The Crown releases new video for “In The Name Of Death”

– July 31st, 2018 –

Today, The Crown has launched a new video for “In The Name Of Death”, a track from their highly acclaimed album, Cobra Speed Venom, which was released earlier this year. Check out the clip here:

The Crown comments: The Crown gives you a death-chillin’ tune as a counter action for this ridiculously hot season – ‘In The Name Of Death’! A tune that will automatically make you drink more beer!”

Produced by Fredrik Nordstrom at the classic Studio Fredman, Cobra Speed Venom is massive, brutal and a real punch in the face. Extreme speed and aggression mixed with classic heavy metal and rock n’ roll, which really shows that The Crown has no boundaries. The apocalyptic theme of the lyrics and music also fits perfectly with the outstanding artwork of Christian Sloan Hall. To preview and purchase Cobra Speed Venom, please visit:

The Crown line-up:
Johan Lindstrand – Vocals
Magnus Olsfelt – Bass
Marko Tervonen – Guitar
Robin Sorqvist – Lead guitar and backing vocals
Henrik Axelsson – Drums

The Crown online:

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New Album “The Deviant Chord” Detailed By Jag Panzer

For Jag Panzer, team spirit is more important than anything else. Without team spirit, guitarist Mark Briody would no longer see any reason for continuing the band. “We’re like a family, we’ve all known each other for many years,” he says and looks back at the years between 2011 and 2013 when Jag Panzer were on the brink of calling it a day. “Two band members quit and there was little interest in hiring new people and starting over. Introducing new musicians would have been tough, so we decided to disband.”

But then the American power metal act’s strong fan base made itself heard, causing the spark to be rekindled. Briody: “We had a lot of interest in our early albums, so my band mates soon noticed that people were still listening to Jag Panzer, that the audience was still there. We started talking on the phone more and more. Some excellent gig offers arrived so we decided we should get back together.” What a stroke of good fortune, after all now the public can look forward to an accomplished comeback album. “The Deviant Chord” is a veritable metal manifesto, scheduled for release on Steamhammer/SPV on September 29, 2017, and consists of ten awesome songs featuring all those typical Jag Panzer strengths that the band’s fans have come to appreciate.

Together with band members John Tetley (bass), Harry ‘The Tyrant’ Conklin (vocals), Rikard Stjernquist (drums) and Joey Tafolla (lead guitar), who has returned to the fold, Briody has recorded an album that impresses in every respect and that benefits from the outstanding qualities of all five band members. “John does our ‘quality control’, meaning that he makes sure every song we do is the best it can be. Harry is a musical genius. He’s been singing since we were kids, he’s very skilled in vocal arrangements and vocal recording techniques. This skill makes him a very big contributor in the songwriting. Rikard is all about drumming. He’s been drumming since he was a small child and has never stopped. He grew up living all around the world and he has always been in a band. Joey is the classic lead player in every sense of the world. He has amazing skill on the guitar plus an outstanding stage presence. His playing makes every song better.”

The Deviant Chord will be available as a CD Digipak (including poster) and double LP colored version as well as for download and streaming. The cover artwork was created by Serbian artist Dusan Markovic and reflects the album’s haunting atmosphere perfectly. Briody gives also some hints: “Fans of both science fiction and real life scientists should look closely at the new Jag Panzer album as the band has placed a few hidden tributes in the album art!”

There can be no doubt: the spark has rekindled the fire in Jag Panzer and it’s burning brightly. Briody: “The mood in the band is very focused. This album was the first time we did multiple demos for every song. So everyone has been very involved in every step. Each band member got to see a song grow and change with time. That’s very exciting for us. And we’re all excited to unleash ‘The Deviant Chord’ unto the world.”

The track listing for the album is:

1. Born Of The Flame 4:00
2. Far Beyond All Fear 3:49
3. The Deviant Chord 5:37
4. Blacklist 4:19
5. Foggy Dew 3:20
6. Divine Intervention 3:30
7. Long Awaited Kiss 6:16
8. Salacious Behavior 4:07
9. Fire Of Our Spirit 4:37
10. Dare 5:17

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The Reticent Recruits New Guitar Player Travis Stiwalt

North Carolina-based band The Reticent just issued this announcement online about recruiting a new guitarist:

“Greetings beautiful people. The Reticent is very pleased to officially welcome for the first time ever a fifth member!

“The incredibly talented shredder Travis Stiwalt, from our buddies Skinkage, has joined our ranks to lend his outstanding guitar skills to our ongoing mission of transforming emotion into sound.

“With this addition, the options open to us and the possibilities within our live performances have now greatly expanded. Please join me in welcoming Travis to the fold!

“We’ll begin booking shows again very soon and trust me when I tell you that you’ll want to see what we will do next! Stay tuned.”

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Gomorrah Streaming Full New Album “The Haruspex”

Kelowna, BC’s death metal group Gomorrah is now streaming full new album “The Haruspex” online in advance of the January 15th, 2016 release via Test Your Metal Records. Check it out below, courtesy of

You can pre-order the album right here and Gomorrah guitarist Bowen Matheson comments on the upcoming full-length release:

“Jeff Bryan and I recorded the album at my home here in the Okanagan Valley, and we did the absolute majority of the writing in the pre-production and production stages. So much of the material had existed from several years ago, but was completely overhauled and reworked several times to end up in these tracks.

“We weren’t afraid to try things out and work over several revisions, or to take our hands off of a few of the songs that we felt very comfortable with after only the first revision. Jeff wrote the lyrics for the tracks in less than two months, and a lot of them were written and finalized in the vocal tracking stage, in front of the microphone.

“We weren’t afraid to enable our music with production techniques. Many reviews have figured that we used samples or synthesizers in the songs, however the reality is that all of these droning noises, stutters, and otherwise ‘industrial’ sounds are actually either electric guitar or bass guitar, and abusing these instruments in front of their amplifiers with only two guitar effect pedals. The rest of these noises you hear are the interaction with the instrument and their environment.

“We then delivered all of the tracks to Stuart McKillop of Rain City Recorders for mixing, and he blew us away. It didn’t take him long at all to catch onto what we were going for, and his consistency from one track to the next brought the tracks to the highest musical apex they could reach. Brad Boatright of Audiosiege handled the mastering, and he made certain that the product was of the outstanding final production quality for us. Brad has really yielded an outstanding quality for so many other abrasive sub-genres of metal and hardcore and he delivered that exact pinnacle of quality for us on this record as well.”

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Todtgelichter Reveals Art And Track List For “Rooms”

Todtgelichter today reveals the cover artwork for forthcoming album “Room,” which can be seen below, and the band also comments:

“Finally we can spill the beans: The cover/backcover artwork and parts of the booklet have magnifically been excecuted by the renowned Norwegian artist Truls Espedal, best known to the metal world for his outstanding work with Norwegian avantgarde/prog metal Vikings Enslaved.

“Since the first contact it was very clear that Truls has been the missing puzzle piece in terms of inspiration, interpretation and execution of the visualisation of the album. The cover speaks for itself and continues an old tradition: Simple but deep in meaning. A remarkable artist and great person to work with.

“That leaves us the tracklist of ‘Rooms.’ So, without further ado; below are the 9 tracks with over 52 min. playing time.”

01. Ghost
02. Schrein
03. Lost
04. Shinigami
05. Necromant
06. Zuflucht
07. 4JK
08. Origin
09. Pacific

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Wows Reveals New Album “Aion”

Doom / atmospheric post-metal outfit Wows is gearing up to drop “Aion” via Argonauta Records on November 26, 2015. Argonauta also comments:

“Born in 2008 in Verona, Italy, Wows creates a unique and huge sound, giving life and form to a majestic monster (or divine creature), where low frequencies, heavy guitars and complex drums patterns are only a part of the outstanding proposal made of progressive atmospheres, sludge assaults and post metal vibes.

“The stunning cover artwork is realized by the talented artist Paolo Girardi, mostly known for his works with bands as Inquisition, Manilla Road and many others. ‘Aion’ is an album highly recommended to fans of Cult of Luna, Inter Arma, and Neurosis.”

The album’s track listing is as follows:

1. Alexithymia
2. Chakpori
3. Nemesi
4. Alaska
5. Path of Decay
6. Riwka
7. Hades
8. Abraxas

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Eths Recruits New Drummer R.U.L.

Eths is announcing a new drummer after recently parting ways with long-time member Yom. The new man on the sticks is now revealed to be R.U.L. For a demonstration of his outstanding talent and skills, check out the video below. The band comment:

“We are thrilled to announce that R.U.L will be banging the drums for us on our next live shows. Our first rehearsals with him were mind-blowing and we cannot wait to introduce you to this very talented drummer! We had a great time with Yom and wrote some of our best songs together, but after a lot of deliberating we reached the shared conclusion to proceed on separate paths. Yom remains a dear friend and we wish him all the best for the future!”

The new sticksman adds: “It is an honour for me to be playing with Eths and it is a great pleasure to work with them. I cannot thank them enough for their trust!”

See Eths live on these dates:

06 May 15 Montmorot (FR) Crazyfest
13 Jun 15 Peynier (FR) South Metal Fest
21 Jun 15 Clisson (FR) Hellfest
26 Sep 15 Corbie (FR) Rockin’ The Docks (Asso Le Bruit Du Rock)
03 Oct 15 Moudon (CH) Les Prisons de Moudon
12 Nov 15 Bilbao (ES) Sonora
13 Nov 15 Madrid (ES) We Rock
14 Nov 15 Valencia (ES) Rock City
15 Nov 15 Barcelona (ES) Razz 3

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New Music Video “Better Angels” Released By Neonfly

U.K. melodic metal act Neonfly released a new music video for the track “Better Angels.” The song appears on the latest album “Strangers In Paradise,” which was issued last November via Inner Wound Recordings.

Alongside the band, the video, directed by Ben Herbert, features the outstanding gymnastic talents of 2012’s Team Great Britain Olympians Lynne Hutchison and Jade Faulkner, who were part of the Rhythmic Gymnast Team.

“Better Angels” is also released as a digital single, which includes the exclusive b-side “Falling Star (Piano Version)” feat. keyboard player Günter Werno of Vanden Plas.

Check out “Better Angels” here:

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Opus Of A Machine To Release Debut Album “Simulacra”

Upon its inception in 2013, Opus of a Machine has been stripping away the macho pretenses of modern metal. The band’s debut, “Simulacra,” is fast, energetic, expressive, and emotive.

Due out November 16th, you can check out two tracks below, and pre-orders are available at this location. The following press release was also issued about the band:

“Taking with them the raw conviction of bands separate from the zeitgeist of progressive rock, Opus of a Machine bends the traditional, stares down the barrel of experimentation and explores sonic landscapes too fearful for most.

“Formed in 2012, Opus of a Machine began as a labour of love for guitarist Zac Greensill and vocalist/guitarist Mitchell Legg, who over a large period of growth, laid the foundations for their debut LP. With bassist Dale Prinsse and drummer Trevor Gee joining in mid 2013, the energy and passion that lifts their recorded work made it’s way to the live arena. Following a string of successful, high-intensity live shows with the likes of Caligula’s Horse, Jericco, Guards of May, Mass Sky Raid, The Orchard and other outstanding bands throughout 2014 in anticipation of their debut album, Opus of a Machine is forging a path onto the Australian and international stage.

“With influences such as Opeth, Tool, Radiohead, Devin Townsend, Karnivool, Metallica, Dead Letter Circus, TesseracT, Thirty Seconds to Mars, A Perfect Circle, 12 Foot Ninja, Oceansize, Rage Against the Machine, Voyager, Alter Bridge, Katatonia, and many others, Opus of a Machine is a limitless exploration of the vigour and intensity of metal fused with the subtleties of experimental rock.”

Simulacra by Opus of a Machine

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Orange Goblin Comments On Upcoming Album “Back From The Abyss”

Orange Goblin will release “Back From The Abyss” this coming October 7th via Candlelight Records, and today front man Ben Ward comments on the release:

“”Back from the Abyss” is the sound of Orange Goblin firing on all cylinders! From the Sabbathian, weighty-groove of ‘Sabbath Hex,’ the Motorhead-styled punk snarl of ‘The Devil’s Whip,’ the epic, Maiden-esque gallop of ‘Mythical Knives,’ through to the apocalyptic doom of ‘The Shadow Over Innsmouth;’ this is the best of all of our individual influences pulled together. We have created the definitive Orange Goblin album.

“Following the great, worldwide reception of ‘A Eulogy For The Damned’ and the subsequent 2 years of touring everywhere, we knew we had a lot to live up to. But we were prepared and entered the studio armed with an arsenal of killer riffs! They are all present on this album, continuing the Orange Goblin trend of never being afraid to move forward or trying something new. By doing so we have created a unique, heavy sound that lies somewhere between doom, stoner, classic metal, 70’s inspired heavy-rock, punk, blues and everything in between.

“We worked with producer Jamie Dodd at The Animal Farm in London again as he did such a great job on the last record and I think he has even gone one better this time around! Adding Jamie’s amazing production to the outstanding performances and songwriting of the band, we have made an album we are all very proud of.

“Our last album gave the band new life and sent us off into the unknown. This new album sees Orange Goblin stretching the limits once more………Back from the Abyss and ready to rock all over again!!”

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