Venom Prison Releases “Perpetrator Emasculation” Video

Coming off the Metal Hammer/Golden Gods “Best New Band” award, U.K. death metal outfit Venom Prison is now premiering new video “Perpetrator Emasculation.” The track is taken from debut full-length album, Animus, which is out now. The video was shot at a house show by Ashlea Bea Photography in the band’s hometown.

Frontwoman Larissa comments: “Venom Prison grew from a grass roots hardcore scene, and have no intention of forgetting where we have come from. VP recently decided to do a home town show at a secret location and as you can see, it was intense.

“Living in a time where music venues close down or just aren’t affordable for underground promoters and bands, supporting your local scene is very important as it helps expanding musical boundaries and help to evolve the bands involved in it. Hopefully this footage from ‘Perpetrator Emasculation’ spreads word that shows like this are going on all over the world in DIY spaces.

“This year has been relentless for us so far. Venom Prison has had all sorts happening recently including Download Festival and winning Best Newcomer award at the Golden Gods. It reflects everything that goes into making this happen because this band genuinely works continuously.”

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New Video Clip “Painful Shadow” Issued By Hadal

Italian death/doom metal band Hadal is proud to announce the release of the new official video for the title track of the latest album “Painful Shadow,” which is available now via Sliptrick Records.

In the bands own words; “We tried to recreate the essence of the album, using no colors but only black and white, as a reminder of the acoustic guitars opposed to the distorted ones and of the clean vocals opposed to the growls. A lonely soldier is facing an unfair war, surrounded by the distressing presence of a silent shadow that hangs over him. Particular attention has been paid to the photography and the film making technique. We didn’t want to use special effects or any computer graphics. Our intention was to keep it as real and as cruel as reality is.”

Check out the clip here:

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Aegror Signs Record Deal To Release “Dead Man’s Diary”

German black / death metal band Aegror just issued this announcement about inking a record deal and gearing up to release a new album:

“A long lapse of time went by since Mithyr and Narthaas shared the passion for music and founded their first band called Nebelsturm together in 2005. In 2008 they changed the bands name to Aegror according to the lyrical concept of their first LP ‘De Morbis’ which has been released in 2010.

“After the line up has changed a few times in the past the band now has a stable line up with Mithyr, Narthaas, Acorus, Skarrg and Abyssus. Together the five members create unique and passionate black/death metal which is incompareable to other bands in this scene.

“And now – after 12 years – of hard work, blood, sweat and vomit they are fucking proud to announce that Aegror has finally signed to STF-Records & the Satura Publishing Company! Our new album ‘Dead Man’s Diary’ will be released on 02.06.2017.

“Thanks to all of you who supported us the whole time! Special thanks to Mia Mane Photography for this great new Promo-Photos, to Metallurgy Tonstudio and to Convictive!”

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Bloodclot (featuring current and former members of the Cro-Mags, Queens of the Stone Age, Danzig) signs worldwide deal with Metal Blade Records

– November 16th, 2016 –

Photo credit: Wass Photography, Dustin Jack Photography, Lloyd Nickell, Tony Virgadamo

Metal Blade Records is proud to announce the worldwide signing of the hardcore punk unit Bloodclot.

Bloodclot is a project featuring true hardcore pioneers: John Joseph of the Cro-Mags, plus former members of Queens of the Stone Age (Joey Castillo, drums; Nick Oliveri, bass), and Danzig (Todd Youth, guitar). While being the leader of one of the most influential hardcore bands of all time – the Cro-Mags – John Joseph is also an author, an outspoken advocate of plant-based nutrition, and a competitive Ironman tri-athlete. Todd Youth – who played in Agnostic Front at the age of 12 – has played guitar with a myriad of artists, including Danzig, Glen Campbell, Motorhead, Ace Frehley, and many more. Additionally, Nick Oliveri has played bass in Queens of the Stone Age, alongside one of the most sought-after drummers in the scene, Joey Castillo – who has also sat behind the kit for Danzig and Eagles Of Death Metal.

These four renowned musicians came together when Cro-Mags guitarist AJ Novello was unable to play a show, and John Joseph called Todd Youth to fill-in for him. The two rekindled their friendship and enjoyed playing together so much that a decision was made to re-form Bloodclot (whose origins date back to a 1981 Bad Brains tour). Todd began the songwriting process, and soon after, Joey Castillo and Nick Oliveri were recruited to join the band. With the new line-up in place, and songs to record, Metal Blade Records CEO Brian Slagel offered Bloodclot a worldwide deal.

In regards to the signing, Brian Slagel comments: “Super excited to be working with these legends! The material is fresh and what you would expect from such an amazing group! Thanks to Tal Ronnen of Crossroads Kitchen for his help on this too!”

Michael Alago – a former record label A&R executive and talent scout for over 24 years – also helped facilitate this new partnership, as Bloodclot‘s manager. Having earned the respect of the industry for his expertise in a wide variety of musical genres, Alago was responsible for signing Metallica, White Zombie, Alan Vega, Johnny Rotten (with his band Public Image, Ltd.), Cyndi Lauper, Nina Simone (for whom he also acted as Executive Producer on the acclaimed album, A Single Woman), among many other artists. Now, Bloodclot joins that repertoire, as his latest celebrated signing.

Bloodclot plans to release their upcoming album, Up In Arms, in spring 2017, with worldwide touring to follow. Stay tuned for more details coming soon!

Bloodclot line-up:
John Joseph (Cro-Mags) – Vocals
Todd Youth (ex-Danzig) – Guitars
Nick Oliveri (ex-Queens of the Stone Age) – Bass
Joey Castillo (ex-Queens of the Stone Age, ex-Danzig) – Drums

Bloodclot online:


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Edensong Posts “Cold City” Lyric Video

New York City progressive troupe Edensong today presents an official video for the track “Cold City,” which hails from second full-length album, “Years In The Garden Of Years.”

As the ambitious new album, nearly five years in the making, comes ever closer to release next week through Laser’s Edge, the “Cold City” lyric video comes into the public domain below. Edensong comments:

“‘Cold City’ is the first track off the new album. We always intended it to open the album. In fact, I think we knew how we were going to start off this record even before we had written most of it! Edensong is no stranger to the classic, proggy, slow-building, acoustic intro, but here we wanted to change things up a bit and intentionally went with something that will grab you from the down beat and jostle you awake like a triple shot of espresso.

“It’s not technically part of the song cycle that spans most of Years In The Garden Of Years but I think it does a good job of introducing the sound of the record and showcasing the ways in which this band has evolved since The Fruit Fallen.

“We wanted to paint a grittier reality with this tune, and wanted it to live in a different visual universe from the song cycle, so, when it came time to create the lyric video for this song, we opted to work with the dark cityscapes featured in the photography of Scott Irvine, rather than the fantasy tinged paintings of Dan May, who created our album cover and most of the other visuals for the record. I think Scott’s photos, brought to life by Nick Fiore’s direction, pair perfectly with the song.”

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Calgary Metalfest 2016 Holding Charity Auction

Since 2013, Calgary Metalfest has raised $4000 for Make-A-Wish Southern Alberta. This year the fest’s organizers plan to shatter that record and raise $10,000 to sponsor an entire wish for a child.

This auction is a live one that will occur between band sets during the fest at all venues. You must be there to be part of the auction. The following items will be available”

– Jeff Waters of Annihilator will be donating one of his guitars
– Tony Iommi signature model Epiphone SG donated by Ross Ingall of Too Metal For Church
– A nightscape print on metal donated by the Monika Deviat of Deviant Optiks Photography
– Each night’s respective 4’X6′ poster will be signed by all the bands and auctioned off
– A signed Tenacious D photograph donated by Daryl Buchanan of
– A signed photo of you and your favourite band, taken, printed and signed that night
– Tickets to other festivals through the Western Canadian Metal Festival Alliance

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Vancouver Black Metal Exhibit Announced With Peter Beste

Photographer Peter Beste and graphic artist Christophe Szpajdel will be featured in the first installation of Vancouver’s “Black” – The Black Metal Exhibition – being held from June 11th to 19th at the Evergreen Cannabis Society (2868 West 4th Avenue).

“Black” has been conceived by local photographer Kevin Eisenlord, who joined forces with Abelardo Mayoral, concert promoter at The Invisible Orange. to materialize this event. Eisenlord comments:

“I actually came in contact with Christophe through friends in black metal band Idolatry whom I had done pictures for and Peter is an icon in the black metal community in general, so I messaged him as I was really interested in a critic of my photos because he is one the most respected authorities in black metal photography. From there I have developed a friendship with both as I look up to their work and thus the reason for showcasing two of the world’s great black metal artists in Vancouver, plus nothing like this has ever been held in the city before.”

The exhibition will feature the photography of Peter Beste, a documentary photographer based in Portland, Oregon and well known in the metal community for his photography book “True Norwegian Black Metal.”

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Randy Blythe: “What The Guys Have Writing Sounds Pretty Monstrous”

Lamb Of God’s Randy Blythe has conducted a lengthy interview with Noisey regarding his photography, along with a bit about upcoming music and live performances from the band.

Regarding what’s in store for Lamb Of God in the future, Blythe comments:

Lamb of God is playing a bunch of big gigs this year, and sooner or later we’ll write an album. What the guys have been writing sounds pretty monstrous thus far.

In the immediate we’re going to Soundwave in Australia in February, which will be warm and awesome. It’ll be our third Soundwave. Going to Indonesia after that for a few days, hopefully I’ll get some time to surf. We’ll be doing some bigger gigs in the summer too. We had to take some time off because the tour cycle took about three years, like writing recording touring, and then I got arrested.

The whole legal thing took over a year of my life, during which we toured in the states and afterwards we finished up the touring cycle. It was a rough, rough year so thank god it’s behind me. So we got done touring South Africa in January and I started working on my book, which should come out sometime in 2015, it’s being edited now. It’s a book called “Dark Days,” which is basically about what happened over in the Czech Republic. My editor sent me back the manuscript, so I have to approve edit that by January. So that should be out sometime in the summer maybe, not sure how long it’s gonna take.

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Skan Posts Video Clip For “The Eye” From “Old King” Album

Austin, Texas extreme metal act, Skan has posted a video clip for their song “The Eye.” The song was taken from their their EP, “Old King” (reviewed here.) Photography and editing by Skan. Sigil 1 art by R.W. Cook of Norot. A.L. Pistolera stars as the Wrathful Goddess of Death.

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King Of Asgard Posts “The Runes Of Hel” Music Video

Swedish Viking black metal-tinged act King Of Asgard is set to release third album “Karg” on July 22nd, 2014 via Metal Blade Records. Pre-orders are available at this location.

Today King Of Asgard debuts a new video from the record for the song “The Runes of Hel.” Tune in below, thanks to Decibel Magazine. The video was directed by Rickard Moneus, and the band comments:

“‘The Runes of Hel’ was shot at the location of Vadstena Castle, inside one out of four circular cannon turrets. Vadstena Castle is a former Royal Castle and fortress built by King Gustav I of Sweden (Gustav Vasa) in 1545. Vadstena being the city where both Karl and Jonas were born and forged. Somewhat the perfect place for a video to be shot. Thus, one night in May, the key to the city of Vadstena was lent to King of Asgard. A long and late evening, in authentic setting with history’s rugged wing beats embracing. Breathing the past and standing on undisturbed soil among ghouls and phantoms. A location harsh, barren and cold as carved for the finalization of ‘The Runes of Hel!’

“As in customary and traditional arrangement Rickard Monéus (, our true companion in arms, handled the photography and the completion of this piece. Assisted by our fellow thrall Petter Fredriksson. Lean back and soak yourselves, as we present to thee; ‘The Runes of Hel!'”

Be sure to also check out King Of Asgard’s recent entry in our Pit Stories column at this location. The new album’s track listing is as follows:

1. The Runes of Hel
2. The Trickster
3. Highland Rebellion
4. Remnant of the Past (streaming here)
5. Omma
6. The Heritage Throne
7. Huldran
8. Rising
9. (bonus track) Total Destruction

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