Basilysk Premiere New Song “Molestor of Dreams” From Upcoming New Album “Emergence”

Old-school death metal band Basilysk have just released their new single “Molestor of Dreams” over at Metal Injection. The song is taken from their new album Emergence, which will be released in February.

Listen to the song below:

Comment the band:

“Musicians and artists are constantly bombarded with negativity from the plebian collective for pursuing a career which utilizes their natural-born talents. These cancerous doubts are ignited by jelousy, pursuit of control, or because your goals are considered too unrealistic through the mundane lens. “Molester of Dreams” is about this type of psychic invasion, and also our anthem to keep fighting against the bastards.”

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New Song “This Chastising Masquerade” Posted By Fragarak

Indian experimental death metal act Fragarak is streaming the new song “This Chastising Masquerade” over at Metal Injection at this location, or even easier – just down in the player below. The song appears on the band’s new release “A Spectral Oblivion,” which drops October 30th via Transcending Obscurity.

The track list for the album is:

1. In Rumination I – The Void
2. In Rumination II – Reflections (song available here)
3. The Phaneron Eclipsed
4. Alucinari I – Transcendence
5. Fathoms of Delirium
6. Alucinari II – Revelations
7. Spectre – An Oblivion Awakens
8. Alucinari III – A Reverie
9. This Chastising Masquerade
10. Of Ends Ethereal
11. Alucinari IV – The Fall (

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Music Video For New Song “Multikulturell” Issued By Nachtblut

German gothic black metal act Nachtblut premiered the video clip for the new song “Multikulturell” over at Metal Insider at this location, or in the wonderful convenient player below. The song is stolen from the new record “Apostasie,” which drops today (October 13th) via Napalm Records.

The track list for “Apostasie” is:

1. Multikulturell
2. Lied für die Götter (see video clip here)
3. Amok (see lyric video here)
4. Scheinfromm
5. Geboren um zu leben
6. Der Tod ist meine Nutte
7. Mein Antlitz aschfahl vor Gram
8. Frauenausbeiner
9. Einsam (feat. Aeva Maurelle)
10. Apostasie
11. Wat is’ denn los mit dir (feat. Tetzel) (Kollegah Cover, Bonus Track)

Check out “Multikulturell” here:

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New Single “Return To The Underground” Streaming From Narcotic Wasteland

Extreme metal four-piece Narcotic Wasteland – the full-time project of former Nile frontman Dallas Toler-Wade – is streaming the new song “Return to the Underground” a day before the brand new album “Delirium Tremens” drops on October 13, 2017 via Megaforce Records/MRI. Check it out over at Metal Sucks at this location, or don’t even bother to leave and check it out in the player below.

The band commented: “‘Return to the Underground’ is sort of a celebration of all art that is uncompromising, and artists who stick to their guns and create from the heart and soul regardless of how popular it makes them,” says Dallas Toler-Wade. “It’s metal for metals sake, which is what we in NARCOTIC WASTELAND are about. No dressing up fancy. No smoke and mirrors. No vague message deeply hidden within big fancy words that may sound cool together, but mean absolutely nothing. No f-cking filter.”

The track listing is as follows:

1. Introspective Nightmares
2. Faces of Meth (song streaming here)
3. Return to the Underground
4. We Agnostics
5. In Memoriam (intro)
6. Bleed and Swell
7. Delirium Tremens
8. Self Immolation
9. Life Revolted
10. You Will Die Alone
11. Husk
12. Pharma Culture

Check out “Return to the Underground” here:

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New Song “Blood Wet Teeth” Premiered By All Pigs Must Die

All Pigs Must Die shares the punishing new track “Blood Wet Teeth,” the second single from the upcoming album “Hostage Animal,” due out through Southern Lord on October 27th. The song premiered over at Metal Hammer’s website at this location, or even more conveniently in the player at the bottom!

The band offers the following about the new album: “‘Hostage Animal’ is the most dynamic but efficient of our albums. The idea was to get to a wider spectrum without meandering along the way. We enjoy playing together and making music that is as heavy as possible. Getting that feeling like you’re about to break apart when you are making violent music is something we chase after any time we are putting together new material.”

The album track listing is as follows:

1. Hostage Animal
2. A Caustic Vision (available for streaming here)
3. Meditation of Violence
4. Slave Morality
5. End Without End
6. Blood Wet Teeth
7. Moral Purge
8. Cruelty Incarnate
9. The Whip
10. Heathen Reign

Check out “Blood Wet Teeth” here:

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New album “Antilv” Detailed By Tsjuder, Track Premiere Available

Norweigian black metal act Tsjuder are now streaming the first new track from their forthcoming album “Antiliv,” which has been scheduled for worldwide release on September 18th via Season of Mist. Check out “Demonic Supremacy” over at Metal Hammer’s website at this location or in the player below.

The band is simultaneously unveiling the dark artwork for “Antiliv,” which was designed by French artist Vincent Fouquet (Melechesh, Himinbjorg, Bethlehem) from Above Chaos. The cover can be viewed below.

Regarding “Demonic Supremacy,” the band commented: “With ‘Demonic Supremacy’ we are playing old school black metal in the sense of early Bathory and Celtic Frost. This track captures the essence of our roots, while still being black metal as of the year 2015.” The Norwegians furthermore point out that “Antiliv” is “raw and uncompromising.”

The album will be available in the following formats: Limited edition Digibox with 5 bonus tracks and extras, Jewel Case CD and Gatefold Double-LP in various colors. The track list is:

1. Kaos
2. Krater
3. Norge
4. Djevelens Mesterverk
5. Demonic Supremacy
6. Slumber with the Worm
7. Ved Ferdens Ende
8. Antiliv

Digibox bonus tracks:

9. Kaos (rehearsal version)
10. Slumber with the Worm (rehearsal version)
11. Antiliv (rehearsal version)
12. Deathcrush (MAYHEM cover)
13. Unholy Pagan Fire (BEHERIT cover)

Check out “Demonic Supremacy” here:

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Music Video For New Track “Hector’s Hymn” Premiered By HammerFall

Swedish power metal act HammerFall premiered the new music video for the track “Hector’s Hymn” over at Metal Hammer’s website at this location (also in the player below). The song is the opening song from the new album “(r)Evolution,” which drops on August 27th (SWE), August 29th (EU), Sept. 1st (UK) and Sept. 2nd (USA) via Nuclear Blast Records. A review for the album can be found over here.

The track list for the album is:

1. Hector’s Hymn
2. (r)Evolution
3. Bushido
4. Live Life Loud
5. Ex Inferis
6. We Won’t Back Down
7. Winter Is Coming
8. Origins
9. Tainted Metal
10. Evil Incarnate
11. Wildfire

Check out “Hector’s Hymn” here:

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New Music Video “View From A Tower” Premiered By Mortals

Brooklyn sludge act Mortals premiered the new music video “View From A Tower” over at Metal Injection at this locaiton (also shown in the player below). The song appears on the latest album “Cursed to See the Future,” which was issued earlier this month via Relapse Records.

Check out the video here:

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Eluveitie Releases “King” Music Video

Eluveitie has checked in with the following announcement about releasing a new music video online:

“We are excited and proud to present to you ‘King’, the first video for our new album ‘Origins’ Produced with AVA studios in a very fitting, beautiful nature setting, the clip focuses on what we’re all about: the musicians, the instruments, the music.

“Both the song ‘King’ and our new album ‘Origins’ are the result of our journey of the past 10 years and the symbol of who we’ve become. We can’t wait to read what you think in the comments! Check out ‘King’ over at Metal Hammer, who is hosting the exclusive premiere.”

“Origins” is set to drop via Nuclear Blast Records on August 1st (EU), August 4th (UK/Ireland) and August 5th (North America). You can read our review over here.

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Lyric Video For New Track “My Demon” Premiered By Wolf

Swedish metal act Wolf premiered a lyric video for the new track “My Demon” over at Metal Hammer’s website at this location (also in the player below). The song appears on the band’s upcoming release “Devil Seed,” which drops via Century Media Records on August 25th in Europe and September 2nd in North America.

“Devil Seed” was produced by Jens Bogren (Kreator and Opeth). Guitarist/vocalist/founder Niklas Stålvind commented: “I haven’t been this pleased with the songs on a Wolf album since the release of ‘Black Wings.’ I really think we have taking our songwriting to the next level on this one and I hope that the metal fans will love it as much as we do.”

Check out “My Demon” here:

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