Abhomine Streaming New Track “Nest Of Disgust”

Abhomine’s “Nest of Disgust” has come online and can be heard below, which hails from the band’s debut album, “Larvae Offal Swine,” set for North American release on April 29th via Hells Headbangers and in Europe on the same day via Osmose Productions. The full track listing is as follows:

1. Buried with Pig
2. Kapos and Whores
3. Crown of Flies
4. Blackmaguswhitehouse
5. Narcocult
6. Reptile Annunciation
7. Nest of Disgust

Larvae Offal Swine by ABHOMINE

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Offal Releasing “Horrorfiend” Album Via Razorback

The new 3rd Offal album “Horrorfiend” is coming from Razorback Records on CD format later this month. To get a taste of the release, check out the video for “Flesh-Grinding Thrills and Bone-Crushing Chills” below.

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