Chthonic Reveals New Album “Battlefields Of Asura” Details

Chthonic, the Taiwanese metal band recognized with its unique signature of performance, is to release an all new album, “Battlefields Of Asura,” on October 10th, the first new music since 2013’s full-length album, “Butik.”

Formed in 1995, Chthonic has hit the road touring over forty countries with hundreds of concerts and festivals. Chthonic has become the most visible Taiwanese metal band with international publicity. In the past five years, all five members of Chthonic have turned a new page in their lives respectively. The frontman of band formed a new political party but also got elected into the Parliament while the others established their families. Nevertheless, they have not forgot the promise to release new material to the fans. This year, Chthonic has Randy Blythe, frontman of Grammy-nominated metal band Lamb of God, and Denise Ho, iconic freedom fighter and singer from Hong Kong collaborating with the creation of the album and appearing in the preview of title track which has raised huge resonance in the music circle.

To tease the album, a secretive promotion plan saw the debut track in new album, “Millennia’s Faith Undone”, remixed and published by five new bands and artists with their own distinctive styles – Elephant Gym, Hom Shenhao, Unfamiliar Friends Party, Bison Country, and Angry Youth, which raised the speculation and attention among fans and people in music industry about the song and the series of remixes. The speculation even hinted the possibility of renaissance of lyrics in Taiwanese. Days ago, Denise Ho, the iconic Hong Kong singer, published her version of “Millennia’s Faith Undone”, as her first Taiwanese song mixed with the voice of Freddy Lim, the frontman of Chthonic, throughout the song, which has become a hit in Taiwan and Hong Kong. As the talks about the relations between the song and Chthonic continues, the answer finally reveals today that the 60-second preview of original version of “Millenia’s Faith Undone” can be heard below and the full version will be out on September 4th.

According to Chthonic, the new album “Battlefields Of Asura” depicts the adventure of deities in Taiwan through eleven songs carrying messages about resistance, freedom and fraternity. The journey is full of hostility, adversary, impregnable fortresses and desires but also inspires infinite courage to search for eternal wisdom. Anyone deeply touched by this album will eventually realize that it is the origin of all thrilling epic stories portrayed in the past albums. This album sounds like gods versus devils and fights among evil spirits on the surface; however, everyone can feel the empathy of fury, grief and even strength of resurgence from the lyrics.

When asked why the band names the new album “Battlefields Of Asura,” Doris, the spokesperson of Chthonic, states, “This album is the prologue of the albums released in the past and was inspired by and dedicated to the activists of Taiwan’s first modern political reform movement back in 1920s.”

Pre-orders on CD and vinyl are available now. The album marks the first vinyl released by Chthonic since its formation. Pre-order of album box set is also available in Taiwan, Japan, Singapore and Hong Kong which includes the album, T-shirt and caps, thematic candle glass, rosary plus 7″ vinyl collaboration single of Chthonic and Denise Ho.

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Cyhra Debut New Video “Here To Save You” – Bassist Peter Iwers (Ex-In Flames) Exits Band

Cyhra debut a new live video for their track “Here To Save You“. Explains the band’s vocalist Jake E: “Releasing “Here To Save You” as a live video was something that we thought of already after finishing up the song in the demo studio. And as we got the possibility to open up for Sabaton and Kreator a couple of months back it was a no-brainer to just make sure to put it on film.

I love how we were able to capture all the positive response, both within the band but also all the love we got for our newfound fans in the US & Canada. Every time I watch it I just want to go back out on the road! I hope you will like it as much as we do!”

In other news, Cyhra’s bassist Peter Iwers (ex-In Flames) has stepped down from the band. Iwers was joined in the band by former In Flames guitarist Jesper Strömblad. Comments the band on Iwers‘ departure:

“It’s sad to part ways with Peter as a member, but we are still very good friends and will always be. He has our full support in this decision and we wish him nothing else than the best in the future!”

Cyhra won’t immediately be replacing Iwers and will instead have his backing tracks in place at their immediate upcoming shows.

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Megadeth’s Dave Mustaine Hints That Metallica Are The Holdouts On More “The Big Four” Concerts – Suggests Touring As “The Big Three”

With Slayer calling it quits after one final world tour, Megadeth mainman Dave Mustaine lately expressed his hopes that “The Big Four” (Metallica, Slayer, Megadeth and Anthrax) would perform at least one more show before they officially become “The Big Three”.

In a recent interview Mustaine further spoke of the potential for a few more shows from the “Big Four” and the possibility that they do it without Metallica, who appear to be the holdout. Says Mustaine:

“I think if you asked the three of us that, our camps would probably say yes. If Anthrax, Slayer and Megadeth all want to do it, and Metallica doesn’t, then what do we do? The Big Three? I’m sure that a lot of people would like to see that, and that may be what it is. You know, you may end up having it be the Big Three plus No. 5 if we have Exodus play with it. But it’s not about just doing concerts for the sake of concerts. It was about the movement. It was about what we did together as a group.

Excluding Anthrax, we’re all like neighbors almost ’cause we all lived so close. It was just a half hour to an hour at at most between each other’s houses on the freeway. So, I think it would be great to do more “Big Four” stuff – do one in Japan. Do one in South America – we never did one in South America; we haven’t done one in Asia. Give the people an opportunity to see it before it goes away forever.”

?? Attention #metal fans ?? @Megadeth‘s @DaveMustaine tells @EddieTrunk whether a #BigFour show will happen before @Slayer retires ?? @Anthrax @Metallica

— SiriusXM VOLUME (@siriusxmvolume) January 30, 2018

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Ghost’s Papa Emeritus (Tobias Forge) & Ex-Members Considering Settlement Over Legal Dispute

Ghost vocalist Papa Emeritus (aka Tobias Forge) and four former members of the group look to be reaching a possible settlement. Their legal representatives were due to meet in Linkoping, Sweden court yesterday, to begin to discuss the possibility of resolving their legal dispute.

Aforementioned dispute was brought against Tobias Forge by four ex-musicians from the outfit —Simon Söderberg (Alpha), Mauro Rubino (Air), Henrik Palm (Ether) and Martin Hjertstedt (Earth)— and saw them seeking to get their hands on the band’s accounting from 2011 to the end of 2016. The four claim they were underpaid for their work with the band and also claim a partnership was in place to distribute proceeds from the band.

Tobias Forge himself previously disputed all claims and the existence of such a partnership. He also went on to allege that the above musicians were essentially “musicians for hire” with himself being the mainman of the band.

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Despotz Records Signs Sparzanza

Swedish hard rock band Sparzanza can look back on a 20 year long career filled with explosive metal, award nominations, radio airplay and loads of tours and live gigs. The band has made a huge effort and has been looking for the right label to work with further.

“After meeting up with Sparzanza we can definitely say that we’ve found each other.,” says Carl-Marcus Gidlof of Despotz. “Both through innovational thinking, digital media and the fact that we want to work on taking the band to an international level taking advantage of Despotz strong presence both digitally and physically. We’re very pleased that they choose to have us as part of their team and welcome Sparzanza to the Despotz Family.” Carl-Marcus Gidlöf, Despotz Records

The band has released seven dark hard rock albums and a double compilation album since 1996. In the recent past Sparzanza have found themselves riding in wake of rock legends and have set their sights on main stages everywhere.

The band says, “The creative spirit at Despotz is nothing we have ever felt at any label we have worked with before. Our crazy ideas get thumbs up and we really feel that we have the possibility to develop Sparzanza towards what we want the band to be and achieve. To feel prioritized, listened to and like nothing is impossible is what made us sign this deal. We can’t wait for what´s to come.”

Stay tuned for further information.

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Reunion Of Classic Lineup Announced By Helloween For New Album, Tour

German power metal pioneers Helloween have been long rumored to have a reunion of the band’s “Keeper of the Seven Keys” lineup with former vocalist Michael Kiske at the helm. Today, the band confirmed a reunion is indeed in the works! However, the reunion is of the majority of the classic “Walls of Jericho” lineup, featuring Kai Hansen, Michael Weikath, Markus Grosskopf. Uli Kusch, who played with the band from 1994-2001, following the death of original drummer Ingo Schwichtenberg, will be tapped for the drums.

Guitarist/vocalist Kai Hansen explained: “Originally, Weiki intended on having Michael back, but his commitments with Avantasia would have delayed this further than he wanted the fans to wait. Gamma Ray is currently writing new material, so the time was right to give the real early Helloween fans a treat.”

The lineup was originally going to go under the moniker “Gorgar,” but vocalist Andi Deris was so excited about the idea that he gave his blessing to just use Helloween. Deris commented: “I was pumped for the possibility of Michael Kiske returning, but to have Kai back on vocals…I mean, how can I argue with that!”

On whether this would affect the band’s current lineup, band leader Michael Weiketh stated: “Not at all. Andi and Dani will get a well deserved break from action and we will regroup by Halloween 2017 to begin work on the follow up to ‘My God Given Right.'”

Helloween plans to release one album under this lineup, which is due out by February 2017 via Nuclear Blast Records. It will be followed by a summer world tour featuring songs from both the new album and “Walls of Jericho.” The album will be produced, engineered and mixed by Harris Johns, who worked with the band on “Walls of Jericho.” The band has also tapped “Walls of Jericho” artists Uwe & Edda Karczewski to create the new album’s artwork.

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Mantar Reveals New Album “Ode To The Flame”

Northern Germany’s infernal extreme metal duo Mantar has revealed the cover artwork and track list for the band’s forthcoming album, “Ode To The Flame.”

“Ode To The Flame” will be out on April 15th via Nuclear Blast and the band had this to say about the upcoming release:

“Actually we discussed the possibility of having no cover at all. We kinda liked the idea of boycotting the need of any so called ‘art’ which bands try to get people’s attention with. The theme of the record is so one-dimensional and obvious that we decided to skip artwork and just put the title on the record to make it look more like an old book. A manifest, a challenge. We don’t want people to speculate about any meaning. The meaning is clear: kill, destroy, fuck shit up.

“The title ‘Ode To The Flame’ is chosen in tradition of the debut record, ‘Death By Burning’ to maintain the cleansing power of fire as the key theme. Fire is able to reset anything and will erase this planet one day from any plague that’s been around. Furthermore it’s obviously an ode to passion and iron will. ‘Ode To The Flame’ isn’t dramatic, it’s drastic. By all means.”

01. Carnal Rising
02. Praise The Plague
03. Era Borealis
04. The Hint
05. Born Reversed
06. Oz
07. I, Omen
08. Cross The Cross
09. Schwanenstein
10. Sundowning

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Devil You Know Covers Survivor Track “Eye Of The Tiger”

Devil You Know is now streaming a cover version of the classic Rocky movie series anthem track, “Eye of The Tiger.” This is a rousing, hard rock rendition to the Survivor hit song and is available below.

Look for Devil You Know on tour alongside Five Finger Death Punch and Papa Roach across all of Europe now through November 28, 2015. John Sankey (drums) states:

“One day when we were in the studio working on our new album, They Bleed Red, Howard Jones (vocals) turned up in a shower robe and started shadow boxing in the vocal booth while doing his best Rocky Balboa impersonation. It was so impressive that we immediately knew we had to do a cover of the infamous Rocky soundtrack theme. ‘Eye Of The Tiger.’ We had already been discussing the possibility of recording a cover, but had no idea what song we would do. In that moment when Hojo literally transformed himself into the Italian Stallion right in front of our very eyes we knew it was the perfect choice!

“Our biggest challenge would be adapting the original song into our own style, so we decided each of us must take on the persona of a different cast member to best capture the performance necessary to do such an iconic song justice. Howard lived and breathed the role of Rocky for a full week, Francesco Artusato (guitars) became as a slightly shorter Ivan Drago, Ryan Wombacher (bass) was the perfect fit for a modern day Mickey and I of course was a ‘way too Australian’ not quite as ripped version of Apollo Creed. We entered the studio swinging wildly in all directions with our respective instruments and there was blood, sweat and many many tears, mainly of uncontrollable laughter. Hours later we emerged victorious and super slow motion high-fived each other in classic Rocky fashion as we listened back to the sweet metal sounds of a reformed Survivor classic. We hope you all enjoy it as much as we do.”

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Metal Chris of conducted an interview with former HELLHAMMER/CELTIC FROST and current TRIPTYKON singer, guitarist, and main songwriter Tom Gabriel Fischer (a.k.a. Tom Gabriel Warrior) late last month at the Maryland Deathfest XIII in Baltimore, Maryland. You can now listen to the 19-minute chat using the SoundCloud widget below.

Asked if he prefers playing older songs or he likes performing the TRIPTYKON stuff more, or whether it is all just kind of the same to him, Tom responded: “It’s exactly the same to me. If I had my way, CELTIC FROST would have existed for many more albums. Unfortunately, certain people’s grand designs on their own fame and certain egotistical stunts interfered with that. And, eventually, the band became so unworkable that I personally said the only option that was left was leaving it. I formed TRIPTYKON, but in essence, it’s exactly the same thing I did with CELTIC FROST. It’s simply minus the egotism and the personality stunts. Even though it’s younger people, behind the scenes TRIPTYKON is far more mature than CELTIC FROST ever was. But musically, the whole infrastructure around the band, and my approach, and the way I produce and everything, it’s exactly the same. It’s basically what I would have done had CELTIC FROST persevered. So, to me, the CELTIC FROST songs merge perfectly with the TRIPTYKON songs. I really don’t see a difference. We try to strike a balance, because TRIPTYKON is not just me, it’s four people, and I don’t just wanna be a CELTIC FROST cover band. I think it’s fair enough to play half-half — half newer songs, half older songs — but I think we’re doing fine like that.

Regarding the possibility of a CELTIC FROST reunion, Tom said: “I’m afraid that’s impossible, yeah. I mean, there’s no more animosity between me and Martin [Eric Ain, bass] — we just met, actually, a few weeks ago, as we do from time to time — but I think that window has closed. Even though Martin once said, ‘Yeah, we’ll play music together again,’ but after that gargantuan disappointment, I don’t think I wanna set myself up for yet another one. CELTIC FROST was my life, and losing that twice wasn’t very easy. And I don’t trust these people anymore. I invested so much time and so much of my personal money and effort and my songs and my production and everything into the ‘Monotheist’ album, and I did this because I believed the band could exist for many years. Then I felt betrayed and stabbed in the back. And I really… If I would ever get involved with that again, it would probably end the same, and I don’t wanna do that. TRIPTYKON is a circle of friends, and I prefer that. And, you know, anything I wanna do creatively, I can do it in TRIPTYKON.”

In a 2011 interview with, Tom was asked at what point he realized that his tenure with CELTIC FROST was once again coming to an end. “To be quite honest, I had sensed it for some time,” he replied. “I just didn’t want to admit it.

CELTIC FROST was much more than just a band to me. It was my life, my ideology and pretty much represented my entire being. Of course, I didn’t want to see it destroyed again, so despite having all the inside information, I tried to disrupt its destruction and probably stayed too long even though it was fairly obvious that I couldn’t face the band. Actually, I blame the final drummer of CELTIC FROST for the destruction of the band. If Martin has any part of this, it’s his inactivity that opened the door to this. He simply did not want to involve himself in anything negative, which, on one hand, is commendable, but on the other hand, it’s simply not realistic in this world or within a band that works under pressure twenty four hours a day. You simply have to be a man and be involved, especially if certain personal conflicts threaten the whole band. Martin was initially reluctant to become involved and that basically opened the door for one person to let his ego run freely until there was really nothing left of the band.”

Read more:

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Victor Smolski Starts New Band Almanac

A few weeks ago, the announcement about the separation of the current Rage lineup caused some furor within the metal scene.

While founding-member Peavy Wagner decided to continue Rage with new members, guitar player Victor Smolski set his mind on following his passion for neo-classical, orchestral metal and continue on the path that ended up with the Lingua Mortis Orchestra debut “LMO.” This marks the birth of new band called Almanac.

“Almanac is the continuation of the concept, which I started back in 2013 with LMO”, says the guitar player and adds: “The well-known faces of LMO stay the same: both female singers Jeannette Marchewka and Dana Harnge, as well as the Orquestra Barcelona Filharmonia. On top of that I am proud to announce that we also have two outstanding male singers joining us: Andy B. Franck (Brainstom) and David Readman (Pink Cream 69)! All of them offer me the possibility to add more variety and a new musical dimension to the new tracks’ arrangements.”

At a later point, Victor Smolski will announce the bass player and drummer of Almanac – but the baptism of fire is close: “I will present the whole new band on our first live appearance on the Musikmesse Frankfurt,” reveals the guitar wizard. Almanac will perform on April 16th at 17.30 CET on the Agora Stage.

Furthermore, Victor Smolski plans to enter the studio in 2015 and record a debut album. More info will follow about that shortly.

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