Sweden’s world famous progressive metal band Opeth is confirmed for Inferno Metal Festival 2019

It’s been 16 years since the Swedish prog masters played at Inferno Metal Festival. Here’s the current line-up for the renown festival set to take place April 18-21, 2019.



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NECK OF THE WOODS: The Passenger Playing At Metal Hammer;Album Out This Week Through Basick Records + Canadian Tour Underway

The Passenger, the debut full-length released from Vancouver, British Columbia’s NECK OF THE WOODS NECK OF THE WOODS‘ The Passenger delivers the band’s crushing blend of progressive, death-inspired, technical, and groove-laden metal through nine engaging tracks. Metal Hammer proclaims of The Passenger, Merging the power and technicality of Opeth, Gojira, and Between The Buried And […]

heavy metal updates:
NECK OF THE WOODS: The Passenger Playing At Metal Hammer;Album Out This Week Through Basick Records + Canadian Tour Underway

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Voice Of Ruin Releases “Snakes In My Head” Video

Swiss melodic death metal group Voice Of Ruin just shared a video for new song “Snakes In My Head,” taken off the band’s upcoming third full-length album “Purge And Purify,” which is set for release on May 12th via Tenacity Music.

The video was directed by Brice Hincker and can be seen below, while “Purge And Purify” was produced, recorded and mixed in Cardiff by Romesh Dodangoda (Motorhead, BMTH, Sylosis), mastered by Jens Bogren (Amon Amarth, Arch Enemy, Opeth) and features the artwork of Travis Smith (Soilwork, Opeth, Katatonia).

1. Disgust
2. Horns
3. Blood Of Religions
4. Snakes In My Head
5. All Hail The King
6. I Confess
7. Voices From The Ruins
8. Animal Kingdom
9. Time For Revenge
10. Piracy

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Opeth Reveals “Sorceress” Album Details

2016 marks the monumental return of Sweden’s Opeth as the band’s 12th album, “Sorceress,” will be released on September 30th. Check out the cover artwork reveal below.

“Sorceress” is the Opeth’s first album for Nuclear Blast via the band’s imprint label Moderbolaget Records.

”The new album ‘Sorceress’ is our 12th studio album since our beginnings in 1990,” says Åkerfeldt. “I find it difficult to understand that we’ve been going on for 26 years, let alone that we’ve made 12 records now, all of which I am very proud of. ‘Sorceress’ is no exception. I love this album, as does the whole band. I wrote the music during 5-6 months and we spent only 12 days recording it at Rockfield studios in Wales. I find that once again we’ve taken a step forward. Or sideways, Or backwards. Somewhere!?

“It’s different! It’s extremely diverse. And if I may say so myself, extremely good. I feel the right to say that since I like to think I know this band better than anyone on the planet. Also, I always manage to detach myself from the record and listen as a fan. It’s a fine little record. My favorite in our discography right now. Of course. That’s how it should be, right? It’s both fresh and old, both progressive and rehashed. Heavy and calm. Just the way we like it. Hopefully there’ll be others around the globe sharing this opinion. It was a joy to make it. A fucking joy to record it, and a sheer joy listening to it. So there you have it!”

For “Sorceress,” Opeth returned to Rockfield Studios in Wales, also home to pivotal releases from Queen, Rush and Judas Priest, where the Swedes had tracked “Pale Communion” in 2014 with Tom Dalgety. The band spent 12 days recording at the countryside venue among its serene and inspiring surroundings. The album’s track listing is:

1. Persephone
2. Sorceress
3. The Wilde Flowers
4. Will O The Wisp
5. Chrysalis
6. Sorceress 2
7. The Seventh Sojourn
8. Strange Brew
9. A Fleeting Glance
10. Era
11. Persephone (Slight Return)

Opeth will return to North America this fall for a headline tour, which will kick off with a performance at Ozzfest/Knotfest on September 24th in San Bernardino, CA. The excursion will continue with special guest The Sword through the following month before wrapping up on October 26th in Vancouver, BC.

Sep 24 – San Bernardino, CA – Ozzfest/Knotfest @ San Manual Amphitheater
Sep 29 – Pittsburgh, PA – Stage AE
Sep 30 – Silver Spring, MD – Fillmore
Oct 1 – New York, NY – Radio City Music Hall
Oct 2 – Boston, MA – House of Blues
Oct 4 – Montreal, QC – Metropolis
Oct 5 – Toronto, ON – Massey Hall
Oct 7 – Detroit, MI – Fillmore
Oct 8 – Akron, OH – Good Year Theater at East End
Oct 9 – Chicago, IL – Riviera Theater
Oct 10 – Minneapolis, MN – First Ave
Oct 12 – Oklahoma City, OK – Diamond Ballroom
Oct 13 – Houston, TX – Warehouse Live
Oct 14 – Austin, TX – Emo’s
Oct 15 – Dallas, TX – Gas Monkey Live
Oct 18 – Las Vegas, NV – Brooklyn Bowl
Oct 19 – Tempe, AZ – Marquee Theater
Oct 21 – Sacramento, CA – Ace of Spades
Oct 22 – San Francisco, CA – Warfield
Oct 24 – Portland, OR – Roseland Theater
Oct 25 – Seattle, WA – Moore Theater
Oct 26 – Vancouver, BC – Orpheum

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Opeth Announces Communion Pale Ale

Following the release of an imperial stout last year, Opeth returns to the world of beer again with the “Communion Pale Ale” coming via Northern Monk Brew Co.

The C.P.A. will be launched next week – April 22nd – at the Northern Monk refectory starting 6pm until late and will be hosted by Opeth’s very own Fredrik Akesson who will be DJ-ing some metal tunes to accompany the drinking. Entrance is free of charge and a 6-pack of C.P.A. together with an exclusive t-shirt will be available for 25 GBP.

The C.P.A. will initially only be available in the UK but Northern Monk Brew Co. will be distributing it in 12 other countries over the next couple of months and it will be rolled out globally in time. If you’re based in the UK you can order online direct here.

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Yossi Sassi Covers Opeth’s “Bleak” Live

Yossi Sassi (ex-Orphaned Land) & his band have released a live video from their last show in Tel Aviv, Israel featuring an oriental metal cover of Opeth’s “Bleak.” Yossi’s latest release was a full-length album titled “Desert Butterflies,” which is available at this location.

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Opeth’s Full Set From Rock Am Ring Posted Online

Footage has been posted online of Opeth’s full set at the Rock Am Ring festival, which can be seen below courtesy of YouTube user Herr von Bödefeld. The set list consists of:

0:00 The Devil’s Orchard
7:17 Heir Apparent
17:47 Hope Leaves
24:00 Deliverance
39:05 Blackwater Park?

Opeth’s mildly anticipated new album “Pale Communion” is due out via Roadrunner Records on August 26th, 2014.

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Opeth’s New Album “Pale Communion” Pushed Back To August

After a massive fan uproar occurred when new single “Cusp of Eternity” and pre-orders for Opeth’s 11th album “Pale Communion” didn’t materialize as promised on May 6th, Roadrunner Records has now finally issued this announcement online:

“We want new Opeth just as badly as you do, here’s an official statement regarding ‘Pale Communion:’ Roadrunner Records group Opeth has announced that the release of their highly anticipated eleventh studio album, ‘Pale Communion’ has been reslated for August 26th.”

“Many of you have heard the rumours already and we can now confirm that the release of ‘Pale Communion’ has indeed been pushed back to late August,” commented Opeth frontman, Mikael Åkerfeldt. “Several circumstances prevented the band from delivering essential tools to Roadrunner in time which are needed to set up the album release properly and release schedule conflicts made us mutually decide on August instead of June.”

“Pale Communion,” which was produced by the band’s very own Mikael Åkerfeldt and mixed by longtime collaborator and Porcupine Tree frontman/guitarist Steven Wilson, will be heralded by the lead single, “Cusp of Eternity” and available for pre-order starting Tuesday, June 3rd (assuming this same thing doesn’t happen again).

Pre-orders for “Pale Communion” made via the iTunes Store will receive an instant download of “Cusp of Eternity” as well as second album track to be released on July 15th, with multiple configurations also available via both the Roadrunner Records Webstore and O Merch.

The track listing is as follows:

1. Eternal Rains Will Come
2. Cusp of Eternity
3. Moon Above, Sun Below
4. Elysian Woes
5. Goblin
6. River
7. Voice of Treason
8. Faith in Others

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Metal Injection Breaks Down New Opeth Album Track-By-Track

A few days ago, Metal Injection was sent an untitled, unsequenced stream fresh out of the recording oven by Roadrunner Records of the new Opeth album, which is now confirmed to feature no harsh vocals.

Metal Injection writer Greg Kennelty decided to do a track-by-track review for fellow Opeth fans anticipating the album.

You can read his breakdown of three tracks below, or find the full article at MetalInjection.net here.

Track One (6:46)

If you would have told me this was a lost track written between Ghost Reveries and Damnation I wouldn’t have even questioned it. The song kicks off with some organ and drum runs that settle into a little groove, another distant keyboard that sounds like a mix between strings and a theremin joins in and then everything explodes into the full band. The song sticks with the Ghost Reveries groove-vibe for a little and then calms down into Damnation pianos and mellotrons with the classic clean-toned droning guitar over top. Vocals come in around three-minutes and they’re really layered over top what feels like a beefier version of the first section. Think Heritage with teeth. There’s a killer guitar solo and then right before it’s all over, there’s a really interesting instrumental section that’s a little shreddier than anything Opeth have done up to now. Not shreddy as in wanky, but this big full-band unison thing going on that’s just really cool. Then a string section and organ fade the song out.

Track Two (5:36)

The track opens with an oscillating noise that sounds like an effected guitar and underneath comes this big, full band groove. I mean one seriously fat motherfucker of a riff. “Track Two” is a lot less progressively influenced than “Track One.” There’s a few verses, a chorus, a guitar solo and a few little four-or-eight-bar runs between the sections. Where the song lacks in progressive grandiosity, it makes up for by being a straight up headbanger. You know how when “Bohemian Rhapsody” by Queen comes on and there’s that one part everyone head bangs to? This whole song is like that. One of the best moments is the guitar solo, not only because it just rips like mad, but because there’s this punctuated, stop-and-go riff underneath that absolutely demands a foot tap at the very least. I would not suggest listening to this song in public because you’re going to be forced to react to it in some capacity.

Track Three (10:53)

“Track Three” is one of those songs where you don’t even realize eleven minutes has passed because you’re enjoying the music so much. It’s a really, really intense sounding song. I’m not precisely sure what makes it so sinister but there’s a lot going on instrumentally that melds, yet clashes, in a really interesting way. The song evokes feelings of dread, like something bad that’s about to happen any second now… it’s coming for you. In my notes I wrote “4:40 is downright evil,” and upon a second listen I was dead on with that. There’s some back-masked vocals, sounds of something distant clattering and foggy keyboards. Whatever the dread being evoked before was for, it’s there in that moment. Then out of the blue the song cuts to a vocals-only section followed closely by xylophones and acoustic guitars. Or at least for that section that goes until about 6:50 where the first section’s mood gets revisited and slowly evolves into a mournful major key. Vocals play a huge part in this song with their layering and general prominence, but that seems to be the story of this album so far.

This currently untitled album follows the divisive “Heritage” album (reviewed here), which saw Opeth fans split down the middle – so much so that we even wrote our own pro-“Heritage” and anti-“Heritage” articles.

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Fifth To Infinity Streaming Two New Songs Online

Fifth To Infinity, which features former Opeth member Martin Lopez, has released two teaser tracks online from the band’s upcoming album.

Check out “The Fall of the Seven” and “The Will To Harm” in the SoundCloud clips below. Fifth To Infinity consists of:

Jonas Reslan – Vocals, Guitars
Martin Lopez – Drums
David Lindh – Bass

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