Megadeth’s Dave Mustaine Speaks On New Album’s Direction, ‘Megacruise‘ & ‘A Toute Le Monde‘ Beer

Megadeth mainman Dave Mustaine lately spoke with The Metal Voice about the group’s forthcoming ‘Megacruise‘, their ‘A Toute Le Monde‘ beer and more. Megadeth‘s upcoming sixteenth studio effort was also discussed naturally. When asked what direction that release is headed in, Mustaine explained:

“I don’t how to answer that, because if you want me to say what record it sounds like, it sounds like a combination of everything. When I write a riff if I don’t like it I don’t record it, if I do record it, I save it and if I don’t use it now I’ll use it at some point.

There is a complete finished song left over from ‘Dystopia‘ that I forgot we did. When were in the studio and you’re doing 16 songs and you’re working your ass off every day sometimes, some things just slip through the cracks like this song.

We’ve already got a huge head start on this new record. Kiko just came out to see me, Dirk was here before him and David Ellefson will be visiting me shortly to start playing some bass stuff.

We’re doing things a little bit differently this time, we’re kind of approaching the songs one riff at a time and just kind of focusing on the riff and if the riff doesn’t sound good on its own and then why put it in a song?

A lot of people when they write songs, they’ll put a part in section in the song just because they need something in there. For me I don’t like doing that. I don’t want that one part of the song where there’s a weak spot.

I’ve tried just about every way to write a song over my career and I found this way’s probably the best way, because if you have a riff and it’s not it’s not carrying its own weight and it doesn’t sound cool, how can it possibly sound cool with good lyrics over it?”

He was also asked whether or not the current political climate would be influencing the album, to which he offered:

“I’ve kind of toned it down a little bit with the political stuff to where it’s more about being a one world kind of people, about the stuff that affects us as people not so much as citizens of any particular government or nation. Why put any unnecessary walls up between us right?”

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KISS Bassist Gene Simmons Announces Presidential Candidacy

Gene Simmons, the iconic bassist and vocalist of American rock legends KISS, has announced his intention to run for President of the United States Of America in 2020. Running as an independent candidate under the slogan, “I was made for running you,” the sixty eight year old musician is pledging greater focus on trade, the arts and a “unique” fiscal system, known as “Rockanomics.”

“America is at a crucial point in history,” Simmons stated at a press conference in Detroit, “I still believe it’s fine not to have a career politician in charge, they don’t know jack about the common man, however the image of America needs improving significantly. We need to show the world what kind of fun loving people we are, as well as proving our intelligence and business sense to the rest of the world. I believe I’m the man to do that, having demonstrated my business acumen, literary prowess and rock and roll attitude since the seventies… America, I was made for running you!”

Not much else is known about his policies right now but one issue already being discussed is whether or not Simmons will be eligible to run, as he was born in Israel. This is something also often brought up during the political career of actor Arnold Schwarzenegger, who served to terms as governor of California. Under the proposed, “Demolition Man” legislature though, foreign born American citizens of great upstanding would be able to be elected President of the United States.

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Sect (Earth Crisis, Ex-Cursed, Etc.) Debut New Track “Stripes”

Sect shares the caustic, riotous “Stripes” below. The track is taken from their second album, No Cure For Death, due out through Southern Lord next Friday, November 24th. Fueled by socio-political vitriol, for Sect, the purpose of hardcore as they know it is to convey an urgency that transcends age, credentials or scene politics, to convert desperation into real talk and action.

Stream Sect’s “Stripes” below.

Vocalist Chris Colohan explains the thinking behind this particular track “‘Stripes’ is about the prison industrial complex in overdrive and the political and penal system keeping it stocked compensating economically for the abolition of slavery, and undercutting the gains of the civil rights movement. Essentially, de facto enslavement that aims to recreate and maintain the same original racial and pecking order with the same scapegoats and victims of not just decades but centuries ago that the West was built on. It’s an ugly reminder in the age of the overt white supremacist resurgence and the struggle against it that we’ve never yet gotten beyond that underlying foundation.”

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Lago Signs With Unique Leader Records

Unique Leader Records is proud to announce the signing of Phoenix, Arizona-based death metal quartet Lago for the release of the band’s impending second LP. Lago comments:

“With this record, we are really trying to step outside of the box that we’ve created for ourselves. Our previous stuff is very heavily influenced by Morbid Angel and Emperor, and though those influences are still very heavy in our sound, we really want to make sure we just aren’t going to put out the same record as our last one, ‘Tyranny.’

“A lot of the new stuff we’re doing is exclusively two-part guitar. We wouldn’t go and call this a prog record, but in terms of what’s going on within the songs themselves I would say the guitar work is a lot busier. Lyrically, I think you can expect a lot of similarities. Our country is a crazy place right now with the political climate and a seemingly divided population. There’s a lot of vile, and disgusting things happening, and I think that will reflect in the writing and really set the tone for the album.”

Stand by for additional info on Lago’s impending second album upon its completion in the months ahead.

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Crucible (We Came As Romans, Etc.) Premieres New Song & Video For “Slave To The Dime”

Detroit-based Crucible (We Came As Romans, Assassins, Taproot) premieres a new song entitled “Slave To The Dime”.

The Plot In You frontman Landon Tewers guests on the track saying of it: “We released a new video for Slave to the Dime yesterday. No matter your political preference, we hope you all can appreciate the significance of the lyrics to this song and the message behind it. We’re still slaves to their games, which is why we need to band together instead of ripping each other apart.”

Check out now “Slave To The Dime” below.

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Norylsk Streaming Full “Catholic Dictatorship” Album

“Catholic Dictatorship,” the second album from Poland’s ruthless grindcore quartet, Norylsk, is out now on Selfmadegod Records. The album is streaming in its gutting entirety below, and the track listing is as follows:

1. F.K.K
2. Product Of Lobotomy
3. Potential And Flesh
4. Mental Alienation
5. Sexual Apartheid
6. Mental Selection
7. Children Of The Political System
8. Political Monologue
9. Opec Paradox
10. The Run
11. The Pilgrimage To The Holy Places
12. The Face Of Death
13. The Whore Across The Ocean
14. The Creator

Catholic Dictatorship by NORYLSK

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Full Scale Riot Releases “Betrayus” Music Video

New York City-area hardcore quartet Full Scale Riot just released an official video hailing from debut EP,” Depopulation”, created for the record’s third track, “Betrayus.”

The clip broadcasts the band’s groove-heavy, metallic hardcore fury shot and edited by Mike “Diggy” Murphy (Ill-Roc Records). Available below, the “Betrayus” video cuts politically-charged themes that reside in the band’s tunes with performance footage in an energetic explosion.

Full Scale Riot comments: “The song title ‘Betrayus’ is a riff on the General Petraeus scandal in name only. ‘Betrayus’ is about friendship and loyalty, or the illusion of. It’s the ugly side of allowing yourself to be vulnerable. This song is a slight departure from the rest of the politically driven songs on the EP, although the same sentiment can be applied to our elected officials; that’s why you can see labor movement images as well as other political themes throughout the video.”

You can also catch the riot in action on these dates:

8/08/2015 The Blue Room – Secaucus, NJ
8/30/2015 Lucky 13 Saloon – Brooklyn, NY w/ Urban Waste, Reason Enough, Sicker Than Most
9/12/2015 The Blue Room – Secaucus, NJ

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Legionary Unveils “Once And For All” EP Cover Artwork

Legionary has revealed the “Once And For All” cover art, which can be seen below, and the band also comments:

“Here is the artwork for the upcoming Legionary EP ‘Once And For All!’ I want to first thank Mark Cooper for creating this for me. I was on a limited budget because I’m funding the entire recording, but he was still able to turn this simple concept into something sick.

“The concept behind the artwork is this… Throughout my life I’ve always felt like it was me against the world, whether it was because of my political beliefs, or because of my thoughts regarding the current state of heavy metal.

“I always saw myself as that lone legionary against those who thought they were bigger/better than they really were (and I’ve met quite a few of those along the way!). I always wanted a ‘legionary’ to appear on one of our artworks in some way, and I thought it would work perfectly here.

“The ‘evil king’ figure doesn’t represent anyone in particular. Just someone who has brainwashed a bunch of people (represented by the soldiers in the back) through lies and deception. Someone who’s big on words, and thinks that they’re unmatched at what they do, but ultimately is weak. Again, I’ve met quite a few of those.

“This recording is basically going to be my way of saying ‘fuck you’ to all of those people who have tried to bring me down over the past 10+ years. They know who they are, and they’ll all be crushed ‘Once And For All’ THIS SPRING!”

 photo legionary_zps5bd1eddf.jpg

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