. Boris’ Goat Should Drop Dead

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