Old Wounds Debut New Song & Music Video “Give A Name To Your Pain” – To Release New Album “Glow” In November,

Old Wounds announce that their new full-length “Glow” will receive a November 09th release via Good Fight Music. An official music video for the first track of it titled “Give A Name To Your Pain” has premiered online and is streaming below.

The band’s vocalist Kevin Iavaroni commented of the song:

“‘Give A Name To Your Pain‘ was written in some of my most private moments. The ones where you seek out your weakness and call it by its name. I give it to you. Thank you for listening.”

The band will be touring this fall in support of the effort with See You Space Cowboy and Chamber, dates include:

11/02 Syracuse, NY – Sparks Art Space
11/03 Hartford, CT – Webster Underground
11/04 Brooklyn, NY – Goldsounds
11/05 Rochester, NY – White Beetle Room
11/06 Columbus, OH – Big Room Bar
11/07 Chicago, IL – Cobra Lounge
11/08 St. Louis, MO – The Sinkhole
11/09 Des Moines, IA – Vaudeville Mews
11/11 Denver, CO – Moon Room
11/12 Salt Lake City, UT – Kilby Court
11/13 Las Vegas, NV – American Legion Hall
11/14 Los Angeles, CA – The Resident
11/15 Scottsdale, AZ – Pub Rock
11/17 Oklahoma CIty, OK – 89th st.
11/18 San Antonio, TX – Jack’s Patio Bar
11/19 Dallas, TX The – Prophet Bar
11/20 Houston, TX – Satellite Bar
11/21 New Orleans, LA – Gasa Gasa
11/23 Douglasville, GA – Irish Attic
11/24 Nashville, TN – The End
11/25 Pittsburgh, PA – Funhouse at Mr Smalls

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Fit For A King Premiere New Music Video For “Oblivion”

Fit For A King‘s new music video for their track “Oblivion” premiered online streaming below. Kevin Johnson directed the video with the track appearing on the group’s latest album, “Dark Skies“.

Comment Fit For A King of this latest track:

“‘Oblivion‘, on its own, is a very personal songs to me, but with this video, it’s brought to a different level. The video shows how powerful forgiveness can be, and even when we don’t think others deserve it, God does. This video definitely isn’t for the faint of heart. But we believe it can show the power of forgiveness through the pain.”

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Letters From The Fire Releasing “Worth The Pain” Album

U.S. hard rock band Letters From The Fire will release debut album “Worth The Pain” in Europe/UK on March 18th, 2017 via Sand Hill Records/Cargo Records. The album was produced, engineered, mixed, and mastered by Kile Odell (Motionless in White, Cursed Sails, Killwhitneydead, Vanisher). The track listing is as follows:

1. Perfect Life
2. Mother Misery
3. Give in to Me
4. Bruised
5. Live a Lie
6. My Angel
7. Last December
8. Holy Ghost
9. At War
10. Control
11. Worth the Pain
12. Scars
13. One Foot in the Grave

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Coma Cluster Void Streams Full “Mind Cemeteries” Album

Dissonant extreme death metal unit Coma Cluster Void just released new full-length album “Mind Cemeteries” on August 26th and now the full release has come online for streaming. Listen in below.

1. Prologue: I Am
2. Iron Empress (streaming here)
3. Drowning Into Sorrow
4. Path Of Lies
5. Mind Cemeteries
6. Interlude: I See Through Your Pain
7. The Hollow Gaze
8. Everything Is Meant To Kill Us
9. Petrified Tears
10. All Bitter Endings
11. Epilogue: As I Walk Amongst The Sick

Mind Cemeteries by Coma Cluster Void

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Coma Cluster Void Posts New Song “Drowning Into Sorrow”

As dissonant extreme death metal unit Coma Cluster Void moves closer to the August 26th release of full-length album “Mind Cemeteries,” the band today unloads second single “Drowning Into Sorrow.”

Pre-orders for Coma Cluster Void’s upcoming “Mind Cemeteries” are available through Bandcamp here. The album’s track listing is as follows:

1. Prologue: I Am
2. Iron Empress (streaming here)
3. Drowning Into Sorrow
4. Path Of Lies
5. Mind Cemeteries
6. Interlude: I See Through Your Pain
7. The Hollow Gaze
8. Everything Is Meant To Kill Us
9. Petrified Tears
10. All Bitter Endings
11. Epilogue: As I Walk Amongst The Sick

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Wild Zombie Blast Guide Releases “I Give You Mercy” Music Video

The release of the new Wild Zombie Blast Guide album “Back From The Dead” had to be postponed by one week to August 26th, but to soothe the pain of that setback today a new music video arrives.

The guys from Wild Zombie Blast Guide now offer up a clip for “I Give You Mercy.” This is just one of nine hefty thrashcore grenades that will be lobbed with “Back From The Dead.”

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Five Finger Death Punch Releases “My Nemesis” Video

Five Finger Death Punch just debuted an official music video for new single “My Nemesis.” The video concept was conceived by the band and realized by director Nick Peterson, who previously directed the 5FDP videos for “Coming Down” (2012) and “Wrong Side Of Heaven” (2014).

“My Nemesis” is the third single from the band’s current album, “Got Your Six,” and has already climbed to Top 20 on the Active Rock radio chart. The clip’s storyline explores the hard and painful choices everyone has to face one time or another in life. The video is focused around the pain and grief involved in overcoming and moving on from emotionally entangled difficult situations.

Zoltan Bathory (guitars) states: “In life everyone has a nemesis… it can be anything… a self defeating thinking pattern, a bad habit, an addiction, an adversary… something or someone that puts you in an impossible scenario, where you are presented with a fork in the road. Sometimes there is no other choice but making a hard choice.

“You can give up and just suffer the situation, or you can use your pain to overcome it, as pain is truly the wind in the sails of change. We wanted to present a story about moving on, a story that probes and questions compassion and loyalty. Those are beautiful notions, but remember you have to be loyal and fair to yourself as well, so will you sacrifice yourself for another or will you live with the guilt that you didn’t.”

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Epic Death Posts “Hide” Music Video

Black / thrash / death metal band Epic Death just released a music video for the track “Hide,” taken off upcoming album “Witchcraft,” due out December 11, 2015.

The video was directed by Triin and filmed at Musician Services Unlimited. Epic Death’s Dennis Dorsett comments: “It’s about the pain of an unhappy life filled with regret and the only thing you want to do is hide from the pain by finding a safe place by yourself, unfortunately, no matter where you hide time will find you.”

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Eric Sartana Releases “Acoustic Paths” EP

Eric Sartana from Throne Of Malediction just released a gloomy, black metal inspired acoustic EP fittingly titled “Acoustic Paths.”

Take a trek through the withered soundscapes below, or pick up your own digital copy at Bandcamp here. The album’s track listing is as follows:

1. In Desolation 06:13
2. For Nothing 03:05
3. I Don’t Mind the Pain (Danzig cover) 04:19
4. All Falls Down 03:25
5. Desecration Smile (RHCP cover) 04:49
6. Forest of Lies 04:03

Acoustic Paths EP by Eric Sartana

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Sourvein signs to Metal Blade Records, plan release of “Aquatic Occult” for 2015

– September 11th, 2014 –

Critically-acclaimed sludge/doom veterans Sourvein have signed with Metal Blade Records! The new partnership’s first effort will be the release of the band’s fourth full-length album, “Aquatic Occult” in 2015. The album is scheduled to be recorded with Corrosion of Conformity’s Mike Dean in early 2015 and will finally see its release later that year. Sourvein main man Troy “T-Roy” Medlin was interviewed by friend and fellow musician, Randy Blythe of Lamb of God fame, who penned the band’s new biography. The text will serve as an excellent introduction for the uninitiated. It’s a recap of the past twenty years of the band, and a look towards a bright future for Sourvein.

Below is an excerpt from the biography, which includes comments on the signing and the upcoming album:

Over twenty long dues-paying years later, Sourvein has at long last found a proper home for their doom-laden Southern noise with underground stalwarts Metal Blade Records, and Medlin couldn’t be happier. “Aquatic Occult“, the band’s first offering on the label, promises to be heavier than a two-ton anchor dropped into an antique porcelain bathtub– it’s going to break things. But getting here hasn’t been easy.

Finally, man. Finally,” he says, shaking his head in disbelief as he reflects on the lengthy, grueling trek that brought his band to Metal Blade’s roster.

It’s the record I wanted to make when I was in those rooming houses, but I couldn’t,” Medlin says, “There was too much pain, so I got lost for bit, falling back into the party life and trying to numb myself with alcohol. But motherfuckers need to feel the pain. There is more to life than numbing yourself.” Is that what “Aquatic Occult” will be about, bringing the pain? “I’m going to bring the truth. The lyrics are reality to me; I don’t write about cars or chicks or fucking horror movies, I write about getting my nose fucking broken, all the stuff I saw growing up and now. But I want it to be positive, to let people know that there is a way out of bad times and tough situations. I’m living proof,” he says. When Sourvein hits the road in 2015 to support “Aquatic Occult“, is that what he’ll be talking from the stage, positivity?”

Man, it’s not all peace and love; it’s just not coming from hate anymore. And when I’m on stage, I’m not up there to talk to you anyways. I’ll let the amplifiers do the talking. I want you to feel it. You’ve got to feel alive, and life sometimes includes pain. Masking it doesn’t do any good, because it’s still there. It’s better to live and feel it. All of it, the good, the bad, and the ugly.

For more information and to stay up to date, follow Sourvein on facebook and twitter here:


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