Psycroptic Premiere New Song & Music Video “Directive”

Psycroptic premiere a new song titled “Directive” from their forthcoming album “As The Kingdom Drowns“. The track is the latest to be debuted from the outing and arrives with the below music video. “As The Kingdom Drowns” will be out in stores on November 09th via Prosthetic.

Comments the group’s drummer Dave Haley of it:

“‘Directive‘ is one of our collective favorite tracks from the new album. It’s not often we all agree on which tracks to include in the live set, but I have a feeling this track will be quite a regular inclusion for a long time to come. The clip was filmed in Tasmania earlier this year, and put together by our good friend Wilson Bambrick. Enjoy!”

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Debut Full Length Album “Eroded Corridors Of Unbeing” To Be Released By Spectral Voice

After no less than five demos/rehearsals and two splits, Colorado’s Spectral Voice are finally crossing the Styx and delivering their first proper full-length…and it is gigantic. The album will be entitled “Eroded Corridors of Unbeing” and will be issued on October 13th via Dark Descent Records as a vinyl LP, cassette and digital download.

While things appear quite straight-forward on paper (the band has never hidden their love of roughly mixing early and down tuned Finnish death metal with extreme doom in an acid bath) there’s something quite unique about this band. Instead of weakening the impact, the rawness and vast sound only emphasizes a genuine thirst for darkness.

Like a lurker oozing with evil intentions, Spectral Voice likes to remain in the shadows. There, the band patiently learned from elders, only to regurgitate its own brand of extreme death/doom. For instance, “Visions of Psychic Dismemberment” is an eleven-minute long trip into the darkest regions of our collective mind, where Uholy’s trippiest moments join Incantation for a dance around the fire. The opening blast beat sequence in ‘Lurking Gloom’ on the top of bleak arpeggios will fire up most Disembowelment freaks.

Far more than just a sum of its parts, “Eroded Coridors of Unbeing” is a unique and claustrophobic voyage, cavernous yet full of clarity. Here, Spectral Voice is the sound of one’s soul going further down the abyss…and it is taking you with it!

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Wisdom In Chains Posts “When We Were Young” Video

Fresh out of the cutting room comes Wisdom In Chain’s debut video from new album “The God Rhythm.”

“When We Were Young” takes us on a journey to our collective pasts told in the present tense – check it out below. If you missed it, you can also stream the full new album by heading over to this location.

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Kouzin Bedlam Releases New Album “Longing For The Incomplete”

Kouzin Bedlam’s debut album “Longing For The Incomplete” is out today via Inverse Records, and you can stream the album below. Inverse also comments:

“Kouzin Bedlam is a baroque painting painted in the colors of heavy metal. It is highly technical and deeply embedded in mythology; it is sometimes over the top, yet always lyrical and sublime. Its extraordinary qualities lie not just in terms of song writing and technical ability. In fact, Kouzin Bedlam is not just a band; it is a philosophy, it is a family; it is psychology and spirituality expressed in a musical extravaganza with surprising depths.

“Carl Gustav Jung uncovered the archetypes dwelling in our collective unconscious. Our image of a great mother, the devil, God, the trickster and the hero all sit deep inside our minds. And then there is Kouzin Bedlam – the unknown twin, the uncivilized ”I”, we all try to ignore. The band’s debut album, Longing for the Incomplete (produced by Jimmy Westerlund), releases this being upon the conscious world. Kouzin Bedlam does its entrance in a blaze of virtuosic heavy metal, at times highly aggressive, at others bittersweet and melancholic. Lyrically it does everything from cursing its very existence to learning how to breathe.

“As mentioned, Kouzin Bedlam has so far been unknown to the world of conscious human thoughts, but the members of the band are all experienced musicians, artists and doomsday philosophers.”

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Mortal Decay Streaming “Jugular Gurgle”

Underground death metal gurus Mortal Decay have finally returned since 2005’s “Cadaver Art.” After signing to Comatose Music earlier this year, the band entered the studio to record what would become their long-awaited fourth studio full-length, “The Blueprint for Blood Spatter.”

Set to be unleashed on November 26th, Mortal Decay and Comatose Music have teamed with for the exclusive world premier of album track “Jugular Gurgle.” Check it out at this location. A promo video for “The Blueprint for Blood Spatter” is now playing below. Here is what Mortal Decay says about the new album:

“In believing that this is our most solid material to date, and that we are individually at our best, it can be summed as a definitive collection of songs. Ranging through every era of the band, and including newer experiments, our collective energy and creativity was reborn and still exploding at a level beyond what we could have imagined. True Mortal Decay fans will get a taste of all levels of our musical direction at its finest.”

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