Oozing Wound Releases “Diver” Music Video

Oozing Wound has a new video out now for the “Diver,” track which can be seen below. The video is a classic mixture of dizzying, thrashing hilarity, perfectly encapsulating the band’s penchant for surrealism and banality.

New Oozing Wound record “Whatever Forever” is due out October 14th, 2016. The band’s own Zack Weil said of the record:

“In the past we’ve explored what it means to be a band in the twenty-tennys (‘Retrash’), and how life is a pointless pummeling from the pugilist known as existence (‘Earth Suck’). Now we bring you ‘Whatever Forever,’ a culmination of nihilism, yeah-dude radicalness of the early 90s, and the belief that taking anything too seriously is a guarantee it’ll suck.”

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Anagnorisis Splits With Drummer, Playing Gilead Festival

Louisville, Kentucky’s Anagnorisis has just been confirmed to perform at this weekend’s massive Gilead Festival in Oshkosh, Wisconsin.

Joining the likes of The Body, Thou, Wolvserpent, Barghest, Uzala, Sea Of Bones, Kowloon Walled City, Loss, Mutilation Rites, Owlfood and many others on the three-day gathering, Anagnorisis takes Inter Arma’s spot in the wake of the band being forced to cancel tour dates.

In other news, Anagnorsis also confirms a shift in the band’s lineup, parting ways with drummer Chris Smith last week. While Smith remains a close friend, the band will be implementing new drummers on upcoming live gigs and recordings.

Joining the lineup for this appearance at Gilead Fest will be Chicago-based Garry Naples. Additional updates will follow in the coming weeks.

Anagnorisis is already writing for a third LP, which is being penned for a late 2014 release. Stand by for a label destination and other information on the imminent opus to be announced in the months ahead.

7/18/2014 Oshkosh Masonic Center – Oshkosh, WI @ Gilead Fest w/ Oozing Wound, Thou/The Body collaboration, Hell, Ash Borer

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