Nothnegal Recording Second Full-Length Album

Nothnegal has entered Vakaruge Studio to begin recording the band’s as-yet-untitled second album, which follows the “Decadence” release (reviewed here). The band comments:

“The follow-up to 2012’s ‘Decadence’ is being produced by Matt Hyde (Slipknot, Machine Head, As I Lay Dying) with vocal production duties being handled by Paul Reeve of ‘Muse’ fame. Additional production / engineering will be handled by longtime producer of Nothnegal, Mohamed Shamheed. Nothnegal’s longtime guitarist Fufu will not be part of the recording of the new album and Chippe (Serenity Dies) will be filling in for Fufu who still remain as a member of Nothnegal. This would also be the first recording of Nothnegal since vocalist Affan joined the band as an official member, Affan did a guest appearance on the band’s previous album Decadence.

“Its been almost a year since the release of our debut album ‘Decadence’ and we have already come up with enough demos for a new album. We have toured South Asia, South Asia and the Middle East since the release of Decadence, whenever we meet somebody who knows that we are from the Maldives and when we go through the reviews, we get the same question about why we sound like a European or American band and nothing like a band that’s coming from these islands.

“The new music will be different and would feature ambient sounds and exotic instruments from the Maldives, we would also be doing a couple of songs entirely in our native language ‘Dhivehi.’ The songs would be heavier but far from our previous death metal sound.

“We will be launching a studio diary and update it by posting videos / photos of the recording sessions. We would also be travelling to different islands of the Maldives to capture the sounds and the exotic instruments we plan on using in our music.”

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Nothnegal Announces Official Recruitment Of New Vocalist Affan

Maldives based melodic death metal act Nothnegal has checked in with the following announcement about officially recruiting a new member:

“Our first performance with the new lineup was on Summerstorm Festival in India…as you may have noticed we have new band member now! You have already heard his voice on our album on the songs ‘Sins of Our Creations’ and ‘Singularity’…Guys, Affan is now an official member of Nothnegal!”

Photos from the band’s performance at Summerstorm can be found online at this location. Nothnegal was performing in support of the new album “Decadence” (reviewed here).

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Kyle Thomas Fills In Chicago Doom Band Trouble’s Vocalist Vacancy reports Kyle Thomas, former lead singer for Exhorder and Alabama Thunderpussy, has accepted the position as Trouble’s front man. Thomas formerly donned Trouble’s microphone for four live shows between 1997 and 1999.

Thomas will fill the void left by Trouble vocalist, Kory Clarke. Also known for fronting Warrior Soul, Clarke recently announced his exit from the legendary Chicago doom act to pursue a new band, The Bones of Children, with guitarist Russ Strahan of Pentagram.

Trouble co-founder and guitarist, Rick Wartells comments, “We are really excited to be working with Kyle again. The shows we played with him in the past were very well-received by the fans and now we’ll have an opportunity to work with him in the studio on our new record. His vocals are amazing and a perfect fit for the band.”

“The history with Kyle and Trouble really goes back to his teenage years as he told me that he and Jimmy Bower (of Down) would drive around in his old Pinto and listen to Trouble. He’s an excellent, highly energetic singer and it’s great to have him be an official member of the band now,” adds the other Trouble ax man, Bruce Franklin.

Trouble’s current lineup includes Kyle Thomas (vocals), Rick Wartell (guitar), Bruce Franklin (guitar),
Shane Pasqualla (bass) and Mark Lira (drums). The group is currently working on a new studio album and expects a spring release date.

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Demonical Announces Band Lineup Changes

Demonical has issued the following announcement about recruiting a new drummer and guitarist:

“We have hereby officially parted ways with drummer Ronnie Bergerståhl and replaced him with Fredrik Widigs. Fredrik has been our stand-in drummer during the past autumn, hence making him the obvious choice for the throne and full time position.

“Besides that, we are also thrilled to announce that our session live-guitarist Pablo Magallanes has become an official member of Demonical.

“We want to thank Ronnie for all the years in the band and wish him the best for the future! We welcome Fredrik and Pablo into Demonical, with this new and strong we are more than ready for 2012 and everything it will bring. The ones involved have spoken:

Ronnie Bergerståhl commented:

“As most of you know by now, I decided to sit out the Demonical tour which took place in October/November. I thought about it for months before the tour started and in my heart I basically decided already then to quit the band. However, I gave it some time but now I have taken the last final decision: I will quit Demonical!

“The main reason is that it is getting harder and harder to combine two touring bands like Demonical and Grave – to give them equal priority – and as Demonical will be doing a shit load of festivals and shows in 2012 and Grave will release a new album (with extended touring to follow) it will be impossible.

“There is absolutely NO hard feelings between me and the guys in Demonical, we will still be doing lots of ‘hadderajjan’ together after this, hehe…!! I’m really excited to see who’s going to take my place in the band but I know that they won’t settle for anything or anyone but the best!”

Fredrik Widigs added, “It’s a great privilege for me to be a part of Demonical and after the much successful “Eastern Death Infernal tour 2011″ I’m very eager to continue to spread the Swedish Death Metal Darkness. The march for victory has only begun!”

Pablo Magallanes also stated:

“It’s a great honor to officially be a part of Demonical and to be able to develop the death metal sound among and with friends and professional musicians.”

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Malison Rogue Recruits New Guitarist Mats Johansson

Malison Rogue has checked in with the following announcement recruiting a new guitarist:

“Swedish heavy metal band Malison Rogue is proud to announce the addition of guitar player Mats Johansson to the band. Mats has peformed with Malison Rogue as a session member for the last 6 months, but now everytone involved think that the next step is to add him as an official member of the band.

Vocalist Zeb also comments: “We’ve known Mats for several years and he’s a good friend of us and a great guitarplayer. Mats fits in the band like a glove! Now we’re able to create our guitar harmonies live, which is awesome! We’re very excited about what the future will bring to Malison Rogue, we hope to see you on tour soon!”

For more information on Malison Rogue, head over to the band’s official Facebook profile.

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