New Song “Ride The Gun” Available From Twingiant

Arizona heavy rock act Twingiant is streaming the new song “Ride The Gun,” a new track from the band’s forthcoming album “Blood Feud.”

The band commented: “‘Ride the Gun’ is different for us as it features both our guitarist Tony and singer Jarrod on vocals. Tony was lead vocals in his prior band, Enirva, and ‘Ride the Gun’ marks the first time that he has shared vocal duties with Jarrod, it gives the song an added punch for sure.

Listen to “Ride The Gun” below and pre-order “Blood Feud” over here.

The track listing or “Blood Feud” is:

1. Throttled
2. Poison Control Party Line
3. Ride the Gun
4. Re-fossilized
5. Shadow of South Mountain
6. Formally Known As
7. Last Man Standing
8. Kaishakunin

Check out “Ride the Gun” here:

Blood Feud by Twingiant

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Eyes Of The Dead Parting With Guitar Player Rob “Hobbit” Moore

Connecticut-based group Eyes Of The Dead just issued the following statement about parting ways with the band’s guitarist after one final show at the end of April:

“If you hadn’t already heard, our guitarist Rob ‘Hobbit’ Moore is expecting another child this summer, and with that comes all the family responsibilities that need to take top priority in life. With that Hobbit has made the difficult decision to step down as our guitarist in order to put all his focus into his growing family.

“It’s been a year since Hobbit first came back into EOTD, and we couldn’t be more grateful for the time and work he has put in with us, and thank him for that. It will be sad to have him leave our ranks, but everyone understands that it’s what’s best for him in his life right now, and wish him the best for everything he has coming.

“Keep an eye out for some more news on who he will be passing the torch to as our new guitarist, that will all be announced soon enough. In the mean time, follow the link here to Nasty Fest at Cherry St in Wallingford on the 29th. This will not only be Hermon VonRolls last show with Nasty Disaster, but also Hobbits very last show with Eyes of the Dead. It’s truly a night you will not want to miss out on!”

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Lost Soul’s Jacek Grecki Parts Ways With All Other Members

Vocalist Jacek Grecki from Polish metal band Lost Soul just issued this message about parting ways with all members of the band:

“Dear fans and friends! We understand that this news may come as a blow to many of you, but I have to inform that our guitarist Marek Golas has decided to leave the band due to personal reasons.

“Also, because of logistic problems, health problems and personal reasons I have decided to part ways with Damian Czajkowski and Jonathan Garofoli. I would like to thank you guys for good time together and wish you all the best.

“Because of the situation we had no other choice but to cancel a series of gigs in Poland and Germany. We would also like to thank all the fans for the incredible support and motivation that has kept us going for years. Visit our webstore and get our merchandise! More information about future plans of the band very soon, stay tuned.”

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Acheron Guitarist Art Taylor Injured In Auto Accident

Acheron’s Art Taylor was recently in a serious auto accident, but that’s not slowing him or the band down, as the group just posted this message online via Facebook:

“Acheron has dealt with lots of obstacles within the last year and we have overcome them all. Now our guitarist Art Taylor is really showing what a metal warrior he is.

“Just a couple of days ago he was in a auto accident that totaled his car and dislocated his shoulder. Yet he still showed up to practice today to rehearse for over 3 hours.

“When I asked him if he thinks he would be able to play the show next weekend in Maryland, he said ‘Fuck Yeah, I can!’ As you can see he is playing in a arm sling and still shredding. That is fucking dedication! So we better see all you fuckers in Maryland next Saturday….NO EXCUSES!”

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Dominanz Parts With Guitar Player Jørn

Dominanz has issued the following announcement about parting ways with the group’s guitar player:

“A while ago, our guitarist from the very beginning, Jørn came to the conclusion that it was for the best to leave Dominanz so he could focus 100% on his other band Hades.

“We are very grateful that we got the opportunity to exploit his creativity the past few years, especially with our latest release Noxious. As huge fans of Hades we are looking forward to their next chapter. We salute you Jørn. Cheers, Roy and Frode.”

You can also stream all of Dominanz’s latest full-length album “Noxious” over at this location.

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Eye Of The Destroyer Releasing New EP “Ezekiel 16:21”

Eye Of The Destroyer has checked in with the following announcement about releasing a new EP and shooting a music video:

“The release date for the new EP entitled ‘Ezekiel 16:21’ is January 6th, 2015. Pre-orders for the new t-shirt design and album are available on our Big Cartel. Don’t be the last of your friends to pick up a copy of the album and the new shirt. Go get it now!

“The record was recorded by our guitarist Chris Halpin at Destroyer Studios in Kenilworth, NJ. We are very excited to release our new music. We have been working very hard to bring you new material that keeps getting better.

“We are shooting a music video for our single, ‘Eaten Alive.’ Special thanks to Josh Buono who will be doing all of our editing and Eddie Gana from Ganador FX who will be making everyone look dead and terrifying. We will be sacrificing and killing our friends in the video so be sure to check it out! Prepare to be Eaten Alive!”

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Sawthis Splits With Guitarist Devis Ercole

Italy’s Sawthis, which recently canceled the band’s European tour dates, has now checked in with the following announcement about splitting with guitarist Devis Ercole:

“It’s sad for us to announce that our guitarist Devis left the Sawthis band. He was one of the founders of the band, we’ll miss him a lot.

“After all this time, however, goals and passions can change. We thanks Devis as a musician but also as a friend for the time, passion and sacrifice shared with us. It’s also sad to announce that we are looking for a replacement.”

You can find more details on Sawthis by navigating over to the band’s official Facebook profile at this location.

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