VATTNET VISKAR to kick off North American tour this week

Currently in “writing-mode” for their sophomore album, New Hampshire’s VATTNET VISKAR is ready to kick off their North American tour this week with PALLBEARER and TOMBS! See below for all upcoming dates. VATTNET VISKAR released their critically acclaimed debut full-length, Sky Swallower, last year, with,, and more hailing it as one of the […]

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VATTNET VISKAR to kick off North American tour this week

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The Atlas Moth Streaming Full New Album “The Old Believer”

The CD version with the water reveal artwork insert of the new Atlas Moth album “The Old Believer” is now available to order via Profound Lore Records in advance of its June 10th official release date.

For a limited time, you can stream all of “The Old Believer” via here. The full album’s track listing is as follows:

1. Jet Black Passenger
2. Collider
3. The Sea Beyond
4. Halcyon Blvd
5. Sacred Vine
6. The Old Believer
7. City Of Light
8. Wynona
9. Hesperian
10. Blood Will Tell

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Black Anvil Streaming Entire “Hail Death” Album

Black Anvil’s full new album “Hail Death” is now available for streaming in its entirety online. Listen in at here.

In related Black Anvil developments, the band will bring corrosive compositions to the stage of Brooklyn’s Saint Vitus Bar and perform “Hail Death” in full. Details are as follows:

7/20/2014 Saint Vitus – Brooklyn, NY *playing Hail Death in its entirety w/ Psalm Zero, Fantom Warior, Yellow Eyes

“Hail Death” will be released via Relapse Records in North America/UK/World on May 27th, 2014 preceded by Germany/Benelux/Finland on May 24th, 2014. The track listing is as follows:

1. Still Reborn
2. Redemption Through Blood
3. Eventide
4. Seven Stars Unseen
5. G.N.O.N.
6. Until the End
7. My Hate Is Pure
8. N
9. Next Level Black
10. Under the Rose (Kiss cover) (bonus)

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Vassafor Streaming New Track “Son Of The Moon”

Today, mind-bending black/death cult Vassafor premieres the new track “Son of the Moon” online. Give it a listen at here.

The track – a cover of Greek black metal band Varathron – hails from the band’s forthcoming split vinyl LP with Sinistrous Diabolus, set for international release on June 16th via Iron Bonehead Productions. The track listing is as follows:

A1. Vassafor – Ossuary in Darkness
A2. Vassafor – Son of the Moon
B1. Sinistrous Diabolus – Aeon Tenebris – Aeo Lacrimis

 photo vassa_zps01a79912.jpg

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Graves At Sea Streaming New Song “Betting On Black”

Another earful of grisly doom from Portland misery bringers Graves At Sea is now available online. Check out “Betting On Black” over at here.

This latest canticle serves as the opening number from the band’s upcoming split with the Cape Fear riff-wielders in Sourvein. The split will be unleashed via Seventh Rule Recordings later this month on May 15th. Pre-orders are available at this location. The track listing is as follows:

1. GRAVES AT SEA – Betting On Black
2. GRAVES AT SEA – Confession
3. SOURVEIN – Driffter
4. SOURVEIN – Equinox
5. SOURVEIN – Follow The Light

 photo gra_zpsc720142c.jpg

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Autopsy Streaming New Song “Burial”

U.S. death metal band Autopsy has teamed up with Pitchfork to launch a brand new track, titled “Burial,” taken from the band’s upcoming seventh studio album, “Tourniquets, Hacksaws and Graves.”

Stream the new track at here before the album hits stores on April 29th via Peaceville.

“Tourniquets, Hacksaws and Graves” can be pre-ordered now via the Peaceville webstore. The track listing is as follows:

1. Savagery
2. King of Flesh Ripped
3. Tourniquets, Hacksaws and Graves
4. The Howling Dead (streaming here)
5. After The Cutting
6. Forever Hungry
7. Teeth of The Shadow Horde
8. All Shall Bleed
9. Deep Crimson Dreaming
10. Parasitic Eye
11. Burial
12. Autopsy

 photo autp2_zps0d7ce039.jpg

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Twilight Streaming Final Album “III: Beneath Trident’s Tomb”

Chicago’s Twilight releases third and final album, “III: Beneath Trident’s Tomb,” today through Century Media (read our review over here). Six tracks appear on the record and the full album is streaming now at here. The track listing is as follows:

1. Lungs (Whitehead/Jameson)
2. Oh Wretched Son (Giannopoulos/Whitehead/Jameson)
3. Swarming Funereal Mass (Whitehead/Jameson)
4. Seek No Shelter Fevered Ones (Giannopoulos/Whitehead/Jameson)
5. A Flood of Eyes (Giannopoulos/Moore/Whitehead/Jameson)
6. Below Lights (Parker/Jameson)

The lineup on this album is:

N. Imperial – vocals
Wrest – drums/bass/vocals
Stavros Giannopoulos – guitars/vocals
Sanford Parker – synths/electronics/production
Thurston Moore – guitar/vocals

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Nocturnal Breed Posts New Song “Krigshisser (D.N.K.)”

Nocturnal Breed has released a new track online for streaming titled “Krigshisser (D.N.K.),” which can be heard at here. The song features a guest appearance by Darkthrone’s Nocturno Culto on lead vocals.

“Krigshisser (D.N.K.)” comes off new album “Napalm Nights,” available for pre-order at this location. The album will hit stores on March 11th in Europe and March 18th in North America via Agonia Records. The track listing is as follows:

1. The Devil Swept The Ruins (streaming here)
2. Speedkrieg (streaming here)
3. Cursed Beyond Recognition (streaming here
4. The Bitch of Buchenwald
5. Napalm Nights
6. Thrashiac
7. Dawn Campaign… Flamethrower Ridge
8. Under The whip
9. Dragging The Priests
10. Krigshisser

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Indian Streaming Full “From All Purity” Album Online

In celebration of its impending release next Tuesday, “From All Purity,” the forthcoming new full-length from Chicago blackened doom misanthropes Indian, is now streaming online.

Get hopeless with the sounds of “From All Purity,” now playing at here. The following press release was also issued about the album:

“Recorded at Electrical Audio and Soma Studios in Chicago with engineer/co-producer Sanford Parker (Minsk, Nachtmystium, Yob, Samothrace), the six-track From All Purity is the sound of the earth dying; a corrosive audio collage where tar-black doom unites with sprawling waves of noise to create a near suffocating sensation of hate, suffering, and imminent decay. The true antithesis of easy listening, From All Purity’s earnest severity has reaped critical hails from media both stateside and abroad.

“This Sunday, Windy City residents are encourage to crash the official Indian listening party at iconic heavy metal burger mecca, Kuma’s Corner, which will include the debut of an official Indian burger! In related news, the band will perform at this year’s Roadburn gala with additional North American and European tour dates to be announced in the coming weeks. Stay tuned.”

1/19/2014 Kuma’s Corner – Chicago, IL * Listening Party + Burger Debut
4/12/2014 013 Venue – Tilburg, NL

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Culted Streams New Song “Transmittal”

Blackened doomhounds Culted today crush all your hopes and dreams with “Transmittal,” currently murking up the sound sphere at here.

The soul-suffocating anti-hymn comes courtesy of the band’s “Oblique To All Paths” long player, scheduled for release via Relapse Records later this month.Comments Michael Klassen (guitar/bass/percussion/noise) of the track:

“‘Transmittal’ is like the title suggests, a song intended to transmit an experience to the listener. Initially, it may lull the mind with hypnotic effects and repetition perhaps blurring vision and numbing consciousness. But it awakens with a scream to spark a flame and illuminate the world with fire, while scorching the wings of angels to finally reveal the collapse and coldness of space to the listener.”

The band’s previously posted track “Illuminati” can also be heard over at this location.

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