Grave Part Ways With Drummer Ronnie Bergerståhl

Drummer Ronnie Bergerståhl according to Grave is no longer in the band. Grave addressed the situation via Facebook after fans had noticed Bergerståhl hadn’t been with the band live throughout 2017. Read what Grave have to say about it below:

“To set the record straight.

There has been circulating rumours about our drummer and why he has not been with us on all shows this year.

We are unhappy to inform you that we have parted ways with our drummer Ronnie Bergerstål.

After being a part of Grave for more than 10 years he will surely leave a big hole that needs to be filled.

“This is not the place to discuss or speculate about why we have decided to part ways”

We wish you all the best Ronnie.

//Ola, Tobias & Mika”

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Countess Parts Ways With Drummer Wolfram

Dutch outfit Countess has issued the following statement about parting way with the group’s drummer:

“With regret we have to announce that our drummer Wolfram has decided to leave the band. He made this decision because he feels he can no longer give the band the time and attention it deserves. We understand and respect his decision as we know it was not made lightly.

“Wolfram joined Countess early in 2014 and played an important part in the band’s return to the stage. His invaluable contribution to the band will be missed by all of us. We wish him all the best in the future and trust he will remain part of the Countess family.”

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Deimos Parts With Drummer And Bassist

Italian metal outfit Deimos has checked in with the following announcement about parting ways with the band’s drummer and bassist:

“Due to personal causes, our drummer Massimo is leaving the band. We owe him a big thanks for the great work done on our two albums and live as well!

“Our friend and bass player Valerio is also coming back to his works and we thanks him a lot for the support in this ‘passage’ phase!

“Thanks and best wishes to both of them! Stay tuned, as soon you will know the new members of Deimos. HAIL to YOU!”

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Noveria Starts Pre-Production On New Album

Italy’s Noveria has issued the following brief announcement about starting work on an upcoming sophomore album:

“Hello Metallers! We’re glad to announce the begin of the pre-production of new killer material… we’ve been working non stop for 2 days with our drummer Omar Campitelli building up new grooves and atmospheres!

“More news coming in the next days! In the meantime we wish you all a great New Year’s eve! Rock On!”

Noveria’s debut full-length “Risen” album (reviewed here) earned the band our “best newcomer of 2014” award.

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Orphalis Recruits New Drummer Simon Heinen

Orphalis has checked in with the following announcement about recruiting a new drummer:

“We sadly have to announce you that Kai, our drummer, has to completely step back from making music due to his family situation. We wish him all the best for his future and his family!

“But we are also proud to announce you the joining of Simon Heinen who will take place as our new drummer. Some of you may know him from his older bands Jack Slater or Warfield Within.

“We can’t give you any exact dates of our second album or anything like that yet, but we don’t have to cancel any of our shows in 2015.

“Make also sure to check out Simon’s Facebook page hereand watch him cover some Aborted below. Updates coming soon!”

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Decapitated Christ Parts Ways With Drummer Blasthagel

Spain’s Decapitated Christ has issued the following announcement about splitting with its drummer:

“We are really sad to announce the departure of our drummer and co-founder member Blasthagel.

“It’s a totally friendly parting anyway and he was kind enough to play our next gig with Mystifier on April. It will be his last gig before quitting.

“We are now looking for a new drummer, ’cause many gigs and tours are planned this year!”

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Southern Dose Of Rebellion Splits With Drummer Clinton Merrifield

Texas act Southern Dose of Rebellion has checked in with the following announcement about splitting with the band’s drummer:

“We are sorry to announce that we have parted ways with our drummer Clinton Merrifield. He has been with us since the beginning and we owe a lot to him for where we are today.

“We wish him the best of luck to his future endeavors and we will announce our new drummer very soon and you can check him out May 16th at Dirty Dogs when we open up for 3 Inches of Blood!”

Retaliation by Southern Dose of Rebellion

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Painside Recording New Songs For Upcoming Release

Brazil’s Painside, which recruited a new drummer and new bassist last year, has now checked in with the following brief update about recording new material:

“DRUUUUUUUUUUUMS! Painside is in the studio recording a couple of songs to be released in the next couple of months.

“Here is our drummer Edu warming up before he start recording his parts! Stay tuned for more news from Painside camp!”

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Dawn Of Disease Recording New Album "Crypts Of The Unrotten"

Dawn of Disease has issued the following announcement about recording material for an upcoming album:

“Hey everyone! We entered the Soundlodge Studio right now in order to record our new album which will be released in early summer this year.

“The title is: ‘Crypts Of The Unrotten.’

“Yesterday our drummer Mathias entered the Soundlodge as the first one of us. After preparing the drumset he already made a soundcheck together with our producer Jörg Uken to safeguard a Death fucking Metal drumsound!

“Today guitarist Lukas, who is actually writing right now, joined Mathias in order to support him. We already finished the first three drum tracks today. Here are some impressions.”

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De Profundis Issues Recording Studio Update

U.K. based act De Profundis is currently in the studio working on an upcoming full-length album. The band has now checked in with the following recording update:

“3rd day of drum recording done! 6 out of 8 songs done. Sorry for lack of updates, hope to have some more videos done soon for you guys.

“Anyway our drummer Nick Tingle played some absolutely insane sections that messrs Hellhammer, Reinert and Sandoval et al would have been proud of. Two more days of drums and bass before we move to our studio for stage 2 of recording – guitars and vocals!”

You can also check out previously posted De Profundis rehearsal footage by heading over to this location.

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