Carach Angren Debuts New Music Video “Charles Francis Coghlan” From Brand New Album “Dance And Laugh Amongst The Rotten”

Carach Angren debuts a new music video for “Charles Francis Coghlan”, taken from the band’s brand new album “Dance And Laugh Amongst The Rotten”, which arrived in stores yesterday June 16th through Season of Mist.

Check out now “Charles Francis Coghlan” below.

Says the band of the clip:

“After months of incredible hard work, we are extremely proud to present our official horror video for ‘Charles Francis Coghlan‘. Together with director Rick Jacops, we have relentlessly pushed all creative limits to transport the viewer into another terrifying dimension. Everything you see is real and produced as well as co-directed by us. Prepare to be obsessed and possessed!”

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The Summoned Premieres New Music Video “Faradic” From Upcoming New Album “Sessions”

Boston tech-metal quartet The Summoned has just released the official video for “Faradic” a song from the forthcoming album “Sessions”. The video was directed, edited, and filmed by Stephen Thompson. The band will release the sophomore full-length “Sessions” on June 16, 2017.

Check out now “Faradic” below.

Explains the band:

“Sessions is a concept album about the journey through the mind of a troubled mental patient who is struggling to confront his own personal demons through a series of sessions with a psychiatrist. Each individual song resembles those sessions. Whether they’re spastic (to give the feeling of panic the patient is feeling), or offering triggering the epiphany that is his own reality, Sessions is not just an album… it’s an experience.”

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Vintersorg Posts New Song “Jökelväktaren”

There are only four more weeks to go until the official release date of “Til Fjälls del II”, Vintersorg’s sequel to groundbreaking 1998 album “Till Fjälls,” a milestone in the genre of black/pagan metal.

The album will be released worldwide on June 30th via Napalm Records and available as a 2CD 6 page digipak or as a 2LP gatefold edition. Today a new track comes online from the release – check out “Jökelväktaren” below.

Andreas Vintersorg Hedlund comments: “This song is kind of a sequel to the song called ‘Jökeln’ from the ‘Till Fjälls’ album from 1998. I really wanted to tie it back to that lyrical theme that deals with glaciers. The first episode on that old album is more of an observation of the mightiness of a glacier and how it effects its surroundings, including mankind.

“On the new episode I took a different path lyric wise. It’s much more from an environmental stand point dealing with sustainability. Mankind continues to treat this planet as garbage in some aspects to the point that we actually contribute to melting poles. So, the lyric is about a human being that sees this and tries to address this problem. Still it has a lot of nature scenery-worship-style. The music has both harsh and soft edges with a very powerful chorus.”

1. Jökelväktaren
2. En väldig isvidds karga dräkt
3. Lavin
4. Fjällets mäktiga mur (streaming here)
5. Obygdens pionjär
6. Vinterstorm
7. Tusenåriga stråk
8. Allt mellan himmel och jord
9. Vårflod

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Broken Hope Posts “The Carrion Eaters” NSFW Music Video

Straight from the butchers block, glut yourself on the official music video for brand new Broken Hope banger “The Carrion Eaters.” Warning: this video is NOT for the faint of heart (or light of stomach).

“The Carrion Eaters” is the second single off Broken Hope’s “Mutilated and Assimilated” album, due out June 23, 2017 via Century Media Records.

The video, directed by Maciej Pieloch, executes sumptuous gluttony digested in savage death metal as it reveals the twisted feeding rituals of cadaver craving subhumans.

“I’m really proud of ‘The Carrion Eaters.’ It’s super-sick and catchy and rotten to the gore!” shares guitarist Jeremy Wagner.

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Demonic Resurrection Posts “Varaha – The Boar” Playthrough Video

After the official video for “Narasimha – The Man-Lion” released last month (
1. Matsya – The Fish
2. Kurma – The Tortoise
3. Varaha – The Boar
4. Vamana – The Dwarf
5. Narasimha – The Man-Lion
6. Parashurama – The Axe Wielder
7. Rama – The Prince
8. Krishna – The Cowherd
9. Buddha – The Teacher
10. Kalki – The Destroyer Of Filth

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Anialator Releases “Mission Of Death” Demo Collection

Today the official re-issue of all demos & EP’s from ’87 to ’90 by Texas thrash band Anialator has come online courtesy of Xtreem Music. Check out the full “Mission Of Death” collection below or pick up your own copy at Bandcamp here. The full track listing is as follows:

“Anialator” [EP ’88]
01. Anialator
02. Nuclear Destruction
03. Extermination By Dawn
04. Mission of Death
“Anialator II” [EP ’89]
05. Filicide
06. No Future
07. Fatal Decision
08. Anialator (Live)
09. Mission of Death (Live)
“Demo 1987”
10. Anialator
11. Feel the Pain
12. Nuclear Destruction
13. Mission of Death
“Demo 1990” [unreleased]
14. The Unexpected
15. Decimation
16. The Suffering

Mission of Death by ANIALATOR

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Confessions Of A Traitor Releasing “Illuminate” EP

Following a digital self-release last year, Sliptrick Records today confirms the official label release date of June 13th for British hardcore group Confessions Of A Traitor’s “Illuminate” EP. The mini-album contains the following five blistering tracks:

01. In Darkness, Ignite The Spark
02. For The Fires We Burn Are Boundless
03. The Light We Possess Is Relentless
04. Through Struggle, Hope Will Anchor Our Souls (feat. JT Cavey of Erra)
05. Illuminating The Night

Fans can also catch these impending Confessions Of A Traitor 2017 live shows:

June 3rd – Headline Mini festival/All day event | Scream lounge, Croydon, London
July 3rd – Basingstoke Live festival | Basingstoke
August 20th – Main support/All day festival | The King Billy Rock Bar, Northampton

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Rob Zombie Releases “31” Movie Soundtrack

Following the release of latest movie “31,” Rob Zombie has now unleashed the soundtrack via digital services, issuing this statement to fans:

“Greetings you awesome motherfuckers – the official 31 soundtrack is now available and you should just go out and fucking get it, stream it, listen to it by all means necessary.

“In other news I’ve got tour dates. Be sure to check out the website for all tour info. Need merch for yourself or the rocker in your life? Check this awesome shit out. That’s it for now, but more is on the way.”

In other news, Zombie also recently released a music video for “Get Your Boots On! That’s The End Of Rock And Roll” taken off latest absurdly-titled album “The Electric Warlock Acid Witch Satanic Orgy Celebration Dispenser.”

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Haunted Garage ’1990 Live Show’ – new Throwback Thursday video of the week!

– April 6th, 2017 –

In celebration of Metal Blade Records‘ 35th anniversary, a recently digitized video from the archives will be launched every Thursday on the label’s official YouTube channel. These videos have never been officially uploaded by the label, and some are not currently available anywhere else online. Previous Throwback Thursday videos include classic cuts from Lizzy Borden, Candlemass, Nevada Beach, Skrew, and more. Watch the latest video and more at the official YouTube playlist.

This week’s installment is a 1990 live performance from Haunted Garage. Download or stream the album “Possession Park” via the digital music provider of your choice:

About Haunted Garage:
Los Angeles-based Haunted Garage, led by Dukey Flyswatter (known for such films as “Surf Nazis Must Die,” “Prison Ship,” etc.), released “Possession Park” on Metal Blade Records in 1991 before disbanding in 1993. The album is currently the band’s only full-length release, in addition to a 1989 EP, and most recently their 2016 EP “Slenderman and Other Strange Tales.” The band can still be seen performing shows, and as the LA Weekly put it, “You never know what might happen at a Haunted Garage show. Even if you’re in the band.”

Subscribe to Metal Blade Records on YouTube HERE.



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Gruesome Streaming New EP “Fragments Of Psyche”

Today – March 31st – marks the official release of Gruesome’s new EP “Fragments of Psyche” via Relapse Records.

You can grab your own copy from various digital download sites and all seven songs have come online for streaming below. The full track listing is as follows:

1. Fragments of Psyche 04:03
2. Choke On It ’91 06:03
3. Closed Casket (Demo Version) 03:49
4. Gangrene (Demo Version) 05:32
5. Gruesome (Demo Version) 04:22
6. Psychic Twin (Demo Version) 02:54
7. Savage Lands (Demo Version) 04:16

Fragments of Psyche by Gruesome

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