Earthless Premiere New Song “Black Heaven”

The title track to Earthless‘ new album “Black Heaven” is presently streaming below in advance of the effort’s March 16th release via Nuclear Blast Records.

Describes drummer Mario Rubalcaba the song:

“A whirlwind ride through dark clouds and muddy waters, hi-energy sludge that rolls and heavy riffage that rock. Psychedelic sprinkles all over the place make me wanna turn this sucker up loud as hell only to howl at the heavens.”

Adds bassist Mike Eginton :

“The main riff for ‘Black Heaven‘ came about during a soundcheck in Australia in 2015. I think we sort of played that riff a little bit several times on that tour while we were setting up. Other parts came in over the following years, but it wasn’t ever worked on very seriously until we started working on ‘Black Heaven‘. Then it came together pretty quickly when we started jamming it out.”

The band have already announced some touring in support of the outing, you can find those dates below:

02/28 San Rafael, CA – Terrapin Crossroads
03/01 San Francisco, CA – Great American Music Hall
03/02 San Diego, CA – Casbah
03/03 San Diego, CA – Casbah
03/04 Los Angeles, CA – Teragram Ballroom
03/05 Santa Cruz, CA – The Atrium
03/07 Las Vegas, NV – Beauty Bar
03/08 Pioneertown, CA – Pappy & Harriet’s
03/13 Cleveland, OH – Grog Shop
03/14 Toronto, ON – Lee’s Palace
03/15 Montreal, QC – L’Astral
03/16 Brooklyn, NY – Market Hotel
03/17 Boston, MA – The Sinclair
03/18 Philadelphia, PA – Underground Arts
03/20 Washington, DC – Rock N Roll Hotel
03/21 Richmond, VA – The Broadberry
03/22 Nashville, TN – Mercy Lounge
03/23 St. Louis, MO – Blueberry Hill
03/24 Chicago, IL – Empty Bottle
03/25 Chicago, IL – Empty Bottle

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Dead By Wednesday Releases “The Surgeon” Music Video

New Haven, CT’s Dead By Wednesday today releases “The Surgeon,” a new video directed by Jacques Molle and taken from latest album “The Darkest Of Angels.”

“The Surgeon,” an emotionally-charged acoustic track with unexpected flamenco flair courtesy of Soulfly/Cavalera guitarist Marc Rizzo, has the distinction of being the only track on the album to feature the band’s current full-time vocalist Rob Roy, as well as Rizzo, who was announced earlier this summer had also joined the band as a full time member.

“The Surgeon” comes in on a lighter note, following the band’s previous single “Live Again” featuring Shadow’s Fall vocalist Brian Fair. Says Drummer Christian “Opus” Lawrence:

“We know we’ll probably take some shit from the ‘meta’” guys for this track, especially while ‘Live Again’ is still going, and most of the stuff that has been put out from this record so far has been heavier. But it’s such a powerful song, especially right in the middle of so many great brutally heavy tracks. The album really is all over the place, but ‘The Surgeon’ is so powerful and real, and is not only a really amazing showcase of what Rob can do, but also shows a whole other side of the band. We can do heavy. But, yeah, we can do this, too.”

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Inherit Disease Streaming New Track “Divergence”

“Ephemeral” is the impending new long player from Ventura, California-based technical death metal unit Inherit Disease. In advance of its release April 8th, today you can hear new track “Divergence” below.

The follow-up to 2010’s seminal “Visceral Transcendence” was tracked at Seahorse Sound Studios by Samur Khouja (Condemned, Arkaik, Flesh Consumed) and mixed and mastered by Sasha Borovykh (Epicardiectomy, Cerebral Effusion) at Tsun Tsun Productions. The album was once again adorned with the stunningly disturbing cover creation of Yang Guang.

“Religion is the great plague of man,” states Inherit Disease collectively of the theme behind this new track. “Science is the cure through utilization of technology. This is a song [guitarist] Derek [DeRoos] wrote most of. He kept rewriting and throwing out parts on this song because they weren’t hard enough to play. It took forever to finish. It’s all over the place and hard as hell to play!”

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The Haunted Streams New Song “Eye Of The Storm”

Swedish metal pioneers The Haunted have launched a new track “Eye Of The Storm,” featuring the band’s revamped line-up. Taken from a 3-song single of the same name, this title track can be heard below.

Due out tomorrow (January 21st) in North America via Century Media Records, “Eye Of The Storm” will be available as a limited edition 7″ and as a digital single. The track listing is:

1. Eye Of The Storm
2. Infiltrator
3. My Enemy

“Eye Of The Storm” marks The Huanted’s recording debut of the band’s revamped line-up, which includes founding members Jensen (Guitars) and Jonas Björler (Bass), returning members Marco Aro (Vocals) and Adrian Erlandsson (Drums), as well as new member Ola Englund (Guitars).

The Haunted’s Jensen comments: “There aren’t superlatives enough to describe how much the band has longed for these three songs to be released. We are sure fans have been anxious to know what the band sounds like today after all the turmoil and old members leaving and new members joining. We feel that these three songs represent the band perfectly. We are currently working on the new album, an album that will be filled to the brim with what we know to be ‘The Haunted’. We’ll start doing gigs this spring and we’ll do festivals all over the place this summer. Get in touch with the festivals you visit (and behave like an animal at) and tell them to get us on the bill! The Haunted is back. Play it loud. No. Louder.”

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Fan Stabbed At Broken Hope/Deicide Show In El Paso

Broken Hope is currently out on the road with Deicide on the “No Salvation” tour and has posted the following message online about a fan having his throat cut during a show:

“Broken Hope just learned a fan got their throat cut with a box cutter during Broken Hope’s set tonight in El Paso. Cops and paramedics are all over the place. Please send warm wishes to this fan.”

A local news organization,, also reported on the situation:

At least two people were hospitalized after a fight at a metal concert in Downtown El Paso.

It happened at Tricky Falls on South El Paso Street near East Overland at about 11 last night. Police said at some point, a fight broke out and at least one person was stabbed in the neck.

One person who was there said he saw two people fighting in the mosh pit during the Deicide concert and then people pulled the two away from each other.

Paramedics took at least two people to University Medical Center with serious injuries. Police were investigating.

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August Burns Red Checks In From The Studio With New Album Update

August Burns Red will be releasing a limited split with Silverstein titled “Four Minutes Being Cool” for the upcoming Record Store Day, and the band is also at work on a new full-length album. August Burns Red has now checked in from the studio with the following recording update:

“Hey everyone, I wanted to update you on where we are currently at with the recording of our 5th full length album. We officially started tracking about a month ago and by the end of this week we will be completely finished with the tracking phase of the album. Dustin wrapped up bass yesterday and Matt just put the finishing touches on his drums by sprinkling some overdubs (tambourine, shakers, conga, etc) over a bunch of songs. JB and Brent wrapped up all their guitars last week and Jake will be done recording vocals in a couple days.

“What does all this mean? Well, we are nearly done with the hard work aspect of this album and can get into the mixing, which is the fun stuff. While nearly all the elements are in place, the levels of each instrument are all over the place. We’ll be spending all of next week mixing the album and making sure it sounds awesome. After working on this intensely for the last few months, we are beyond excited to hear all the elements come together.

“I’m terrible at describing our music so I’ll just say that this album is going to be a really fun listen with a lot of meat to sink your teeth into. We can’t wait for you to hear it!”

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Stormtroopers Of Death Members Form New Band United Forces

Subsequent to the demise of reunited NYC hardcore/speed metal legends Stormtroopers Of Death, two of the four members of the brutal faction have set out to forge a new path of punishment in 2013.

United Forces unites S.O.D.’s bassist Danny Lilker (Brutal Truth, Nuclear Assault, Nunfuckritual, Lock-Up,ex-Anthrax) and notorious frontman Billy Milano (Method Of Destruction) as the longtime cohorts take their mayhem to new turf. Milano and Lilker recruited two additional henchmen to help carry out their forthcoming disorder, with the thunderous Nick Barker (Lock-Up, Ancient, ex-Cradle of Filth, ex-Dimmu Borgir) on percussive duties, and Anton Reisenegger (Criminal, Pentagram Chile, Extreme Noise Terror, Lock Up) handling guitars.

With Lilker located in upstate New York, Milano in central Texas, Barker in England and Reisenegger in Spain, details on the outfit’s plans concerning touring or recording remain unknown, but United Forces is, without question, a pending force with which to be dealt.

Notes vocalist Billy Milano on the eclectic union of metal soldiers: “I’m not out to reinvent myself at my age. I just want to have a lot of fun with this. We called it United Forces because we’re located all over the place, in different countries, but this is something we’re going to come together for.”

Added four-string assaulter Danny Lilker: “It’s gonna be really fun to get together with some good friends — who are also great musicians — and play some earsplitting, hardcore-tinged thrash metal! And obviously, we know how to do just that.”

At this year’s installment of the Fun Fun Fun fest in Austin, Texas, modern thrash heavyweights Municipal Waste were joined by Lilker and Milano onstage to help unleash the S.O.D. staple “United Forces.” Check out the carnage below.

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August Burns Red Streaming "Sleigh Ride" Track Off Upcoming Christmas Album

August Burns Red is once again pleased to spread some pre-holiday cheer with the release of “Sleigh Ride,” the second new track from upcoming Christmas album “August Burns Red Presents: Sleddin’ Hill, A Holiday Album” – in stores October 9th from Solid State Records.

“’Sleigh Ride’ was the last song to come together for Sleddin’ Hill’ and one of the trickier songs to cover due to its crazy structure and various key changes,” says guitarist JB Brubaker. “The original song is all over the place and so is our version. ‘Sleigh Ride’ is a complete roller coaster – there is even a jazz section in the middle complete with horns. The end reminds me of a rock n roll dance party in the 1960s. I don’t know what else to say – you just have to listen to it.”

Listen to “Sleigh Ride” in the player below, or you can find pre-orders for the album at this location.

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Periphery Posts New Track Explanation For "Scarlet"

Continuing the track by track breakdown of new album “Periphery II,” Periphery’s Misha Mansoor has issued the following explanation of the song “Scarlet:”

“As a lot of you may already know, this was originally a Haunted Shores demo. Haunted Shores is a project that Mark and I were working on before he joined Periphery, and we had demoed a handful of songs. This one was a bit different in vibe from the usual fare and I think it stemmed from the tuning I showed Mark which is an open tuning of some kind (I don’t know the name or notes sadly, only how it sounds).

“Mark had written the first riff of the song and I knew we had something special, we were going for ‘ear candy,’ just something that sounded beautiful, but still had interesting riffs rather than just being straight power chords the whole time. Mark and I managed to write that song pretty fast actually, we were just constantly bouncing ideas off of each other. Sometimes you get lucky, and songs seem to just come together before your very eyes. Haunted shores was supposed to have guest vocalists only, so Spencer demoed some vocals out on it to see what would come of it, and Mark and I absolutely loved what he wrote.

“When Mark joined Periphery, we realized that not only was this song written by 3/5ths of Periphery members (which is more than can be said for most Periphery songs) but that it really fit the vibe of what we wanted for this album and in general. This song is also really cool, because it just screams Mark Holcomb from beginning to end. Even the riffs that I wrote were just reactions to his riffs and I was trying my best to write in his style, so those definitely sound like Mark as well. Matt also ran with whatever he could on this song. In my opinion, he has this gift of being able to spice things up without it seeming like he is overplaying or deliberately trying to show off, and the drums went from just “holding things down” on the demo to driving things forward on the album version. This song will likely be the second Single that we put out in support of the new album.”

Mark Holcomb also added, “This was the only original Haunted Shores song we used for the new Periphery record – it was written well beforehand but we felt it was perfectly appropriate in the context of the new album and my introduction into the band. We used an open tuning – Open C add 9 – for this song, which really lends itself to the big, lush chords used all over the place. It’s the only thing I’ve ever written in that tuning, but as soon as Misha and I started bouncing riffs off one another it really came together quite quickly.

“If you look at the chordal content of the song it’s really straightforward and almost a pop/rock song in its arrangement: 3 choruses, not a ton of adventurous chord progressions — like Misha says, ‘ear candy.’ But it’s deceivingly one of the hardest songs to play on the album because of how busy the riffing is on guitar, haha. The riffs are all over the place on this song and it’s gonna be one of the tougher ones to nail live!”

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Pain Of Salvation Announces New Keyboard Player Daniel “D2? Karlsson

Pain of Salvation has issued the following announcement about recruiting a new keyboard player:

“Pain of Salvation’s new keyboard player is no stranger for the observant fan. Being quite the renaissance man (as everyone in this bizarre band), he has been all over the place the last year. He played the keyboard in India, the bass in South America and on the European tours, and dammit if he didn’t do the lights in Skellefteå too!”

Vocalist Daniel Gildenlöw commented, “Through the years we have always had problems finding people who can master ONE instrument well enough to play our songs the way they should be played, so needless to say D2 has impressed us by playing both the bass and the keyboard with total conviction. Asking him to join the band was a natural step. Also, band meetings were getting boring with only me and Léo there. The world, meet Daniel “D2? Karlsson”

Daniel also added:

“To be a part of this band is a real honor. I’m very grateful to have been around POS for quite some time, both as a technician and a musician and a fan of course, and suddenly I’m being a part of them for real. It pays off to work your way up:) My intentions is not be the ‘new’ Fredrik, because there’s only one. And a damn good one! But I’ll do my best to carry the spirit on and bring a new chapter to the history of Pain of Salvation. I’m looking forward to be a part of the future of the best band in the world.”

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