Sauroctonos Streaming "Lights Out" Track Online

Ukranian post-black metal act Sauroctonos has released debut album “Our Cold Days Are Still Here When the Lights Are Out” through Hypnotic Dirge Records. The opening track from the album is now available online and can be heard below. The full track listing is as follows:

1. Lights Out
2. My Name Escapes Me
3. Dearest Veil
4. Grayscale Flames
5. Empty Graves/Empty Faces
6. Farewell

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Martyr Posts "Afterlife" Live Video

After a celebration of 30 years, Dutch act Martyr has posted a video clip online of “Afterlife” shot in the band’s hometown of Utrecht. “Afterlife” is taken from the “Circle Of 8” album which was released late last year on Metal Blade Records. Check out the clip below.

A new Martyr official video clip for the album’s opening track “D.I.” is planned for early 2013. The band is also working on another European tour for March – April 2013 and has started working on writing new songs for a complete new album to see release in late 2013 or early 2014.

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Cryptopsy Posts New Song "Boden" Online

Canada’s Cryptopsy will release a new 2CD/digital download “best of” collection on November 19th in North America titled “The Best Of Us Bleed,” which features 32 songs in approximately 140 minutes of playing time, including three new studio tracks.

The compilation’s opening track, “Boden,” is one of three unreleased studio tracks only available on this release. Check out the song in the player below.

The track listing is as follows:

CD 1: “16 Stabwounds” (62:44)

1. Boden [2:51]
2. A Graceful Demise [4:25]
3. Holodomor [2:44]
4. Oh My Fucking God [3:28]
5. Worship Your Demons [2:06]
6. Silence The Tyrants [4:09]
7. The Headsmen [5:14]
8. Carrionshine [3:22]
9. The Pestilence That Walketh In Darkness (Psalm 91: 5-8) [3:26]
10. Endless Cemetery [5:17]
11. We Bleed [6:17]
12. Soar and Envision Sore Vision [3:29]
13. Voice Of Unreason [2:54]
14. Cold Hate, Warm Blood [3:53]
15. White Worms [3:41]
16. Emaciate [5:01]

CD 2: “Bury The Past Alive” (76:13)

1. Phobophile [4:38]
2. Slit Your Guts [4:00]
3. Crown Of Horns [3:57]
4. Defenestration [4:32]
5. Abigor [3:51]
6. Open Face Surgery – Live [4:38]
7. Graves Of The Fathers / Drum Solo – Live [8:09]
8. Shroud – Live [4:28]
9. Born Headless – Live [4:24]
10. Slit Your Guts – Live [5:30]
11. Cold Hate, Warm Blood – Live [4:13]
12. We Bleed – Live [6:02]
13. White Worms – Rehearsal [3:54]
14. Loathe – Rehearsal [5:10]
15. Depths You’ve Fallen – Rehearsal [4:18]
16. Cold Hate, Warm Blood – Rehearsal [4:07]

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Society 1 Frontman Lord Zane Directing Maxxxwell Carlisle’s "Power Angel" Video

Maxxxwell Carlisle, the Los Angeles based shredder and solo artist, has announced that Lord Zane, frontman of Society 1, will be directing the video for the title track of his upcoming EP, “Power Angel.”

The video’s release will coincide with the EP’s digital release, set for November 28th, 2012 through Power Dungeon Music. Maxxxwell Carlisle comments:

“I saw Society 1’s last video ‘Kill Me’ on youtube and when I found out that he had directed it, that was it. I knew he was the guy for the job. I want someone who can put that level of intensity into their work and that’s the kind of power and energy that I want to come across in this video. I’ve got some great people playing on these songs and I want something that will do the EP and that opening track justice. Zane and I have been working on the details over the past couple of months and I’m confident he can deliver what I’m looking for.”

You can also check out Society 1’s music video for “Kill Me” in the player below.

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Dysrhythmia Streaming New Song "In Secrecy"

Dysrhythmia has teamed up with NPR to stream a new track from the band’s upcoming album “Test Of Submission.” Listen to opening track “In Secrecy” at this location.

“Test of Submission” is due out August 28th on Profound Lore Records and has the following track listing:

1. In Secrecy
2. Test Of Submission (stream available here)
3. The Line Always Snaps
4. Running Towards The End
5. In The Spirit Of Catastrophe
6. The Madness Of Three
7. Like Chameleons
8. In Consequence

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Black Majesty Streaming Song From New Album "Stargazer"

Australian power metal act Black Majesty has now released new album “Stargazer” in Europe, and the opening track from the release, “Falling,” is available for streaming in the player below. “Stargazer” will see release in Japan on August 8th via Stay Gold/Art Union and North America on September 25th via Entertainment One.

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Exes For Eyes Posts "Feel Again" Music Video

Year of the Sun Records has announced the release of the official music video for “Feel Again” by the Toronto/Montreal collaborative project Exes for Eyes. The song “Feel Again” was the opening track from the band’s 2011 debut “The Amsler Grid.” The video was filmed by Dave Sheldon and “Big” James Arsenian from the band along with Connor Sheaves and Liliana Carvalho. Check out the clip below.

“James and I have wanted to put together an Exes For Eyes video for a long time now,” commented guitarist Dave Sheldon. “This was a completely beer-influenced DIY shoot with good friends in my old rehearsal room, so it provided an excellent vibe that I think really translated in the footage.”

Vocalist “Big” James Arsenian concurs. “The song ‘Feel Again’ is a party tune so, when it came time to make the video, it made sense to just get a bunch of cases of beer, a tube and a funnel and bust out the cameras. We’ll be hitting the road in March and rocking Ontario and Quebec so keep an eye out for us. Also, the first person to show up naked to an Exes For Eyes show gets a free T-shirt and I’m not joking.”

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Epica Posts Part I Of Video Series Leading To Release Of "Requiem For The Indifferent"

Dutch symphonic metal band Epica has posted part one of promotional videos for the upcoming release “Requiem for the Indifferent,” which is due out on March 9, 2012 through Nuclear Blast. Each week leading up to the album’s release, the band will post a video with a “layer of music.” The first part features the drum layer for the opening track “Monopoly On Truth.”

Check out the video here:

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Unbodied Streaming Self-Titled EP Online

Unbodied is currently streaming the band’s entire self-titled EP online, as well as offering the opening track as a free download. Check out the songs in the player below or through Bandcamp. The track listing is as follows:

1. Filth and Fertilization 04:23
2. Ceremony of the Shroud 03:51
3. Junky Dry Heave 04:02
4. Fourth Plateau 03:09
5. Damned and Void 04:12

Unbodied by Unbodied

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Dodecahedron Streaming New Song "Allfather" Online

Dutch black metal act Dodecahedron will be releasing the band’s debut, self-titled album on January 20th (January 24th in North America). The opening track from the release is now available for streaming online. Head over to the Season of Mist Facebook profile to check out “Allfather.”

The album’s track listing is as follows:

1. Allfather
2. I, Chronocrator
3. Vanitas
4. Descending Jacob’s Ladder
5. View from Hverfell I: Head above the Heavens
6. View from Hverfell II: Inside Omnipotent Chaos
7. View from Hverfell III: A Traveller of the Seed of the Earth

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