Devilment Posts Live Video “Hell At My Back” Online

Witch County nefarious frights Devilment – led by vehement frontman Dani Filth – have released an official live music video for the track “Hell At My Back,” which was shot during the band’s storming set at Bloodstock Open Air Festival last year. You can check it out below.

The band states: “The live video for ‘Hell At My Back’ was taken from Devilment’s performance at Bloodstock 2017, which was an awesome show played at an awesome festival. We had quite a riot at Bloodstock that year, with some truly unforgettable moments courtesy of meeting bands and friends amid many alcoholic beverages.This was actually the last show for both Lauren and Nick, who left the band amicably not long after the show for commitments in the real world.

‘”Hell At My Back’ is a precursor to our forthcoming appearance at this year’s HRH Metal III. Lyrically, the protagonist of the song is constantly haunted by his past, hunted by the horrors he has confronted since time immemorial. Awful things he has done in the name of love. But it is again another song of defiance, of staying the inevitable, of the eternal struggle of ‘being’. Of evading the clutching powers of Hell.”

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Hooded Menace Announces Lineup Changes

Hooded Menace has now announced some changes in the group’s line-up in advance of a next studio album, which will be released via Season of Mist early in 2018.

Bassist Markus Makkonen will now be fully replaced by Antti Poutanen from Church of the Dead and Devenial Verdict. Furthermore, Kryptis drummer Otso Ukkonen takes over for Pekka Koskelo, who already recorded all tracks for the forthcoming full-length album.

Guitarist Lasse Pyykkö comments on behalf of Hooded Menace: “While Markus has left the band earlier to focus on Sadikstik Forest, we unfortunately have to let you know that or long-time drummer Pekka has also decided to leave. Our decision to relocate our headquarters (read: rehearsal place) from Joensuu to Helsinki has made it impossible for him to continue with us for private as well as professional reasons. We respect his decision and wish Pekka nothing but the best in his future. You can hear his last performance with us on our forthcoming new album. Massive thanks for all these years in Hooded Menance, Pekka!

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King Parrot Streaming New Track “Die Before You Die”

“Ugly Produce” is the impending new full-length from Australian extreme metal miscreants King Parrot, slated for release on September 22nd in North America via Housecore Records, in Europe via Agonia Records, and in Australia via EVP Recordings.

The album was recorded at the infamous Goatsound Studios in Melbourne, Australia and produced by Blood Duster’s Jason Fuller. In advance of its official detonation, today second single, “Die Before You Die,” is offered up for communal consumption.

King Parrot comments: “This track was one of the last we put together when we were writing the album. It’s got a real thrash vibe to it, but also features some of the slowest and sludgiest moments from our forthcoming album. The lyrics touch on breaking out of the mold that’s expected of you in society, and pissing caution to the wind. It’s effectively what we’ve had to do to get this band out of Australia. If you live like you’ve already died, or approach life from that mindset, you can get through most things without fear.”

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Necrowretch Posts New Song “Curse Of Blasphemy”

Necrowretch just released another new track from forthcoming album “Satanic Slavery.” The vicious track, a deadly dose of french death metal titled “Curse of Blasphemy,” is streaming below.

Regarding this freshly unveiled song, guitarist and vocalist Vlad comments: “Spewed out from our forthcoming album ‘Satanic Slavery,’ ‘Curse of Blasphemy’ is an evil incantation composed to the Evil God of the Dark Spells, from its most devoted zealots. Surrender now and renounce your life to the Serpent of Old. Torment, pain and suffering!”

The upcoming “Satanic Slavery” album will be released worldwide on April 14th and features the following track listing:

1. Sprawl of Sin (streaming here)
2. Tredeciman Blackfire
3. Satanic Slavery (watch the video here)
4. Evil Names
5. Hellspawn Pyre
6. Bestial Rites
7. Curse of Blasphemy
8. Verses from the Depths

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Sepulchral Curse Debuts New Song “Disrupting Lights of Extinction” From Upcoming New EP “At the Onset of Extinction”

Finnish black/death metal act Sepulchral Curse premieres a new song entitled “Disrupting Lights of Extinction”, taken from the upcoming new EP “At the Onset of Extinction”, which will be out in stores December 15 via Transcending Obscurity Records.

Check out now “Disrupting Lights of Extinction” below.

Explains drummer/backing vocalist Tommi Ilmanen:

“Lyrically speaking, the song ends the concept and the story of ”At the Onset of Extinction” and works as a gateway to our forthcoming debut album. In this text one has started to ascend into a morbid and demonic godhood, telling about the impending and unavoidable death that soon shall fall on all men. The lyrics are strongly influenced by my philosophical and spiritual views on the world and existence itself, but one can also find little hints of classic horror literature that are very close to my heart. All in all, a lengthy yet majestic and oppressive opus to end the EP.”

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Mirrors Of Obsidian Unveils “From One Form” Album Artwork

Dublin, Ireland’s extreme metal act Mirrors Of Obsidian has unveiled the artwork for forthcoming debut full-length album, “From One Form,” via a brand new video clip.

The clip also features brief audio samples of the band’s debut single, “Neutral Disease,” as well as crushing upcoming single, “The Core.” Mirrors of Obsidian, which is comprised of instrumentalist, Eoin Ennis, and vocalist, Ciaran Ennis, had the following to say:

“We recently released our debut single, ‘Neutral Disease,’ and the reaction so far has been fantastic. Our second single, ‘The Core,’ is set for release on October 3rd, and while it still retains the intensity of ‘Neutral Disease,’ fans can expect a change of pace, layered vocals and some odd time signatures. We’re also extremely delighted to reveal the artwork for our forthcoming album, From One Form, which is set to see a release early in 2017. The artwork was designed by Eoin and I feel it really compliments the atmosphere of the album’s music and lyrics.”

Eoin adds: “Inspired by the lyrical concept pervading From One Form, the artwork symbolises a shift in consciousness. A celestial alignment has occurred, the eclipse has passed and a new dawn is here. Nothing has been created or destroyed, things have only changed from one form to another.”

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Video For New Song “Eye Of Chaos” Issued By Once Human

California’s Once Human – featuring ex-Machine Head/Soulfly guitarist Logan Mader” – released a video clip for the new song “Eye of Chaos.” The song will be featured on the new album “Evolution,” which drops on January 20th via earMusic.

Mader commented: “‘Eye of Chaos’ is one of the first songs we completed in production of our forthcoming album, ‘Evolution.’ This song is a good introduction to our new sound and overall creative direction. We’ve taken a turn for the better and found our true identity. It’s not all fun and games anymore. We are all in this for the long haul.

“For this first video, we wanted straight-to-the-point live performance. We worked with director, Ron Thunderwood (9electric). He is unbelievably talented! He has the eye, and really great at capturing the raw emotion.”

More information on “Evolution” is expected soon. Check out “Eye of Chaos” here:

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Imperium Dekadenz Posts New Song “Only Fragments Of Light”

Imperium Dekadenz today unleashes the first track from forthcoming full-length album “Dis Manibvs,” which is due out August 26th.

The song “Only Fragments Of Light” can be heard below. Regarding this upcoming new album, Imperium Dekadenz comments:

“Our fifth album ‘Dis Manibvs’ is without doubt our most diverse output so far. It carries our own mark from the first note, but we have added a new energy. Its epic and melodic parts will carry you off to mysterious and unknown places – like ancient ruins over the vulnerable sides of our spirits. We hope that you will feel the same intensity as we do as we have poured our very hearts and souls into these songs!”

About “Only Fragments Of Light”, the band continues: “The first song to be released from our forthcoming album also represents its opening salvo. ‘Only Fragments Of Light’ will give you a solid impression of our new creation. You will find highly energetic parts, but also pure epic moments as well as our typical melancholy. We hope that this song will stir your hunger for more from ‘Dis Manibvs’.”

The artwork for “Dis Manibvs” was created by Francesco De Luca and the full track listing is as follows:

1. In Todesbanden
2. Only Fragments Of Light
3. Still I Rise
4. Dis Manibvs
5. Pantheon Spells
6. Vae Victis
7. Volcano
8. Somnia
9. Pure Nocturnal Rome
10. Seikilos

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Scarred Recruits New Vocalist Yann Dalscheid

Luxembourg-based outfit Scarred just issued the following announcement about bringing on a new vocalist:

“Hello everyone! Let’s kick in the weekend with some good news alright? We would like you all to raise your glasses to Yann Dalscheid who accepted to be the new vocalist in Scarred!

“Yann is someone who has been in the Scarred family for a very long time now, we’ve shared the stage with the man many times, we all know him on a personal level and let’s be honest he was our person of choice since we parted ways with Sacha.

“We are very happy to have him with us and are really looking forward to play our first gig with him next week. We’re right now in the pain room finishing the pre-production work for our forthcoming LP and getting ready for Europavox.

“Everybody stay tuned because we are very likely to bring you even more epic news in the forthcoming weeks!”

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Motorhead Posts “Electricity” Lyric Video

Motorhead has a new lyric video online for the song “Electricity” (listen in below), and the band also comments:

“We’re proud to announce the release of our first official single and lyric video to ‘Electricity.’ a track from our forthcoming album ‘Bad Magic’ (to be released on August 28th).

“So, crank up the stereo and make sure you (and your neighbours) get your dose of loud, new Motörhead today!

“If you have already pre-ordered ‘Bad Magic,’ you will automatically have access to the single, along with ‘Thunder & Lightning.’ If you haven’t already pre-ordered, you can grab your copy of the album right here.”

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