Fallen Martyr Posts "Invocation" Guitar Solo Video Clip

Fallen Martyr has posted a guitar solo video clip online from the track “Invocation,” which is available below. The band commented:

“This is track 8 off of our unreleased album ‘Shadows.’ ‘Shadows’ will be released in 2012 and more details to come. Add us on Facebook and pick up our EP ‘The Six Roots Of True Will’ on Itunes!”

The track listing for the upcoming “Shadows” album is as follows:

1. Revelry and Reverence
2. Wake up, Its time
3. Therian Premonition
4. Doubt
5. The Restless king
6. Passing through the Veil of The Exterior World
7. Body of Light
8. Invocation
9. Cognitive Dissonance and the Children of Hamelin
10. The 8th Circle
11. Soul Left Bare
12. (Cast Me Out)

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