New Album “The Magickal Presence of Occult Forces” Streaming In Full From Necromante

Today, Brazilian black metal cult Necromante streams the entirety of the highly anticipated debut album “The Magickal Presence of Occult Forces” over at Necromance at this location, or just simply check it out in the player at the bottom. The band drops the album internationally today (October 6th) via Iron Bonehead Productions.

Formed in 2007, Necromante has patiently stirred its cauldron of sound over the course of a couple demos, a mini-album, and a live album. Hailing from Brazil, within that cauldron, of course, can be found ancient ingredients like Sarcofago, Vulcano, Sextrash, Mystifier, and Impurity, but the power-trio finesse forth a sound that’s less focused on tempting the corners of chaos as it is conjuring an arcane, otherworldly aura – in that sense, not dissimilar to Impurity’s classic “Into the Ritual Chamber.” However, on evidence of :The Magickal Presence of Occult Forces,” Necromante is truly a unique entity unto itself, and masterfully so.

Witness “The Magickal Presence of Occult Forces” and hail the new gods of Necromante right here:

Necromante – The Magickal Presence of Occult Forces by Iron Bonehead Productions

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Necromante Premieres New Song “Nekrokosmick Pentagram” From Upcoming Debut Album “The Magickal Presence of Occult Forces”

Brazilian black metal outfit Necromante premieres a new song entitled “Nekrokosmick Pentagram”, taken from the band’s upcoming debut album “The Magickal Presence of Occult Forces”, which will be released by Iron Bonehead Productions on October 6.

Check out now “Nekrokosmick Pentagram” below.

We’ve also included the stream of a previously released track, “Baphomet Movement” below:

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Skelethal Announces International Release For “Deathmanicvs Revelation”

Iron Bonehead Productions has set April 21st as the international release date for Skelethal’s “Deathmanicvs Revelation.” The label also issued the following announcement:

“Skelethal’s debut MLP, Deathmanicvs Revelation says everything it needs to in its title: absolute DEATH WORSHIP, wielding the metal of death like a scythe, an axe, and blunt hammer simultaneously, all in obeisance to occult forces beyond the mien of man.

“At 22 lean, licentious minutes, Deathmanicvs Revelation allows this French duo to gallop forth into – and beyond – the realms of death, utilizing a morbid, miasmic thrust and an execution that sounds utterly possessed.

“Despite their young years, Skelethal are well learned in the ancient ways of death metal, and the resultant sound across Deathmanicvs Revelation is not so much ‘old school’ nor ‘retro’ as it is simply respectful of its traditions, adding their own hideous flair to the form.”

The track listing is as follows:

1. Intro
2. Macabre Oblivion
3. Putrefaction
4. Deathmanicus Revelations
5. Curse Of The Neverending
6. Death Returns
7. A Violation Of Something Sacred

 photo skelethal_zps5c9879ea.jpg

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