Mørketida Premiere New Song “Temple of Prevailing Darkness” From Brand New Album “Panphage Mysticism”

Finnish band Mørketida premiere a new song entitled “Temple of Prevailing Darkness”, taken from their brand new album “Panphage Mysticism”, which is out in stores now via Werewolf Records.

Check out now “Temple of Prevailing Darkness” below.

Panphage Mysticism by MØRKETIDA

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New Album “Entering A Timeless Winter” Announced By Talv

Italian atmospheric black metal act Tav is set to release the new album “Entering A Timeless Winter” on November 3rd through A Sad Sadness Song Records. The album is the third full length release from the band.

Hailing from Italy, Talv started in early 2012 under the name of Trees In The Fog. The purpose has always been to merge dissonant and melancholic black metal with a touch of ambient music. Like painting a dismal scenario, Talv’s new effort is drowned into the darkest north-Italian naturalistic black metal inspiration. The cold and freezing guitar sound reminds of Tenebrae in Perpetuum and Beatrik’s classics, while the prevailing desperate feelings position the band within the groove of depressive black metal.

What makes of Talv a personal and unique project is the wise equilibrium between a hateful, cold hunger and a fragile background soundscape. The ColdWorld cover further emphasizes the strong visionary ambient perspective and inspiration of this raising underground project.

The band commented: “‘Entering a Timeless Winter’ is going to reveal the artistic direction of this new cold journey.”

The track listing is:

1. Dreaming a Funeral in Another Life
2. A Sad Moon Concealed by Pines
3. An Eternal Snowfall Will Come
4. Sidereal Hypothermia
5. Winterreise (Coldworld cover)

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