Dead City Records Digitally Releasing Out Of Print Hardcore Albums

Earlier this week New York-based DIY hardcore punk record label, Dead City Records, digitally released eight rare, out-of-print European hardcore albums from Right Direction, One Night Stand, and more for the first time ever. Today two additional releases from Right Direction and M-Town Rebels see their digital debut and have hit the iTunes store: Right Direction’s “To Right The Wrong” the M-Town Rebels compilation “Always The First To Have A Beer.”

All 10 now-digitally-available hardcore releases come courtesy of the various musical endeavors of European hardcore front man, Dave Reumers, over the course of more than a decade. Commented, Reumers, “This music was released between 1989 and 2002. I’ve wasted half my life screaming nonsense into a mic thinking I was Mick Jagger, but I wouldn’t have done it any other way. I’m glad I was part of this and I was lucky to be in so many bands that helped spread the hardcore, punk, and metal sound throughout Europe in the early days. If you still dig our music in this day and age there’s no hope for you anymore. Enjoy!”

Added Dead City Records owner, John Franko, “Right Direction CDs and LPs have been out-of-print and impossible to find for years, and it is an honor for me to make these releases available digitally for the first time ever. As one of the forefathers of the European Hardcore Movement, Right Direction and all bands related to the M-Town Holland scene have always provided us with top notch music. While taking influences from early American punk, hardcore, and metal bands, I always found Right Direction ahead of their time when it came to talented musicianship and amazing vocals and lyrics. Truly a diverse band and am amazing group of guys I am proud to call my friends.”

The full digitally released back catalogue is:

RIGHT DIRECTION – How Many More Lies
RIGHT DIRECTION – Echoes From The Past
RIGHT DIRECTION – To Right The Wrong
RIGHT DIRECTION – Beyond The Beyonds
VARIOUS COMPILATION – M-Town Rebels – Always The First To Have A Beer
VARIOUS COMPILATION – M-Town Rebels II – Among The Angels
ONE NIGHT STAND – One Life For The Family
ULTIMATUM – Whispers Of A Wanted Man

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Saratan Signs With Massacre Records To Release "Martya Xwar"

Polish metallers Saratan have inked a new record deal with Massacre Records. The band’s third album, entitled “Martya Xwar” will be released worldwide this coming November 23rd, 2012. Saratan also commented on the upcoming release:

“‘Martya Xwar’ is about forty minutes of apocalyptic death – thrash metal, full of oriental and classical ornaments. Ethnic music, occultism and orchestrations are the main focus on this album. ‘Martya Xwar’ was recorded over the course of five months in five recording studios in Polnad and Germany – it was mixed and mastered by V. Santura (Triptykon, Dark Fortress, Celtic Frost) at Woodshed Studio.

“Cover design and artwork are created by Michal ‘Xaay’ Loranc (Nile, Kamelot). More information about the band can be found at Facebook.”

Additional details on the upcoming album will be announced as they are made available.

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Saratan To Release New Album "Martya Xwar"

Poland’s Saratan has issued the following announcement about gearing up to release a new album:

“The third album by Cracow based Saratan is ready and will be released in fall 2012. The album title is Martya Xwar (pronounce Martya Hwar /cannibal/). It’s 40 minutes of death-thrash metal with oriental flavored instrumentation, vocals and orchestrations.

“The album has been recorded over the course of five months in five different recording studios. Mixed and mastered by V. Santura, guitarist from Tryptikon, Dark Fortress and previously Celtic Frost. Cover artwork has been designed by Michal ‘Xaay’ Loranc (Nile, Kamelot) and the promotional pictures have been taken by

“Saratan has recorded this album as a three piece band, after having parted ways with guitarist Mateusz Gajdzik. More info about the album and the record company coming soon!”

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Grand Magus Signs To Nuclear Blast Records To Release New Album "The Hunt"

Swedish heavy metal trio Grand Magus has announced that the band has signed a new record deal with German based label, Nuclear Blast Records, which will release the group’s new album, “The Hunt” this Spring. Frontman Janne “JB” Christoffersson said about the signing:

“Grand Magus have finally found their hailing port – we’ve wrapped up a deal with the mighty Heavy Metal label Nuclear Blast. By this, a new chapter will be opened, both in our band and in metal history. With The Hunt we will consequently keep on marching down the metallic path we’ve started to pursue over the course of the past years. Be prepared to be lined up in our sights from the end of May on, when The Hunt will strike! FUCK THE WORLD!”

Nuclear Blast label manager Andy Siry added: “We’re delighted to welcome Grand Magus to the Nuclear Blast family. These guys class among the best today’s Heavy Metal scene has to offer, though Grand Magus are MUCH more than just that. Both live and on their albums, Grand Magus are terrific, plus they indicate a continuous development. This is why we’re happy to turn over a new leaf in the history of band and label.”

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Marco Hietala’s Online Video Chat For "Imaginareum" Posted

Nightwish bassist/vocalist Marco Hietala participated in an online chat with fans on Friday, November 11, 2011. The entire session was posted up on YouTube. Metal Underground was on hand for the event and was able to have some questions answered over the course of the hour.

In answer to Metal Underground’s question “Will we see anything new from Tarot or Northern Kings?”, Marco stated that there is talk of a new Northern Kings album, but nothing that will be done until after the current commitments with Nightwish are over. As for Tarot, there is nothing in the works. However, they may perform shows at larger festivals where Nightwish is playing, but there is nothing planned.

In answer to Metal Underground’s question “On Imaginareum, how much singing do you do?”, Marco stated that he sings about as much as he did on “Dark Passion Play,” but it is spread over the entire album more. He did more parts of songs then whole songs.

Check out the video here:

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MetalSucks Announces Inaugural "Metal Suckfest," A Two-Day Metal Festival

MetalSucks, in conjunction with Live Nation, has announced THE METAL SUCKFEST, a metal festival that will take place at New York City’s Gramercy Theater and feature 20 bands over the course of two days, November 4th and 5th. MUNICIPAL WASTE will headline the first night, while CYNIC will close the festival the following evening. Additional event support is coming from Indie Merch Store.

The other eighteen bands that fill out the lineup will be announced in the coming weeks.

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Blackwolfgoat Posts "Dronolith" Album Track-By-Track Breakdown

Solo act Blackwolfgoat’s second album “Dronolith” was released on Tuesday, May 24 via The Maple Forum, and creator Darryl Shepard has now offered a detailed track-by-track breakdown of the fully instrumental album.

Check out the track-by-track breakdown, along with some brand new Blackwoflgoat live footage, over at The Obelisk’s website here.

Blackwolfgoat is a progressive drone project fully performed by Darryl Shepard (Milligram, Hackman, Slapshot), and the new album “Dronolith” offers 46 minutes of rhythmic, ambient drone rock over the course of its six spacious tracks, recorded live at Amps vs. Ohms Studio by Glenn Smith (Lamont, Raw Radar War, Ichabod) and mastered by Nick Zampiello at New Alliance East.

The release will be limited to 100 hand-numbered gatefold digi-sleeve copies, and like Blackwolfgoat’s Small Stone Records-released debut, “Dragonwizardsleeve,” the album bears cover art by graphic artist Alexander von Wieding (Karma To Burn, Monster Magnet, Trouble, Razor).

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