Integrity Premiere Video For Cover Of G.I.S.M.’s “Document One”

Integrity debut a video for their take on G.I.S.M.‘s “Document One“, which you can stream below. The cover appears on the group’s recently released split with Krieg, which is out in stores now.

Days Integrity frontman Dwid Hellion of it:

“‘G.I.S.M.‘ has been one of my favorite bands since I was 13 years old, growing up in the Louisville punk scene. It feels great to be able to pay tribute to this amazing Japanese band by covering one of their songs. Hopefully, our cover reflects some of the intensity and savagery that G.I.S.M. stands for.”

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Full Bathory Tribute Cover Album Streaming Online

CVLT Nation is proud to present the next in an ongoing covers compilation series with Bathory’s infamous self-titled, debut album.

For tis latest offering, CVLT Nation has brought together nine bands to pay tribute to one of black metal’s greats: Meka, Grave Coven, Plagues, True Love, Expander, Worsen, Morast, Ultha, and Fever Nest.

Side Darkness
1. Storm Of Damnation (Intro) – Meka
2. Hades – Grave Coven
3. Reaper – Plagues
4. Necromansy – True Love
5. Sacrifice – Expander
Side Evil
6. In Conspirasy With Satan – Worsen
7. Armageddon – Morast
8. Raise The Dead – Ultha
9. War – Fever Nest
10. Outro – Meka

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Wheelfall Performs “Joan Of Arc” Cover By The Melvins

Wheelfall has posted a cover of The Melvins’ “Joan of Arc,” which can be heard below. The band also comments:

“Prepare to worship at the altar of the HEAVY RIFF. We are very pleased to be able to present the second episode of the Wheelfall’s ‘Live Studio Sessions.’ Only live music is real, no tricks, no cheatings, only the band by itself. Only the truth. This episode featured ‘Joan of Arc,’ a cover from The Melvins just to pay tribute to this highly influential band. Turn it up and melt into the pavement.”

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