Dorothy Polonium Releases “Secrets Of The Deep” Music Video

Finnish group Dorothy Polonium just released a second single and accompanying music video “Secrets of the Deep,” following previous single release “Dystopia.” These two songs are paving the way for an upcoming debut album.

Dorothy Polonium will also embark on a European tour with fellow Finnish band Escalane, which commences in Prague on May 24th – full details can be found at Facebook here or by following the band’s official blog here.

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Terrifier Signs With Test Your Metal Records

Test Your Metal Records is proud to announce the signing of Vancouver, BC thrash group Terrifier for the release of next album “Weapons of Thrash Destruction,” set to be released in January of 2017.

This release will be the follow-up to previously unleashed “Metal or Death” EP from 2013 and 2012’s “Destroyers of the Faith” album. Test Your Metal founder Grant Truesdell comments:

“Get ready for some of the best thrash metal and virtuoso shredding I’ve heard in a long time! Terrifier are paving the way for the ‘New Wave of Thrash Destruction’. Be prepared for some in your face, balls to the wall thrash metal!!”

1. Reanimator (5:24)
2. Deceiver (5:15)
3. Nuclear Demolisher (4:26)
4. Violent Reprisal (4:17)
5. Skitzoid Embolism (4:08)
6. Drunk as Fuck (4:12)
7. Bestial Tyranny (6:13)
8. Riders of Doom (1:40)
9. Sect of the Serpent (6:44)

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Sacrilegium Re-Releasing “Wicher” Via Pagan Records

Sacrilegium’s “Wicher” is due out in a new edition by Pagan Records this coming March 6th, 2015. The label had this to say:

“Sacrilegium’s ‘Wicher’ represents the true meaning of a quintessential obscure gem. Originally released in 1996, the Polish band’s forward-thinking approach to pagan black metal was extremely influential in paving the way for their compatriots.

“Drawing from the keyboard-leanings of Limbonic Art and the vast legacy of Bathory, the trio hammered out a début album filled with dark Slavonic paganism. Nearly 20 years later, cult label Pagan Records are re-releasing this long-since sold out classic on double-gatefold vinyl, with new artwork, photos and lyrics in the 16-page booklet.

‘For those who remember the glorious 90s and the Polish bands who stood at the forefront, this record is a perfect reminder of that time. For those that missed this first time round, Wicher is an essential part of education in the Polish black metal scene.

“The pagan traditions infused in these melancholic hymns is almost palpable, from the lyrics such as in ‘Wicher Falami Ognia’ to the very fibre of the riffs across the record. The record caps off with a bonus track, taken from their Jesienne Szepty split with North, which may be less refined than the album tracks but still possesses the same intense iciness throughout. Intense but required listening for any black metal fanatic.”

1. W Dolinie Rwacych Potoków
2. Spiew Kruków Czarnych Cieni
3. Wilczy Skowyt
4. W Rogatym Majestacie Snu
5. Zagubiona Ciemnosc
6. Wicher Falami Ognia
7. Szept Nocy
8. Tam Gdzie Gasnie Dzien (Bonus Track)

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Debut Album “Armed With Rage” To Be Released By Battery

Danish thrash act Battery will release the debut album “Armed With Rage” on February 24th via Punishment 18 Records (distributed in the U.S. via CM Distro). The band was formed in febuary 2008 by Chris, Andreas and former rythm guitarist Dennis, shortly after the demise of Abattoir (DNK).

The first rehearsal demo was recorded in 2008 and pressed on tape in 15 copies given to friends.
Shortly after, Dennis left the band and the band went on ice until the summer of 2009 when Jannick joined as both first and current bass player.

In 2009, the demo “Born In a Beaker” was recorded and released by the band itself in a limited quantity of 100 copies on cassette, which was spread throughout the Danish underground paving the way for the first gigs – the first being with Crematoria and Pagan Rites in April 2010, and the second in July at the Metal Magic Festival – accompanied by Atziluth on Live-guitar.

Atziluth was soon replaced by Jeppe Campradt until the summer of 2011 where Jeppe became the current rythm-guitarist in Battery.

2011 saw the first release on Deadbangers Productions (also the last release as a 3-piece) entitled “NUKE” which was distributed and sold far beyond Denmark, and soon followed up by the EP “Mental Pollution,” also on tape by/through Deadbangers Productions.

The track list for “Armed With Rage” is:

1. Narcotic Mirage
2. Armed With Rage
3. Indirect Oppression
4. Halo Of Hypocrisy
5. Hostile By Content
6. Vermin Of Fukushima
7. Pyramids Of Deceipt
8. Sense Eclipsed
9. Zombestial Incantation
10. Genocidal Gatlin Gunners

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