New Album “Evocation II – Pantheon” Issued By Eluveitie

Eight years after melodic death/folk metal masters Eluveitie released the acoustic album “Evocation I,” the Swiss musicians have stored their electronic instruments again in the rehearsal room. “Evocation II – Pantheon” will be released August 18th via Nuclear Blast Records. The album marks the debut for new members: Matteo Sisti (bagpipes/whistles), Alain Ackermann (drums), Jonas Wolf (guitars), Michalina Malisz (hurdy gurdy) and Fabienne Erni (vocals/harps/mandola).

Last week, the band unleashed first new song “Epona” (check it out below) and provoked some euphoric fan reactions. To guide you even deeper into the world of “Evocation II – Pantheon” and the new track, the band now unveils an info video about the background story and singer Chrigel explains who “Epona” is. Watch that clip at the bottom.

“We’re super happy and proud to present you ‘Epona’ – the first single of our upcoming album ‘Evocation II – Pantheon’!” states front man Chrigel Glanzmann. “The song is an ode to the riding goddess queen of the Celtic pantheon! And this not only lyrically. Also musically, for even though ‘Epona’ is an acoustic track, the song surges ahead with verve, power and speed and dashes like a galloping horse! It is a good song to give you a first glimpse of the raw, wild, honest, very folky and thoroughly celtic character of ‘Evocation II – Pantheon’!”

The track listing for “Evocation II – Pantheon” is:

1. Dureððu
2. Epona
3. Svcellos II (Sequel)
4. Nantosvelta
5. Tovtatis
6. Lvgvs
7. Grannos
8. Cernvnnos
9. Catvrix
10. Artio
11. Aventia
12. Ogmios
13. Esvs
14. Antvmnos
15. Tarvos II (Sequel)
16. Belenos
17. Taranis
18. Nemeton

Check out “Epona” here:

Check out the promo clip “The Story Of Epona” here:

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Eneferens Signs Record Deal With Bindrune Recordings

Montana-based project Eneferns has inked a deal with Bindrune Recordings and Nordvis Produktion. The label comments:

“The realm of doom metal has it’s own life and special place in the pantheon of musicians who feel at home embracing the dark/downtrodden themes and sounds unleashed by this colorful musical medium.

“Eneferens planted its flag there with 2 impressive releases last year that caught our ear thanks to sole innovator, Jori Apedaile’s, brilliant take on the genre. ‘In The Hours Beneath’ and ‘The Inward Cold’ were both released independently and feature a form of doom that is empowered by deep death and black metal stylistic traits that weave in superior harmonies and unshakable moments of melancholy which bring to mind the olden years of Katatonia and other doom influenced innovators found lurking in the early 90’s.

“With varying vocal styles and a touch of folk instrumentation, Eneferens has unveiled a well of inspiration and indication of the quality yet to come. Bindrune and Nordvis shall be giving Eneferens most recent opus, ‘The Inner Cold,’ a worldwide release on CD/LP/digital in the coming months as Jori continues to prepare his follow-up release slated for late fall/early winter.

“Eneferens is a powerful force upcoming in the underground and we are honored to help bring this music to the woodland masses! Stay tuned for more news as it becomes available!”

In The Hours Beneath by Eneferens

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Svartelder Streaming “Askebundet” EP

With a revitalized lineup that includes members of Carpathian Forest, In The Woods, Den Saakaldte, Pantheon I, and Old Forest, and following the release of the “Askebundet” single, Norwegian black metal band Svartelder has bowed to the pressure from fans eager for more material and self-released a three-track digital EP.

The EP, which is also titled “Askebundet” and comes in at just under 25 minutes, is available today on a name-your-price basis at Bandcamp. The artwork for “Askebundet” was handled by Kobold, and the track listing is as follows:

1. Askebundet
2. Bleeding Wounds
3. Ingen Vet Jeg Var…

Askebundet EP by Svartelder

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Dysangelium Announces “Thánatos Áskesis” Album Release

Hot on the heels of the “Leviaxxis” demo, W.T.C. Productions sets December 24th as the international release date for Dysangelium’s “Thánatos Áskesis,” the debut full-length album the German black metal cult. W.T.C. Productions comments:

“As prefaced by ‘Leviaxxis,’ the sound of ‘Thánatos Áskesis’ can rightfully be described as tyrannical: swift and strategic, roiling and rumbling, surging and striking, Dysangelium exude a startling confidence and authority beyond their young years as a band.

“The nine songs here righteously uphold the banner of orthodox black metal, but the Teutonic quintet work in a dazzling array of dynamics and nuance, especially in the unique, authoritative throat of vocalist Sektarist 0: it’s literally the mouth of hell, and his band mates follow suit with incendiary performances and muscular execution.

“Even the song titles – among them, ‘Gateways to Necromancy,’ ‘I Am the Witness, I Am the Servant,’ and ‘Words Like Flames’ – back up these claims. Soon enough, Dysangelium’sThánatos Áskesis will be spoken of as a momentous record in the pantheon of pure-and-proud black metal.”

1. Consecrated By Light
2. Words Like Flames
3. Obelisk Of The Sevencrowned Son
4. Chaomega
5. Aries
6. Gateways To Necromancy
7. Murmura
8. Ave Obscuritas Incarna
9. I Am The Witness, I Am The Servant

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Pantheon I Signs Deal With Non Serviam Records

Non Serviam Records is proud to announce a new record deal with Norwegian black metal band Pantheon I. An album is due out in the coming weeks, with full details forthcoming, and Pantheon I also comments:

“The songs on this album have a span of 10 years and it represents both the past and the present of Pantheon I.

“The album starts off with our latest EP recording and ends with our very first demo. you will be taken through a vast landscape where the sound become more raw and unpolished but the spirit still potent.

“A lot of these tracks have lost their original tapes so the sound may differ a lot from recording to recording, but this is our testimony to the world that pantheon I has always been about the extremes.”

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Negator Splits With Guitar Player Kliffjard

Germany’s Negator has checked in with the following announcement about parting ways with the band’s guitarist:

“Unfortunately we have to inform you, that Kliffjard is no longer a member of Negator. Due to other duties in life, which he will be facing from now on, we had to come to this conclusion.

“We want to thank him for his tremendous energy and for the great contribution. We wish him all the best for the future! BUT, we have already found a worthy successor, who will be revealed soon!”

Negator’s latest album “Gates to the Pantheon” was released in 2013. Check out a lyric video off the album below.

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Preview Of New DVD “Into The Pantheon” Posted By Empyrium

German neofolk act Empyrium posted a preview clip from the upcoming live CD/DVD/Blu-Ray release “Into the Pantheon.” The release the band’s performances at the Wave Gotik Treffen in the Pantheon of Volkspalast Leipzig on June 11, 2011 and is scheduled for release via Prophecy Productions on August 30th in the following formats:

– CD plus booklet in a cardboard case
– DVD/Bluray (region code free) plus booklet in a cardboard case
– Slipcase box including both cardboard cases with CD, DVD and Bluray plus booklet and photo cards of the Empyrium live line-up

The track list for “Into the Pantheon” is:

1. The Days Before the Fall
2. The Franconian Woods in Winter’s Silence
3. Where at Night the Wood Grouse Plays
4. Heimwärts
5. Mourners
6. Die Schwäne im Schilf
7. Dead Winter Ways (Unreleased Track)
8. Der Weiher
9. Many Moons Ago
10. Das blau-kristallne Kämmerlein

Check out the preview clip here:

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Ministry Frontman Speaks On Guitarist Mike Scaccia’s Passing

Ministry frontman Al Jourgensen has posted a message online paying tribute to his bandmate Mike Scaccia, who passed away in the early hours of December 23rd whilst performing on stage with Rigor Mortis. Jourgensen’s message reads as follows:

“I just lost my lil’ brother and my best friend. The 13th Planet compound is devastated, completely in shock and shattered. Mikey was not only the best guitar player in the history of music, but he was a close, close, close part of our family — and I just lost a huge chunk of my heart today. Our lives are forever changed. Life without Mikey is like orange juice without pulp — kind of bland. I have no words to express what this guy meant to me, my family, my career… everything!

“Get to know his lead parts, for they are in the pantheon of music! Unfortunately, most of you didn’t get to know Mikey’s soul, which is in the pantheon of humanity. He is my hero, my friend and my idol. Mikey was always beside me – my right-hand man – through thick and thin, the good, the bad, the ugly and the beautiful.

“Rest in peace my brother, my friend, my heart.

“Please pray for Mike Scaccia and Jenny, his wife and their children, and his family.”

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Pantheon I Posts New Album Drum Recording Footage

Norwegian act Pantheon I is currently working on new album “Adversus Relgionem,” and the band has now posted a video diary online showcasing the drum recording process.

Check out the video below, and look out for more studio clips coming from Pantheon I soon. Further details on the follow-up to 2009’s “Worlds I Create” will be announced as they become available from the band.

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