Sun Of Gaia Posts “Peril” Video Single

Adelaide-based progressive death metal group Sun of Gaia just launched a new video single for “Peril,” which can be seen below. The band comments:

“The new single ‘Peril’ differs from our previous EP ‘Corrode’ in the sense that it embraces more progressive elements through the use of clean, ambient sections, clean vocals and places a much greater emphasis on the role of keyboards and piano elements in our music. It still retains some of the heaviness and melodic death metal style of ‘Corrode,’ but overall it offers a more refined, mature and musically confident insight into who we are as a band today.

“We intended for the new single to act as a kind of ‘bridge’ between our sound on the ‘Corrode’ EP and how our next release will sound. It retains the heavier, metal elements that fans of ‘Corrode’ will recognize and enjoy, but listeners can expect to hear many more progressive elements on future releases that we think are previewed quite nicely in ‘Peril.'”

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